Board of Directors Meeting March 21

Posted on Mar 19, 2023
All members are encouraged to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday March 21 at 8 AM. The meeting will be via Zoom. Click HERE to join.
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Ramping Up Reading With the San Diego Council on Literacy

Posted on Mar 19, 2023
Jose Cruz (upper left), CEO of San Diego Council on Literacy, speaks to our club. Shown are volunteers with some of the 350,000 new books the council has distributed to children since 2020
You probably don’t give a thought to the mechanics of reading, but for an increasing number of children, reading is difficult. Jose Cruz, CEO of the San Diego Council on Literacy spoke at our March 23, 2023 meeting about literacy statistics and ways to help. Currently, nearly two-thirds of children in the United Sates are not proficient in reading. Among low-income students, 4/5 aren’t on track with reading by fourth grade. Difficulties with reading can echo throughout life: students who aren’t on track to read by third grade are 4-fold less likely to graduate high school. Low literacy rates also have broad economic impacts.
In San Diego county, 34% of fourth graders read below basic levels. Multiple factors contribute to literacy rates including general poverty, lack of access to books, parents who themselves do not read well, and inconsistent use of effective teaching methods (click HERE to watch the video Cruz showed that discusses different methods to teach reading).
The Council seeks to unite the community in supporting literacy through advocacy as well as facilitating partnerships and resources. The Council serves over 100,000 people in San Diego county each year by working with 34 different agencies that provide services to promote reading and also sponsor book giveaways.
There are multiple ways that you can help increase literacy including donating new or like-new books to low-income communities, supporting programs like Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library that delivers new books to children, or volunteering to be a tutor for a child or adult. 
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Welcome New Member: Richa Garg

Posted on Mar 19, 2023
Membership chair Dee House (left) inducted new member Richa Garg (center), who received her pin from her mentor, Linda Groom
We’re delighted to induct our newest member, Richa Garg. She first visited our club during the pandemic period, and we’re happy that she persisted as we worked through that rather strange time. Richa’s younger daughter recently started college and she was looking for ways to give back to her community. With the help of her mentor Linda Groom, Richa is already well on her way to exchanging her red badge for a regular badge.
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Badge Conversion: Clay Sheffrey

Posted on Mar 19, 2023
Clay Sheffrey after his "rescue" by Del Mar Lifeguards at the 2022 Chili & Quackers
Congratulations to Clay Sheffrey who traded in his red badge for a regular horse badge at the March 16, 2023 meeting.  He’s been an active member from the start, and at last year’s Chili & Quackers braved the chilly waters as our “swimmer in distress” who allowed the Del Mar Lifeguards to show off their rescue prowess. Clay was also a fantastic help at the Sunset Soirée. He’ll be part of the crowd at the upcoming District 5340 Training Symposium on March 25.  
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Club Social: Beeside Balcony on March 28

Posted on Mar 19, 2023
Caroline Moran and Brett Mattei enjoying food from Beeside Balcony at the 2022 Sunset Soirée
March is a two-for-one month for club socials!  Come by Beeside Balcony on Camino Del Mar Tuesday March 28 from 4:30-6:30 PM.  Beeside Balcony is our newest restaurant providing tastes at our Sunset Soirée, so it would be great to have a good turnout to thank them for their support.
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RYLA Facilitators Needed

Posted on Mar 19, 2023
Become a RYLA facilitator and you too can have a new dress, just like Don Fipps!
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is back in person for the first time since 2019. This year our club is sponsoring five high school juniors (including Greg Harris’s son Daniel and the Macey Milligan, President-Elect of Cathedral Catholic Interact Club and daughter of our great faculty advisor Mara Milligan). 
Greg Harris is on the RYLA committee and says that they are still in need of facilitators. Talk to Greg or Chris Stewart if you’d like to be a facilitator. It’s an experience you’ll always remember! Training is in Encinitas on March 25 from 8-noon and the RYLA weekend is April 14-16 in Idyllwild (facilitators must attend the entire weekend).
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Disaster Relief USA:  Rebuilding with Rotary

Posted on Mar 18, 2023
Scenes from Disaster Aid USA projects. Upper left: Mark and Nancy Matthews with a homeowner whose home they helped restore
It began with a visit to the House of Friendship, one of the best parts of the Rotary International Convention. There, Mark Matthews, a member of Rotary Club of La Mesa (and Val Myer’s brother-in-law), learned about Disaster Aid USA (DAUSA).  At the time, Mark was nearing retirement from the restoration company he founded in 1980, Christian Brothers Emergency Building Services. DAUSA provided a perfect opportunity for him to apply his skills to help those whose homes were in the path of a disaster.  Mark and his wife Nancy spoke at our March 2, 2023 meeting. They showed a number of pictures from properties they’d worked on in Texas and Florida.  
DAUSA was established in 2010 and members of its Board of Directors are all active Rotarians who represent all of the Rotary Zones in the United States.  They leverage the broad Rotary network to ensure that they work effectively with members of affected communities and focus their efforts on those most in need. They serve as a “muck and gut” team that tarps roofs, removes downed trees and vegetation as well as household debris. They also help prep meals.
DAUSA rebuilds communities by first assessing needs and then securing and delivering aid with the help of Disaster Aid Response Teams (DARTs) that work directly with those who have been impacted by disaster.  
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Who Am I: Jen Segura

Posted on Mar 18, 2023
Jen Segura (center) and her family (clockwise from lower left: Marley, Cedella, Penny Lane, Gracie (black) and Hazy (blonde)
Red Badger Jen Segura gave her “Who Am I” presentation at the March 2, 2023 meeting. Jen had been a member of the Rotary Club San Diego Downtown Breakfast and is returning to Rotary after a hiatus. We’re delighted that she chose Rotary Club of Del Mar! Jen is the owner of West Coast Family Mediation Center and practices out of the Del Mar office. Through mediation, Jen and her team have helped families navigate divorce and also avoid divorce. She noted that communication is crucial: many couples simply don’t talk about basic topics like attitudes toward finances. Her practice focuses on minimizing conflict and maximizing harmony.
Jen is married to Juan “Johnny” Segura and together they have two daughters: Marley Jean and Cedella Schade. They share their home with a black dog named Gracie, a blonde dog named Hazy, and a cat named Penny Lane.
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Club Social at West End Bar & Kitchen 2023-03-17 07:00:00Z 0

Honor Flight San Diego

Posted on Mar 05, 2023
Ruth Gunther (upper right, left) and Saundra Cima (upper right, right) presented on Honor Flight San Diego and Ruth told of her personal experience working in the Hospital Corp in World War II (photos of previous trips courtesy Honor Flight San Diego)
Saundra Cima and Winona Ruth Gunther visited our March 2, 2023 meeting to tell us about Honor Flight San Diego. Since 2005, Honor Flight has been escorting veterans to Washington D.C. to visit memorials that have been built in their honor. In 2010 Dave Smith, the son of a World War II veteran, founded the Honor Flight San Diego hub, which has since flown over 1,500 veterans from every branch of service to Washington. The trips are funded entirely by private donations and the staff is all-volunteer so that all funds raised go to providing veterans with their tour of honor at no cost to t hem. Each packed weekend trip features a number of stops: Arlington National Cemetery, Military Women in Service, WWII Memorial, Korea War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, U.S. Air Force Memorial and the U.S. Navy Yard Museum.
In October 2021 Ruth Gunther took her tour of honor. Ruth is now 103 and she told us about her work as a nurse during World War II.  Pearl Harbor was attacked when Ruth was 21 years old and working in a drugstore as an apprentice pharmacist.  She said she felt drawn to contribute to the war effort. Ruth wanted to train as a physician, but met pushback and instead began serving in the Hospital Corp as a member of the US Navy WAVES in 1943. At the Corona Naval Hospital in Norco California, Ruth cared for sailors and Marines who had been seriously injured in the Pacific Theater. Ruth has authored two books: ‘What Would Your Father Say’ that describes her work during the war, and “Papa Said” that tells story of growing up on a farm in north central Indiana near the Wabash river.
There are many ways you can help veterans like Ruth take their tour of honor. Honor Flight San Diego publishes a newsletter (or follow them on Facebook) and always welcomes donations to support upcoming charter flights. You can attend a Welcome Home at the San Diego International Airport. The next flight comes home April 30, 2023 and all are welcome to gather at the Terminal 2 baggage claim at 2 PM to be part of the return celebration.  You can also encourage family and friends (especially young people) to contribute cards and letters that are delivered during “Mail Call”.  These cards are an excellent way to provide a personal note of gratitude to the veterans.  Send Mail Call letters care of Donna Hester, 645 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101 ( Letters must be received by April 22. Happy Dollars at the March 9 meeting will be devoted to Honor Flight.
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District Training Seminar March 25, 2023

Posted on Mar 05, 2023
This once-a-year event will equip you with all you need to know about Rotary at the club, District, and International level. In the morning session from 8-noon, learn from experienced Rotarians the ins and outs of club management, the Rotary Foundation, fundraising and more.  The AFTERNOON session (Noon to 2 PM) is particularly important for our club. To be eligible for District and Global grants, TWO members MUST attend and be certified. Click HERE to visit the registration page.  Registration is FREE this year with the option to purchase lunch (the club will reimburse this cost). 
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Club Social at West End Bar and Kitchen March 7

Posted on Mar 05, 2023
Scene from our last West End Social in February 2020 (just before things got weird with the pandemic) From left to right: Janice Kurth, Kirsti and Ryan Riell (with Adeline), Karl and Suzy Wagner, Val Myers
Next up on our social list:  West End Bar & Kitchen. On Tuesday March 7 starting around 4:30 pm, come enjoy food and drinks while overlooking the Los Penasquitos lagoon.  Owner Sal Ercolano is a stalwart supporter of our Sunset Soirée, so we’d love to have a good crowd. As always, family and friends are welcome. In particular, bring friends who might like to learn more about our club and Rotary in a casual setting.
Logistics: Orders will be billed on one or a few checks, so please bring cash (and preferably small bills- tech savvy folks can share via Venmo) to cover the cost of your items.
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Pacifica Del Mar Lunch Pre-Orders and Parking

Posted on Mar 05, 2023
Thank you to everyone who’s used the Google Form for Pacifica Del Mar lunch pre-orders. Having the orders in advance truly expedites and simplifies service. Please note that Sharon Schendel (not the restaurant) manages the form and submits orders.
The earlier you submit, the happier Sharon will be, but the deadline for pre-orders is 10 AM the morning of the meeting.  Any orders arriving after 10 AM may not be submitted. Sharon has parking passes for St. Peter’s church.  If you are a regular attendee and would like a pass, please ask her for one.  Discounted parking ($4 flat rate) is also available at Del Mar Plaza. Please ask the server for a voucher and have the cost added to your bill. 
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Three More Gallons for San Diego Blood Bank

Posted on Mar 05, 2023
Walt Strangman (second from left) with Roger, Pam Rudolph, and Marty Peters (far right) in front of the SDBB Blood Mobile
We arranged another visit of the San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB) Bloodmobile to the Del Mar Civic Center on March 2, 2023. Thanks to members, family and friends, we collected three gallons (24 pints) of blood. That blood can help around 72 people.  If you couldn’t make it on Thursday, click HERE to schedule a visit at a SDBB donation center near you!  Thank you to Walt Strangman for organizing the drive. Walt is looking for someone to take over Blood Drive organization. The job is fairly simple and so important.
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Area 4 Presidents in Attendance


Posted on Mar 05, 2023
Area 4 presidents (left to right):  Paulette Britton (not shown, President, RC Rancho Santa Fe), Roshanak Clune (President-Elect RC Rancho Santa Fe), Susan Hennenfent (President, RC Del Mar Solana Beach), Julie Morisot (President, RC Solana Beach Eco), Maryzella Jimenez (President, RC San Diego Downtown Evening), Luis Carranza, Kent Pollock (President-Elect, RC Encinitas), Sharon Schendel
Assistant District Governor (and District Governor Nominee Designate for Rotary Year 2025-2026) oversees clubs in Area 4 of District 5340. Every month Area 4 presidents get together to talk about their club’s progress. Luis also encourages the presidents to join him when he visits Area 4 clubs. Luis was at our March 2, 2023 meeting and it was great to have almost all of the Area 4 presidents attend.
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Training the Trainers in Pediatric Orthopedics

In many regions in Africa, children affected by orthopedic issues, be they present or birth or caused by disease, have shortened lifespans or are denied economic opportunities. One of our newest members, Dr. Mark Barry, spoke at our February 16, 2023 meeting about the efforts of the non-profit he founded in 2014, Children’s Orthopedics Education for Developing Nations (COEDN).
Dr. Barry said that typical approaches to addressing the orthopedic surgery needs of low-income countries would involve: (i) Large teams of surgeons that provide service in the country for 1-2 sessions/year; (ii) Sending the country's best clinicians to train in other countries, where they often remain; and (iii) MDs from high-income countries practice in the low-income country for several years.  The mission of COEDN is different. It seeks to implement “train the trainers” programs in developing nations in Africa so that they themselves can train and maintain sufficient numbers of orthopedic surgeons.
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Welcome to Rosebud

Posted on Feb 19, 2023
Donna and Don Fipps brought their latest Canine Companions puppy-in-training, a 14 week-old yellow lab named Rosebud. Our meetings offer great socialization opportunities for these puppies.
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Peace Village Community Room Comes Along

Posted on Feb 19, 2023
Peace Village Community Room flooring installation (l to r): Dee House, Klaus Gubernator, Betsy Winsett, Bob Muller, David R., and Kathy Reed
Klaus Gubernator and Kathy Reed have been spearheading the refurbishment of the community room at the San Diego Peace Village. Dee House joined in, bringing Bob Muller who spread quite a bit of thin-set mortar for the new floor, which is almost done (the ceiling is done). Kathy brought friend Betsy Winsett, who brought her husband David.  We always welcome the helping hands of family and friends!
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Book Club Meeting February 26

Posted on Feb 19, 2023
How are you doing with “Less”?  Our book club meets at Karin and Jim Davies' home to discuss the book on Sunday February 26 from 5 PM to 7 PM.  Look for a recent email with directions. 
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Back in Private Reserve Room

Posted on Feb 19, 2023
We’re back in the Private Reserve Room for the February 23, 2023 meeting. Look for a lunch pre-order link next week.
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Blood Drive March 2

Posted on Feb 19, 2023
We’ll hold our next Blood Drive for the San Diego Blood Bank on Thursday March 2.  Walk-ins are welcome, and there are still some appointments available between 12:45 and 1:45 PM.  Email event chair Walt Strangman to schedule, or click HERE to visit the drive’s registration site. One pint of blood can help and our goal is to collect 25 pints. If you can’t make March 2, click HERE to schedule an appointment at a nearby donor center.
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Thank you to Cook & Cook

Posted on Feb 19, 2023
We thank Larry and Katie Cook for their many years of service to the club. Larry joined the club in 2001 and Katie became a member almost 10 years ago in 2013. They have decided to leave the club, but we are grateful for all their contributions, especially to the Youth Service committee and for their many donations of SDSU ticket packages for the Sunset Soirée (the Cooks are stalwart Aztecs). We hope to welcome them back as guests should they be up in the Del Mar area on a Thursday afternoon. 
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We're in the Gallery Room February 16

Posted on Feb 11, 2023
For next week’s meeting on February 16, 2023, we’ll be in the Pacifica Del Mar Gallery Room (behind the fish tank by the bar).  Our new member Dr. Mark Barry will be speaking about his Rotary-sponsored vocational training grant to train surgeons in Africa in pediatric orthopedic surgery. Look for the Google Form to pre-order lunch.
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Rotarians on the Road: Guatemala Literacy Project 2023-02-11 08:00:00Z 0

Socializing at Sbicca

Posted on Feb 11, 2023
We had a fantastic turnout for our social at Sbicca Del Mar on Tuesday February 7, 2023. Organizer Suzy Wagner said she counted 27 members and guests gathered around the large table. It was great to see members bring along friends, who are always welcome and encouraged to attend.  Donna Fipps’ newest Canine Companions puppy-in-training, Rosebud, was also there enjoying all the opportunities for socialization.
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New Member Induction: Beth Davidson

Posted on Feb 11, 2023
New member Beth Davidson (left) with Membership Chair Dee House (right)
Membership Chair Dee House inducted Beth Davidson as our newest member at our February 9, 2023 meeting. Beth is a real estate professional working with Barry Estates as a member of their Luxury Coast Group. She has a meeting commute to envy: her office on Camino Del Mar is only about 500 feet from Pacifica Del Mar.  Beth is good friends with Mary Savoy, who will act as her mentor.
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The Courage to Teach and the Power to Learn

Posted by Sharon Schendel on Feb 11, 2023
Amarok Society co-founder Gem Munro speaking about the efforts to train mothers to teach their own children, and children in their communities in Dhaka, Bangladesh (photo credits: Amarok Society)
Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world and has one of the most deficient education systems.  Our speaker for our February 9, 2023 meeting, Gem Munro, along with his wife, Dr. Tanyss Munro, founded the Amarok Society in 2006 to change those statistics. The challenge was great. Gem quoted the Canadian Ambassador to Turkey who said: “of all the countries in the world, only Bangladesh made me cry”.  Improving education in Bangladesh couldn’t be done using normal methods like building schools and hiring teachers. Tanyss and Gem had a simpler idea: Teach mothers in the slums of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, to become teachers.  Agencies they approached declined to help on the grounds that: 1) The slums are impenetrable due to slum lords and corrupt police; 2) Even if penetrated, the poorest Muslim women living in slums are essentially controlled by their husbands and hard to reach; and 3) Even if reached, the women couldn’t learn.
But Amarok Society tried anyway.  Munro showed a video that featured a mother enrolled in an Amarok Society school reciting a nursery rhyme. When that mother began the program six months earlier, she had had essentially no education at all.  
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St. Leo’s Dental Clinic: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Posted on Feb 05, 2023
It’s hard to function when your teeth hurt. The St. Leo’s Dental Clinic in Solana Beach began in 1991 as part of the St. Leo’s Medical Clinic that was founded by one of our charter members, Dr. Dick Wheelock.  Our club has long been instrumental to the success of St. Leo’s Dental Clinic. We’ve provided funds and labor to outfit the clinic, which in 2016 received upgraded flooring and updated dental chairs.  The clinic was running at full capacity when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.
Paul McEneany of St. Leo’s came to speak to our club about St. Leo’s post-pandemic activities. After re-opening on June 8, 2022, the clinic began treating patients on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The focus is on serving low-income adults and prioritizes patients who are in pain. There is no cost to patients, but they are asked to make a donation, if they are able, to offset the operation expenses. Paul said that 85% of patients agree to make a donation, and of those who pledge to donate, 100% fulfill their pledge. As a free clinic, the dental professionals who volunteer their time are covered with unlimited liability insurance under a federal program. However, dentistry is equipment-intensive. St. Leo’s is in particular need of updated compressor and vacuum systems that are critical for proper function of dental tools as well as new X-ray equipment for rapid diagnosis and the latest software to track patient progress. 
The need for care is great: The CDC’s Disparities in Oral Health report indicates that 40% of low-income adults have untreated tooth decay that is associated with loss of millions of hours of school and work hours. Up to one-fifth of adults reported that the appearance of their teeth affected their confidence in interviewing for jobs. To assist with re-opening expenses and to help the clinic serve more people, our members raised $1140 in one Happy Dollars session in December, and an anonymous donor provided another $1000. We presented these funds to Paul at our meeting. Our club will continue to partner with the clinic to ensure that our neighbors have access to excellent dental care.  
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Book club Reads “Less”

Posted on Feb 05, 2023
The Book Club is working on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “Less”, by Andrew Sean Greer.  The New York Review of Books describes “Less” as a novel full of "arresting lyricism and beauty”. Karin and Jim Davies will host the discussion at their home on February 26, 2023. Details with address will be sent shortly before the meeting date.
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Club Social at Sbicca February 7

Posted on Feb 05, 2023
Join us at our next social on February 7, 2023 at Sbicca in Del Mar.  Happy Hour begins at 3:30 PM and runs through 5:30 PM, so we're saying "4ish" for a start time. Bottles of wine are also discounted. Come help support one of the restaurants that serves at our Sunset Soirée. As always, family and friends are welcome!
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Rising Tide Cottage Build: Postponed

Please note that the cottage build project at Rising Tide Ranch is postponed as they work out some administrative issues. We'll re-post this service opportunity when a new date is set.
Rising Tide Cottage Build: Postponed 2023-02-05 08:00:00Z 0

Induction of New Members: Clint McCalla and Jen Segura

Posted on Feb 05, 2023
Membership chair Dee House (far right) inducted Clint McCalla (second from left) and Jen Segura (second from right), who are with their mentors Linda Saville (far left) and Suzy Wagner (center), respectively
We are happy to induct two new members of our club: Clint McCalla and Jen Segura.  Clint is a CFP and Lead Advisor with LourdMurray Delphi in Carmel Valley. He is married to Sarah, and they have two children, Eunan and Annemarie. Clint is a native of Texas and a Texas Tech graduate. His father was a Rotarian.
Jen is a professional family mediator and has her own practice, West Coast Family Mediation Center, in Del Mar. She is married to Juan (Johnny) Segura and they are parents to Marley and Cedella. Jen was a member of Rotary Club of San Diego Downtown Breakfast.  Thank you to Suzy Wagner, who will mentor Jen, and Linda Saville, who will mentor Clint.
Induction of New Members: Clint McCalla and Jen Segura 2023-02-05 08:00:00Z 0

Cottage Builds: New Site

Posted on Jan 29, 2023
Work is ongoing at the community center room at the San Diego Peace Village (here's Flash supervising the new tiling). The Mission Circle folks also reached out for our help with sleeping cottages at the Rising Tide Ranch in Vista.  Mark your calendars for February 11 and February 18.  The project coordinators have a variety of tasks that they can align with your skills.
Cottage Builds: New Site 2023-01-29 08:00:00Z 0

Mentors Needed for New Members

Posted on Jan 29, 2023
We have a happy problem: lots of prospective new members!  Mentors are essential to ensure that new members are immediately engaged and understand the workings of the club.  If you’d like to take on this very important role, please email Membership Chair Dee House.
Mentors Needed for New Members 2023-01-29 08:00:00Z 0

Pacifica Del Mar Private Reserve Room Directions

Posted on Jan 29, 2023
After a few weeks of musical venues, we will be happily ensconced in Pacifica Del Mar’s Private Reserve. This private dining room is just past the main restaurant.  Just walk past the main entrance, turn right and follow the arcade (star) to the end- the room is on the right.  If you’re coming from the St. Peter’s parking lot, just cross 15th Street and take the stairs by the fire hydrant (star). The Private Reserve room will be immediately to your left.
Pacifica Del Mar Private Reserve Room Directions 2023-01-29 08:00:00Z 0

Meal Pre-Order and Parking

Posted on Jan 29, 2023
Thank you to all who pre-ordered their lunches on Thursday. The menu will be the same this week, but the selections will be rotating in the coming weeks.  Click HERE to submit your-pre-order.  Remember to submit your order no later than 4 PM on Wednesday
For parking, we have a limited number of updated parking passes from St. Peter’s. Pacifica Del Mar also offers a voucher for discounted parking:  $3/car (your account will be billed or you can pay cash- exact change highly appreciated). 
Meal Pre-Order and Parking 2023-01-29 08:00:00Z 0

Sea World Hubbs Research Institute: Seeking Sustainable Solutions

Posted on Jan 29, 2023
For 60 years the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) has been fulfilling its mission of “To return to the sea some measure of the benefits derived from it”. HSWRI President & CEO (and member of San Diego Rotary) Don Kent spoke at our January 26, 2023 meeting about the Institute’s research areas and efforts toward sustainable solutions.
HSWRI is studying how marine animals respond to changing environments brought about by rising sea temperatures and how military activity or planned wind farms could affect animals that rely on sensory signals to communicate and navigate. They are also working to enhance science literacy of students ranging from kindergarten to college age.
Most importantly, HSWRI is working to provide novel approaches to aquaculture to meet the protein demands of a growing global population. For nearly 40 years, HSWRI has been developing aquaculture technology to secure and track populations of white sea bass. Some of the released fish are tagged and these tags can be recovered during fish processing to understand the migratory habits of these fish. HSWRI is applying knowledge gained from their sea bass project to other fish species to ensure that the world has access to sustainable seafood.
Sea World Hubbs Research Institute: Seeking Sustainable Solutions  2023-01-29 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Dog Mar

Posted on Jan 29, 2023
Our club has a nascent YouTube channel. We’d like to add to it with videos featuring the many dog lovers in our club.  If you’d like to have your pup in one of the videos, email Sharon Schendel. We can use either stills, or have Sharon video you with your dog.
Rotary Club of Dog Mar 2023-01-29 08:00:00Z 0
A Wedding in Downtown San Diego  2023-01-29 08:00:00Z 0

Winter Songs of Ukraine: Tomorrow!

Posted on Jan 29, 2023
Several of our members are hosting Ukrainian families. On January 30, 2023 The House of Ukraine is hosting Winter Songs of Ukraine, a rozkoliada that features a caroling of winter songs at the end of the holiday season to usher in the spring. This concert also recognizes the centennial anniversary of a 1923 performance by Ukrainian Republic Capella in San Diego. In this performance, the group sang  Mykola Leontovych’s Schedryk”, a new year’s song that features the melody of “Carol of the Bells”. All proceeds from the event will support the ongoing humanitarian response by the House of Ukraine. Click HERE to purchase tickets.
Winter Songs of Ukraine: Tomorrow!  2023-01-29 08:00:00Z 0

New Shelving for New Entra Casa

Posted on Jan 22, 2023
Dee House, Jim Davies, Linda Groom, Bill Rawlings and Executive Director Julie Brunetto after finishing some new shelves
Bill Rawlings supervised the installation of new storage shelving at New Entra Casa, a safe place for women who are transitioning back into the community. The shelves provide a much-needed space for storage of needed supplies and items for the facility. Thank you to Dee House, Jim Davies, and especially Linda Groom for making us aware of this project.  We are also so grateful to Pat Dougherty, who generously donated the supplies for the project. 
New Shelving for New Entra Casa 2023-01-22 08:00:00Z 0

Remembering Jim King

Posted on Jan 22, 2023
Jim and Janie King cut the cake at their wedding reception at the Old Del Mar hotel in 1951. 
Some of the many members who attended the Celebration of Life (l to r): Jan Fuchs, John Baranowski, Dee House, Bob Fuchs
Many members attended the Celebration of Life for Jim King on January 21, 2023 at the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church in Solana Beach. Jim’s children Jim, Teri and Nancy, as well as his grandson Justin and many friends shared memories of Jim at the service. They all spoke of Jim’s love for nature. Jim told of how his dad learned to waterski in a rather non-traditional way:  in the ocean towed behind a car rather than a boat. Jim was also an excellent bodysurfer and taught his children and grandchildren how to ride the waves without a board. Throughout the service, the love Jim had for his family, and especially Janie, was evident. We all enjoyed the slide presentation with pictures of Jim and his family; he and Janie were such a beautiful couple who raised a special family.  Donations may be made in Jim’s name to MAEGA or the Community Resource Center, and, of course, follow Jim’s example and become a regular blood donor. Click HERE to read Jim's obituary, HERE to read Janie's obituary and HERE to read a story about Jim and Janie. 
Remembering Jim King 2023-01-22 08:00:00Z 0

New Member Induction:  Dr. Mark Barry and Rex Mize

Posted on Jan 22, 2023
Mark Barry (center left) and Rex Mize (center right) are our newest members! They're pictured with their mentors Jim and Karin Davies (left) and Kathy Reed (right) along with Membership Chair Dee House
We are delighted to welcome as our newest members Dr. Mark Barry and Rex Mize, who were both inducted by Membership Chair Dee House at our January 19, 2023 meeting.  Mark will be mentored by Jim and Karin Davies and Kathy Reed is mentor to Rex.  Congratulations!
New Member Induction: Dr. Mark Barry and Rex Mize 2023-01-22 08:00:00Z 0

District 5340 Model United Nations

Posted on Jan 22, 2023
Scenes from the Model UN Training Symposium. Clockwise from upper left: Kathy Reed with Army Navy Academy students; Chair Ann-Marie Bryan (San Diego Downtown Breakfast club) starts the session; District Governor Chuck Pretto with Sharon Schendel, Pat Caughey, Beth Westburg and Kathy Reed who all helped with registration; Kathy Reed arranged a hearty breakfast
Klaus Gubernator and Kathy Reed were up early on Saturday January 21, 2023 for the Model United Nations (MUN) training session. Kathy organized the breakfast and the registration desk while Klaus made sure that all the audio-visual was ready to go. He also secured the Del Mar Civic Center for the symposium venue. District Governor Chuck Pretto welcomed the delegates to the training. Thank you to Pat Caughey, Sharon Schendel and Beth Westburg, who enlisted friend Shelly Carder, to help with the check-in table. Mark your calendars for MUN:  April 1 and April 2.  Everyone is welcome to attend! Click HERE for more information.
District 5340 Model United Nations 2023-01-22 08:00:00Z 0

Weekly Meeting at Pacifica Del Mar on January 26, 2023

The Gallery Room at Pacifica Del Mar
We will return to Pacifica Del Mar’s Gallery Room (see picture) for our January 26, 2023 meeting. In February and beyond, we will settle in the Private Reserve room.   
Weekly Meeting at Pacifica Del Mar on January 26, 2023 2023-01-22 08:00:00Z 0

Communication Preferences

Posted on Jan 22, 2023
You may have received a text message prior to the January 19 meeting. Our club now is sending group texts for weekly meeting and event reminders. These texts are sent from (858) 842-5310 to cell numbers filed in ClubRunner. You may opt out at any time. Email alerts will continue as usual. If you need to make an update,  email Sharon Schendel to confirm your preferred phone number/email. 
Communication Preferences 2023-01-22 08:00:00Z 0

Submit Your Lunch Order

Posted on Jan 22, 2023
The staff at Pacifica Del Mar did a fantastic job getting so many lunch orders ready last week.  They said it would be helpful if we could submit pre-orders so they can get lunch started a bit before we arrive at noon.  Make your lunch selection by clicking HERE.
Submit Your Lunch Order 2023-01-22 08:00:00Z 0

SONGS Sunset: Decommissioning Progress Update

Posted on Jan 15, 2023
Al Bates (left) speaks about San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) decommissioning, which is governed by principles of Safety, Stewardship and Engagement. Work to dismantle the turbine buildings (center) is going on right now
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) is a familiar site near the northern border of San Diego county. The plant came online in 1968 and was shut down in 2013 after one of the steam generators failed and was too costly to repair. In 2014, the decommissioning of SONGS began.
Al Bates, the Principal Manager and Nuclear Regulatory Affairs and Technical Advisor to Southern California Edison CNO, visited our club on January 12, 2023 to provide an update on the SONGS decommissioning. All aspects of the decommissioning process are governed by three principles: Safety, Stewardship and Engagement. Safety is the top priority and encompasses nuclear, radiological, industrial and environmental safety. Stewardship has both financial and environmental aspects to ensure that public funds are used responsibly and efficiently and that the activities minimize environmental impacts so that the site is left in the same condition as before the plant was built. Engagement assures transparency and that the public is kept abreast of progress at the site.
Ten years into the 60-year decommissioning period, many of the support buildings have been demolished and work on dismantling the turbine building structures is underway. Much of the debris in these buildings is recyclable steel and nonferrous materials that will be transported away from the site using the on-site railyard that substantially reduces truck traffic on nearby I-5.
Eventually the iconic dome-shaped containment units will be dismantled using a bottom-up approach. Driving by the site, you might think that the domes are sinking, but really they’re effectively “sunsetting” as the deconstruction reduces the dome height by removing material from the bottom of the domes. 
All spent fuel will be stored onsite in sealed, stainless steel canisters that are passively cooled in dry cask storage systems. The storage units are seismically rated, resistant to corrosion and rated for more than 100 years. Currently there is no national storage facility, but the canisters can be transported when a site is built.
Bates encouraged community members to keep up to date on the decommissioning process and to be active in efforts to address the storage of spent fuels. You can sign up by visiting You can also learn more about SONGS decommissioning by visiting their website.
SONGS Sunset: Decommissioning Progress Update  2023-01-15 08:00:00Z 0

Casey Robison is Our Newest Blue Badger

Posted on Jan 15, 2023
Casey Robison (center) with her mentor, Dugan Lamoise (left) and Membership Chair Dee House (right)
Congratulations to Casey Robison for receiving her “blue” badge at our January 12, 2023 meeting. All new members have a circular, red badge until they complete a list of activities that are designed to help them learn more about both the club and Rotary International and to get to know current members. Once they’ve accomplished all the activities, we exchange their red badge for a regular badge with our club logo. Red Badgers have a mentor in the club who is always ready to help.
Casey has a long connection to Rotary: She was a Youth Exchange student and spent a year in England. A chance spotting of Marty Peter’s pin in the bakery she and her husband co-own, Darshan Bakery, led Casey back to Rotary and membership in the club. Thank you to Marty for sponsoring Casey for membership and to Dugan Lamoise for being Casey’s mentor.
Casey Robison is Our Newest Blue Badger 2023-01-15 08:00:00Z 0

Hosting Ukrainian Families

Posted on Jan 15, 2023
Ivan with Flash
In December 2022 the House of Ukraine in San Diego was looking for a host family for Ivan, a 16-year old Ukrainian who was injured by a Russian tank while he and his family were on their way home from the grocery store. Unfortunately, his stepfather was killed by the tank and Ivan lost a leg. Ivan is in the United States through the support of a collaboration between a foundation established by the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, and the US-based Right to Walk foundation.  
Ivan arrived in San Diego in September 2022 with Olena, a social worker who was empowered by Ivan’s mother and the Ukrainian Embassy to act as Ivan’s chaperone. Olena has also worked as a journalist and is studying psychology to help those coping with trauma associated with the war. Ivan is receiving physical therapy and will soon undergo another surgery on his leg. He is enrolled in the San Diego Union High School District adaptive education program and is working hard to master English.  
Kathy Reed generously opened her home to both Ivan and Olena. Her Bernese mountain dog Flash is particularly fond of having Ivan share his home.
Hosting Ukrainian Families  2023-01-15 08:00:00Z 0

Work Day January 28 Peace Village

Posted on Jan 15, 2023
Room that is being refurbished to serve as the Community Room at the San Diego Peace Village
On January 28, 2023 from 9AM-4PM we need some volunteers to help with ongoing work at the San Diego Peace Village.  We’re helping to refurbish a large room that will serve as a Community Room for those living in the Peace Village.  Email Klaus Gubernator to volunteer.
Work Day January 28 Peace Village  2023-01-15 08:00:00Z 0

First Club Social of 2023 at Pacifica Del Mar

Posted on Jan 15, 2023
Enjoying the food and drink at Pacifica Del Mar (l to r): Matt Kurth, Philippe Lamoise, Toni Mecaro, Dugan Lamoise, Klaus Gubernator
We gathered at Pacifica Del Mar on a somewhat soggy Tuesday night for our first social of 2023 (we didn’t know that we’d be right back at Pacifica Del Mar in less than 48 hours). We were pleased to welcome DaVina Hoyt and her son, Caleb Berry. DaVina had been a Rotarian in Pullman, Washington. Thank you to Suzy and Karl Wagner for organizing the event. Our next social will be February 7 at Sbicca Del Mar. These socials are a fun way to express our gratitude to local restaurants that offered tastes at our Sunset Soirée. 
First Club Social of 2023 at Pacifica Del Mar  2023-01-15 08:00:00Z 0
Model United Nations Training January 21: Volunteers Needed 2023-01-15 08:00:00Z 0

International Assembly for Rotary International

Posted on Jan 15, 2023
Donna and Don Fipps (left) with Rotary International President-Elect Gordon R. McInally and Heather McInally
Every January Rotary International hosts the International Assembly that provides training and programming for District Governor Elects (DGEs).  The Assembly returned this year as an in-person event in Orlando, after being held for many years in San Diego. This year, Rotary International President-Elect (PE) R. Gordon R. McInally (member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, west of Edinburgh), revealed his presidential theme for Rotary Year 2023-2024: Create Hope in the World. The theme calls on Rotarians to inspire or restore hope through the projects they champion. PE McInally also recognized the importance of emphasizing peace, which provides the true foundation for hope. Click HERE to watch his announcement of the theme.
Our own Don Fipps is DGE for District 5340 and both he and Donna Fipps were in Orlando last week. Don’s bobblehead (with a bobbling Canine Companions dog) joined those of several other DGEs (click HERE to see Don’s and others). Follow the adventures of Don’s bobbling doppelgänger on Instagram at @bobbleheaddgdon.   
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Board of Directors Meeting: January 17, 2023 2023-01-15 08:00:00Z 0

Services for Jim King January 21, 2023

Posted on Jan 15, 2023
The services for Jim King will be on Saturday, January 21 at 11 AM at the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church (120 Stevens Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075). 
A reception will follow. 
Click HERE to read Jim's obituary.  It mentions that Jim was a proud Rotarian and particularly dedicated to overseeing successful blood drives by the club. We will host our next drive March 2.  Please mark your calendars and donate in Jim's memory. 
Services for Jim King January 21, 2023  2023-01-15 08:00:00Z 0

Club Social at Pacifica Del Mar January 10

Posted on Jan 07, 2023
We kick off a year of socials at Pacifica Del Mar on Tuesday January 10.  Happy Hour runs from 4-6:30 PM (the rain is forecast to move on around 4 PM).  Come enjoy some great food and beverages as we us express our gratitude to one of our Sunset Soirée restaurants. Family, friends and anyone interested in learning about our club and Rotary in general are encouraged to join. 
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Partnering Kitchens for Lunch

Posted on Jan 07, 2023
During the slow winter season, Jimmy O’s is focusing on evenings and is not serving lunch.  Never fear, they are still opening on Thursdays for our meetings!  Jimmy O’s arranged partnerships with neighboring restaurants, primarily Americana.  Consider pre-ordering your lunch. Billing will be handled just like before with payment made to the servers. Jimmy O’s will provide drinks and also receive a small percentage of the check to cover operating expenses.
Partnering Kitchens for Lunch 2023-01-07 08:00:00Z 0

Tiling and Painting at the Peace Village January 14

Posted on Jan 07, 2023
Klaus Gubernator is back at the San Diego Peace Village and is looking for volunteers to help with tiling and ceiling painting on Saturday January 14 from 9 AM to 4 PM.  The site is the same as the sleeping cottage builds. Email Klaus with questions. 
Tiling and Painting at the Peace Village January 14 2023-01-07 08:00:00Z 0
Happy Trails Walking Club: San Dieguito River Park January 11 2023-01-07 08:00:00Z 0

In Memory of Jim King

Posted on Jan 07, 2023
We were saddened to learn of the passing of long-time member Jim King at the age of 96 years-old.  Jim joined the club in 1990 and always had a ready smile (click HERE for brief video). The family is planning a service and will let us know the details. Gifts in Jim’s memory can be made to the San Diego Blood Bank, where Jim was a 10-gallon donor.  
In Memory of Jim King 2023-01-07 08:00:00Z 0

January 5 meeting cancelled

Due to a late-breaking speaker cancellation and inclement weather that's due to hit Del Mar around noon, the January 5, 2023 meeting is cancelled. We'll kick off the new year on January 12.  
January 5 meeting cancelled 2023-01-05 08:00:00Z 0

In memory of Jim King

Posted on Dec 29, 2022
We were so sorry to learn of the passing of Jim King, who had been a member for over 30 years. Jim was a devoted husband to his wife Janie; they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in 2021. Jim was a generous supporter of the club and the community. The first picture in the video was taken just after he'd made one of many blood donations along his way to being a 10 gallon donor for the San Diego Blood Bank.  Many club presidents arrived at their demotion party in Jim's butter yellow Model A Ford. We extended our deepest sympathies to Jim's family. He will be missed.  
If you wish to make a donation in Jim's memory, the family suggests the San Diego Blood Bank
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A Little More Holiday Cheer at the La Colonia Clubhouse

Posted on Dec 18, 2022
We hosted the second party of the week on Thursday December 15, 2022 for members of the San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club La Colonia Clubhouse and their families. Craft stations were ready for the children at the La Colonia park and included snow globes (Dee House, Rex Mize, and Steven McDowell) Santa stickers (Donna Fipps), cranberry and fir jars (Suzy Wagner and Linda Strangman), and reindeer blocks (Kathy Reed and Jennifer McDowell). Event chair Klaus Gubernator had robotics demonstrations. After the crafts, Santa and his gingerbread helper arrived to take notes on what the children wanted for Christmas. Thank you to San Dieguito BGC COO and member Joe McLeod who helped serve food and kept the music going, and  to Walt Strangman and Marty Peters who manned the ladles at the Christmas punch station.  We’re grateful to Jake’s Del Mar for donating wonderful food. There were plenty of leftovers that Janice and Matt Kurth, along with Sharon Schendel, helped package so families could enjoy second helpings at home.  
A Little More Holiday Cheer at the La Colonia Clubhouse  2022-12-18 08:00:00Z 0

A Little Holiday Cheer at Viewpoint Brewing Company

Posted on Dec 18, 2022
Clockwise from top left: Harold and Casey Robison with Don and Donna Fipps (who's holding Tube Man); Rob Vaughn wondering what he might do with hugging stuffed mice, which Jennifer McDowell, Garrie Rhodes and Kathy Reed find amusing; Karin and Jim Davies admire Tube Man, which they would possess only briefly; Donna Fipps brought melting snowmen cookies
Clockwise from top left: Mark Berry helps Jennifer McDowell extract a box from a snug-fitting bag; Matt Kurth holds the stuffed mice he stole from Rob Vaughn (mainly to get the Lindt chocolates that came with them) while Klaus Gubernator covets the gift; Kathy Reed displays her moose head punch set (which was never stolen) and Jeff Matthews and Val Myers with Suzy Wagner; RoseMary Pellegrino thinks of all the fun she can have with the game "Senior Moments" and Eric Nelte hopes he can play too
Clockwise from top left: Dee House and Suzy Wagner try to figure out the dice game Suzy won while Rob Muller and Casey Robison look on; Candace Bahr with Steven McDowell and Walt and Linda Strangman; Toni Mecaro with Pat Caughey and Steven McDowell; Matt Kurth admires the tequila that replaced the Lindt chocolate balls stolen by Klaus; Garrie Rhodes and Rob Vaughn; Don Fipps guards the cookie table
Everyone dressed warmly on Tuesday December 13, 2022 for an outdoor holiday party at one of our favorite venues, Viewpoint Brewing Company. There were plenty of appetizers and food at the buffet. Dinner was capped with offerings from the cookie exchange participants. We did a “Dirty Santa” gift exchange this year and lots of fun gifts found new homes, many after changing hands a few times. Sharon Schendel has been enjoying her burrito blanket brought by Val Myers every night since the party. Kathy Reed was happy to have a moose head punch set, and the Lindt chocolate balls passed through a few hands, including those of Matt Kurth, who ended up with a bottle of tequila instead. Jim and Karin Davies were certain that they might get to keep “Tube Man”, until Donna Fipps stole him away. Thank you to all who attended, and special thanks to Suzy Wagner for securing the venue, Kathy Reed for the lovely centerpieces, and Dee House for making the nametags. We’re also grateful to all the bakers and to those who provided gifts for the exchange.  
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Monthly Board of Directors Meeting on Monday December 19 2022-12-18 08:00:00Z 0

Happy Trails Walking Club at San Dieguito Lagoon

Posted on Dec 12, 2022
For this installment of the Happy Trails Walking Club, Bob Fuchs (along with his dog, Rascal) Don and Donna Fipps, and Sharon Schendel enjoyed a nice easterly walk in the San Dieguito River Park from the staging area parking lot off of San Andres Drive to the Del Mar Horse Park. Bob recalled the multiple work projects our club has done to support the San Dieguito River Park.  The club is out walking on every on alternating Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  Interested in leading a walk on Saturday December 22?  Email Sharon and she’ll post the information on the club calendar. 
Happy Trails Walking Club at San Dieguito Lagoon 2022-12-12 08:00:00Z 0
No Meeting December 15 2022-12-12 08:00:00Z 0

La Colonia Christmas Party December 15 at La Colonia Park in Solana Beach

Posted on Dec 12, 2022
The Christmas Party for members of the La Colonia Clubhouse of the San Dieguito Boys and Girls Club returns to the La Colonia Park in Solana Beach (715 Valley Avenue, Solana Beach).  Craft Table Captains, please arrive by 3:30 PM for set up. Members, please arrive around 4 PM. Wear a Santa hat or other holiday gear if you have it! See picture for parking suggestions.
La Colonia Christmas Party December 15 at La Colonia Park in Solana Beach  2022-12-12 08:00:00Z 0

Holiday Party December 13 at Viewpoint Brewing Company

Posted on Dec 12, 2022
The holiday party is all set for Tuesday December 13 at the Viewpoint Brewing Company.  The fun will start at 5 PM with appetizers followed by a dinner buffet.  For those participating in the cookie exchange, be sure to bring a container to take home offerings from fellow bakers.
To participate in the “Dirty Santa” exchange, bring a wrapped gift, ~$25 in value and be prepared not to get too attached to any gift you receive, since it may be stolen
Dress festively, but warmly! 
If you can’t find parking in the Viewpoint lot, recall that there is a gravel lot with paid parking just to the west of Viewpoint (see attached picture).  
Holiday Party December 13 at Viewpoint Brewing Company  2022-12-12 08:00:00Z 0

A Very Merry Verbivore

Posted on Dec 11, 2022
Richard Lederer returned to our club for the December 8, 2022 meeting to spread a bit of holiday cheer. In particular, he described how Clement Clarke Moore’s “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” together with Thomas Nast’s illustrations, formed the basis for many iconic Christmas images including Santa Claus as a jolly elf who enters homes via the chimney. Richard provided some noted basic facts to support that the reindeers pulling Santa’s sleigh were all females. Reindeer are the only member of the deer family in which both males and females have antlers. However, males lose their antlers after the fall rut and thus by Christmas in December only females would have the antlers seen in Nast’s pictures.
He also told how “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens helped popularize “Merry Christmas”. Dickens wrote the book in a frenzied 6 weeks and made liberal use of “Merry” rather than the more staid “Happy”. In a well-known quote, Ebenezer Scrooge tells his Christmas-loving nephew Fred: “If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas' on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.”
Richard is the author of over 50 books (he is grateful to the local publisher Waterside Productions in Cardiff for his latest publications) and his column “Lederer on Language” appears every other Saturday in The San Diego Union Tribune. He is the founding host of NPR’s “A Way with Words”.  Follow Richard at his website:
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Book Club at Bud's

Posted on Dec 04, 2022
Book club members at Bud's: (clockwise from left): Sharon Schendel, Linda Groom, Jim Davies, Karin Davies, Don Fipps, Janice Kurth, Matt Kurth, Beth Westburg
With crawdads in the title, facilitator Beth Westburg sought out a cajun-themed restaurant for Book Club members to discuss their most recent reading “Where the Crawdads Sing”. The food at Bud’s Louisiana Café in Tierrasanta was so good that there was just as much discussion about the dishes everyone got as there was about the book. There were even fresh beignets for dessert. The club will read the 2018 Pulitzer Prize winner “Less” by Andrew Sean Greer.  Come join the next discussion!
Book Club at Bud's 2022-12-04 08:00:00Z 0

Peace Village Cottage 5 Build

Posted on Dec 04, 2022
Marty Peters (left) paints panels that Dee House and Steven McDowell (center) loaded into the truck; Steven McDowell trims out the front window on Cottage 5
Mark Barry, Donna Fipps, Dee House and Bob Muller, Klaus Gubernator, Steven McDowell and Marty Peters were at San Diego Peace Village to help with construction of Cottage 5. These five cottages make up the first phase of what will eventually be 20 cottages that will provide private spaces for people to live as they integrate into the San Diego community.
Peace Village Cottage 5 Build 2022-12-04 08:00:00Z 0

Happy Trails: San Dieguito Lagoon December 7

Posted on Dec 04, 2022
Join the Happy Trails at San Dieguito Lagoon on Wednesday December 7 at 8 AM. We’ll walk part of the Coast to Crest Trail. Park at the staging area lot at San Andres Drive off of Via del la Valle.  Family, friends and dogs welcome and encouraged!  T-shirt update: estimated delivery on December 12.
Happy Trails: San Dieguito Lagoon December 7 2022-12-04 08:00:00Z 0

The Burn Institute: Fostering Recovery and Preventing Burn Injuries

Posted on Dec 04, 2022
The Burn Institute Director of Operations, Benjamin Hemmings (left), speaks to the club about the Institute's programs like Camp Beyond the Scars (upper right) and support groups for adult survivors of burn injuries (lower right)
For 50 years, the Burn Institute has been helping individuals who suffered burn injuries recover and has also developed educational resources and services to prevent burn injuries from happening. Burn Institute Director of Operations Brian Hemmings spoke at our December 1, 2022 meeting to outline the range of projects the Burn Institute oversees. The Institute hosts camps like Camp Beyond the Scars to help young people aged 8-17 who are affected by burns succeed on their healing journey. Through support groups, the Institute connects survivors who suffered a recent burn injury with those who are farther from their injuries to instill hope and share strategies for coping with the injury. Survivors of burn injuries and their families also receive support during treatment and recovery with parking passes, lodging, and medical equipment funded by the Institute.
The Institute offers burn and fire prevention programs like the Fire Safe Kid program in schools, emergency preparedness training, and education of parents to prevent scald injuries, which represent nearly 40% of burn injuries in young children. To ensure safe maintenance of smoke detectors, seniors (62+) can apply to have Institute staff change batteries in their detectors free of charge. Click HERE for the application.
The Burn Institute: Fostering Recovery and Preventing Burn Injuries  2022-12-04 08:00:00Z 0

Casey Robison: Who Am I

Posted on Dec 04, 2022
Casey Robison and her Rotary mentor, Dugan Lamoise, who's holding Casey's Youth Exchange pin-laden blazer
As her final step to convert her badge from red to regular, Casey Robison gave her “Who Am I” talk. Casey owns Darshan Bakery in the Del Mar village, where they make some of the best croissants in town. A conversation with Marty Peters at the café led Casey to our club so she could reconnect to some Rotary roots. Casey was a Rotary International Youth Exchange student sponsored by the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove near Sacramento California, to spend a year in England hosted by the Heckmondwike Rotary Club near Leeds. She has fond memories of her host family. Casey is married to Harold Robison and they are parents to two sons, aged 6 and 8.
Do you know a youth who might like to be like Casey and be a Rotary International Youth Exchange Student? Encourage them to attend an informational session, 6:30 PM, on Tuesday December 6 at Coronado High School. This session is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Coronado and District 5340.  Click HERE for information about the session.
Casey Robison: Who Am I 2022-12-04 08:00:00Z 0

Club Holiday Party at Viewpoint Brewing Company December 13

Posted on Nov 20, 2022
Fun from the 2021 party at Viewpoint
December is rapidly approaching, so that means holiday parties! Click HERE to fill out the RSVP form or email Dee House. Cocktails and appetizers start at 5 PM and a buffet dinner will be served at 6:30 PM (plated vegetarian meals are available). The cost is $60 per person (the club covers the cost of tax and tip; drinks are separate). We’ll have a cookie exchange as usual, and also a “Dirty Santa” gift exchange. Please cancel by December 6 if your plans change, otherwise your account will be billed.   
Club Holiday Party at Viewpoint Brewing Company December 13  2022-11-20 08:00:00Z 0

La Colonia Children's Christmas Party: Craft Stations Needed!

Posted on Nov 20, 2022
Our annual Christmas Party for members of the La Colonia Clubhouse (715 Valley Avenue Solana Beach) of Boys & Girls Club San Dieguito is set for Thursday December 15. The party will run from 4PM to 7 PM.  Klaus Gubernator is organizing this year. PLEASE NOTE: we still need two more craft tables and volunteers to help serve food. Please stop by and lend a hand if needed. This party is always a wonderful time!  Email Klaus with any questions or to volunteer.  
La Colonia Children's Christmas Party: Craft Stations Needed! 2022-11-20 08:00:00Z 0

Project Speed

Posted on Nov 20, 2022
In 1899, Charles “Mile-a-Minute” Murphy, was the first to set a paced bicycle land speed record when he pedaled 60 mph behind a train in Long Island. In 2018, Denise Mueller set the current record of 183.9 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. She visited our club on November 17, 2022 to tell how she did it. Denise has always been fast on a bike. In the late 1980s, then teenage Denise was on a ride between San Francisco and San Diego. As she pedaled through Camp Pendleton, she drafted another cyclist for 8 miles. That cyclist happened to be John Howard, a 3-time Olympian, co-founder or the Race Across America and member of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. In 1985 John himself set the land speed record of 152.2, so he recognized her talent. John helped get Denise into competitive cycling and was her coach. She enjoyed success until, as she put it, she needed to start “adulting” and put aside cycling to focus on her career and family. Her career included running the family business Rancho Santa Fe Security, a company that was founded by her father.
Denise approached John Howard when her son was training to run all 19 Rock n’ Roll Marathons. John asked her whether she might return to cycling, and in particular, pursue a land speed record, which no woman had ever attempted. In 2012 she began training and in 2016 set the women’s record of 147.7 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Denise was further encouraged by Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg, who had held the record of 166.9 mph since 1995. Rompelberg even gave her use of the pace car he used in 1995 that looks a bit like a drag racer with a large hood at the back that serves as a wind shield. Having the car was one thing, but finding a driver in whom she had complete confidence was another.
Denise found Shea Holbrook to be that driver. In their attempts, Denise followed behind the pace car riding a customized bike with an extremely high gear. She explained that with one turn of the crank on this bike she could travel 131 feet (compare to a traditional ten-speed where one crank turn allows the rider to travel 31 feet).  Even to turn the crank she had to reach a speed of around 100 miles an hour. Shea had to get to around 130 mph within one mile, and when Denise cast off the tow rope in the final mile, around mile marker 4, she reached nearly 184 mph, far faster than she expected.
The attempt was not without danger. Denise brought with her a broken wheel hub. The hub cracked soon after the attempt, but fortunately held true as she set the record. One other great thing about Denise: she is a long-time member of the Rotary Club of Rancho Santa Fe!
Click HERE to watch a video of Denise setting the record.
Project Speed 2022-11-20 08:00:00Z 0

The Journey to Safety

Posted on Nov 20, 2022
Olga speaks to the club (left) and Klaus Gubernator is hosting a family from Ukraine (right)
Thanksgiving Day marks nine months since Russia attacked Ukraine. On the day of the attack, Olga and her son began her journey to safety. Within one week of her departure, Vyshneve, where Olga lived with her three year-old son, was bombed. Olga had friends in Oceanside who advised her to get to a place that had planes leaving Europe. If she could find a plane, they would fund her tickets. Olga showed a video of her car ride to Rădăuți-Prut in Romania.  Cars were lined up for miles and Olga and her son ended up sharing a car with a woman who drove them to Debrecen, Hungary. In Hungary, Olga and her son boarded a plane to start the trip to San Diego, where they’ve lived since early March.  
Olga grew up in a family of doctors, but she followed a different path to become fluent in several languages, including English and Japanese. She worked for five years in the Embassy of Japan in Kyiv. Using these excellent communication skills, she has told her story and acted as a liaison for other Ukrainians in the San Diego area.
Olga and James Morrison, a member of Rotary Club of Point Loma who serves as District 5340 Treasurer and Paul Harris Society Coordinator, spoke to our club on November 10, 2022. James has helped organize District efforts to help Ukrainian refugees. In total, Rotary International has raised $15 million for Ukraine and these funds have been distributed through nearly 300 disaster response grants.  Our own John Baranowski and Candace Bahr helped Olga and her son when they drove her from Oceanside to Mission Valley to participate in the services fair hosted by the Amna Sanctuary.
James said that housing is the number one need of Ukrainian refugees. Klaus Gubernator has offered rooms in his home to house a Ukrainian mother and her daughters. If you are able to help in any way, please email James. 
The Journey to Safety 2022-11-20 08:00:00Z 0

Del Mar Village Association Community Cleanup

Posted on Nov 20, 2022
Don and Donna Fipps were out with Omeeka (who’s now at Oceanside in the next phase of training) last month for the Del Mar Village Association (DMVA) Community Cleanup.  A total of 50 people participated to collect nearly 180 pounds of trash. With their 7 pounds, Don and Donna did well above average! Sharon, Suzy and Toni will have a post-Thanksgiving meeting with DMVA leaders to talk about more collaborative projects.
Del Mar Village Association Community Cleanup  2022-11-20 08:00:00Z 0

Happy Trails Walking Club November 26

Posted on Nov 20, 2022
Sharon Schendel, Klaus Gubernator, Kathy Reed and Janice Kurth on the inaugural meeting of the Happy Trails Walking Club
Join the Happy Tails Walking Club Saturday November 26 at 9 AM.  We’ll return to Gonzalez Canyon, but will turn left to explore the Torrey Pines Nature Loop.  Family, friends, and, of course, dogs, are welcome to join this ~2.5 mile hike. Park at the Sword Road trailhead. Questions? Email Sharon Schendel.
Happy Trails Walking Club November 26  2022-11-20 08:00:00Z 0

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on Nov 20, 2022
We will NOT have a meeting Thanksgiving, November 24.  Best wishes for an enjoyable holiday!
Happy Thanksgiving!  2022-11-20 08:00:00Z 0

Blood Drive Collects Over 3 Gallons

Posted by Sharon Schendel on Nov 06, 2022
The San Diego Blood Bank Bloodmobile was back at the Del Mar Civic Center on Thursday November 3. We collected 25 pints, which can help 75 people in the San Diego community. Thank you to members Bob Fuchs, Dugan Lamoise, Kit Leeger, Steven McDowell, Joe McLoed, Marty Peters, Kathy Reed, Bob Sonnhalter, and Karl Wagner. Rotarian Pauline Lim from Downtown Breakfast Rotary (also Model UN co-chair) and Robin Chappelow from Rotary Club of Rancho Santa Fe also donated, as did Suzy Wagner’s daughter Pam Rudolph and KC Vafiadis. I was too close to my return from Brussels, so I’ll be visiting the donation site in Carmel Valley in the coming days.  
Blood Drive Collects Over 3 Gallons  Sharon Schendel 2022-11-06 07:00:00Z 0

Walking Club Starts November 9

Posted on Nov 06, 2022
The Happy Trails Walking Group will meet for a kick-off walk Wednesday November 9 at 8 AM. Meet at the Sword Trail Head for Gonzalez Canyon off Sword Way in Carmel Valley. Dogs are welcome!  Click HERE for Gonzalez Canyon Trail Map and click HERE for Google Map link (the trail head is between Sword and Way at the bottom of the “U” of Sword Way).
Walking Club Starts November 9  2022-11-06 07:00:00Z 0

Club Citations for Rotary Year 2021-2022

Posted on Nov 06, 2022
District Governor Elect Don Fipps presented immediate past co-Presidents Suzy and Karl Wagner with a citation for meeting all the club goals they set for their term as well as recognition for contributions to the End Polio Now campaign. The club also had the third-highest per capita donations ($600) to the Rotary International Annual Fund that returns funds back to clubs in the form of District Dedicated Funds and supports Global Grants.  
Club Citations for Rotary Year 2021-2022 2022-11-06 07:00:00Z 0

Sleeping Cottage Trim Out

Posted on Nov 06, 2022
Clockwise from upper left: Four cottages are nearing completion; Working on the front porch; Member of Troop 713 paint side panels; Cottage interior
Clockwise from left: Bob Muller trims out a side window; Members of Troop 713 took on all tasks; Painting trim work; Jan Grossnickle guides Scouts in painting panels; Klaus Gubernator works to install a front window
Clockwise from upper left: Caulking window trim; Dee House customizes some window trim supervised by Flash and Mira; Roof and window work; Kathy Reed with Pete and Jan Grossnickle; Steven McDowell cutting trim; Marty Peters helps a gal wield a mean reciprocating saw
Four cottages are now nearly complete and a fifth will soon be built to complete the first phase of the San Diego Peace Village.  Klaus Gubernator and Kathy Reed (along with Mira and Flash) put in a full day at the build site and were joined by Jan and Pete Grossnickle, Dee House, Steven McDowell, Bob Muller, Marty Peters, and Sharon Schendel. We’re grateful to members of Scout Troop 713 led by Scout Xander Schroeder, who reached out to us to offer help on our work projects. Members of the St. James Mission Circle rounded out the crew and Project Organizer Kathy Faller kept everyone busy and on track.
Sleeping Cottage Trim Out 2022-11-06 07:00:00Z 0

MAEGA Celebrates 50 Years of Scholarships

Posted on Nov 06, 2022
Our club sponsored a table at the 50th Anniversary celebration for the Mexican American Educational Guidance Association (MAEGA). Our charter member Don Lapham was a co-founder of MAEGA and charter member Dr. Dick Wheelock was also devoted to MAEGA. Since its founding in 1970, MAEGA has awarded over 2.5 million in scholarship support to ensure that promising Mexican-American students can pursue higher education. Meteorologist and entrepreneur Jodi Kodesh led the evening, which featured Superintendent/President of Mira Costa College Dr. Sunita “Sunny” Cooke, and Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, Chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District.  Distinguished alumni provided video statements of how MAEGA helped launch their academic and eventually professional careers, and veterinarian and current Advisory Board member Dr. Nicole Zuniga thanked Rotary Club of Del Mar specifically for our support.  Thank you to Greg Harris, Candace Bahr, John Baranowski, and Sharon Schendel for attending.
MAEGA Celebrates 50 Years of Scholarships  2022-11-06 07:00:00Z 0

District Conference is Approaching! October 29

Posted on Oct 23, 2022
Register for the 2022 District Conference and Foundation Gala on October 29.  Click here to watch the video invitation. The Conference will run from 9AM-4PM. Registration is $150 per person and includes: Continental breakfast, plated lunch, interesting speakers, musical & aerial dance performances, and a raffle.  

Stay for the Foundation Gala from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm with dancing following. Check in begins at 4:30 PM with aerialist performances beginning at 5:00 pm.  The dinner is $130 per person. Register for both at $250 ($30 discount).   
District Conference is Approaching! October 29  2022-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary vs. Lions Food Drive Challenge

Posted on Oct 23, 2022
Challenge accepted! Lions Clubs of San Diego and Imperial County made a friendly challenge to District 5340 Rotary Clubs to see which group could donate the most food (by weight) to local food banks during the month of October. Given our pallet of peanut butter donation, of course we have a lot of peanut butter, but we also have plenty of other healthy staples. All of this food will go the Miramar warehouse of the San Diego Food Bank, Monday morning (October 24), but there’s still a week left in case you’d like to make a separate donation (click HERE to see the items the bank needs most). Just make sure to note the weight of the food you donate! 
Rotary vs. Lions Food Drive Challenge  2022-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

Fisher House: A Home Away from Home

Posted on Oct 23, 2022
Fisher House Southern California Executive Director Linda Rahn, left, speaks to the club; The Naval Medical Center in San Diego has two Fisher Houses (left)
Imagine having a family member in the military, or who is a veteran, and they need medical treatment somewhere far from home. Also imagine that money is tight. How will you get to where they’re being treated? Where will you stay so you can support them during their recovery?
The Fisher House provides a home away from home where families of active military members and veterans can stay, free of charge, while their loved one is undergoing treatment. Executive Director of Fisher House, Southern California, Linda Rahn, was our speaker at the October 20, 2022 meeting. She explained that Fisher Houses provide lodging at spacious homes near military VA medical centers. The houses have between 8 and 21 guest suites, each with a private bathroom. Guests share a kitchen, dining room, laundry, and common living spaces. In essence, Fisher Houses are similar to Ronald McDonald houses where families can stay while children are receiving treatment for life-threatening illnesses. 
Fisher House: A Home Away from Home  2022-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

Cornholin’ on the Beach

Posted on Oct 23, 2022
Clockwise from top left: Teams and Tents on the beach; Matt Kurth and Don Fipps keep track of their progress; Donna Fipps concentrates on getting the perfect trajectory; photobomb by Joe McLeod, club member and COO of BGC San Dieguito 
Our club fielded a team in the Boys & Girls Club San Dieguito 8th Annual Cornhole Tournament  on the beach at Del Mar. The sold-out event included 105 teams and was supported by community sponsorships from over 40 San Diego businesses and individuals. They netted over $40,000 that will go to support dozens of great activities. Visit the BGC San Dieguito Facebook page to see more photos from the day.
Cornholin’ on the Beach  2022-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

Community Clean Up with Del Mar Village Association October 26

Posted on Oct 23, 2022
Join members of the Del Mar Village Association in a Community Clean up on Wednesday October 26 from 3-5 PM. Click HERE to register. Then, meet at the Jim Watkins amphitheater outside L’Auberge at 15th Street and Camino Del Mar (near our clock).  Afterward, celebrate making Del Mar more beautiful with happy hour at L’Auberge Ocean Terrace.  Prizes will be awarded for the most trash collected, largest item, and strangest item. If you attend, please take pictures!
Community Clean Up with Del Mar Village Association October 26 2022-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

Walk to End Polio in Balboa Park

Don Fipps put on his End Polio Now socks and Converse shoes for the Rotary District 5340 Walk to End Polio hosted by Mission Valley Evening Rotary Club and the City Heights Rotaract Club. District Governor Chuck Pretto was also there, as was Elana Levens-Craig, best selfie-taker ever. They covered 5 of the 7 bridges and then enjoyed breakfast burritos and mimosas after. Visit the Mission Valley Evening Rotary Facebook page to see more pictures from the walk.
Remember that October 24 is World Polio Day
Walk to End Polio in Balboa Park  2022-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

Happy Trails Walking Club Starts November 2

Posted on Oct 23, 2022
Let’s get together and enjoy a nice walk with fellow club members. The Happy Trails Walking Group will meet Wednesday mornings at 8 AM, beginning November 2. Watch for an upcoming email with the meeting site. The low- to moderate intensity walks will be 2-3 miles. Dogs are welcome!  
We’ll order T-shirts to help publicize the club. T-shirt orders will go in next week. Please email Sharon to request a shirt (sizes, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL) based on men’s sizing). Cost per shirt will be between $18-20, depending on the numbered ordered.  
Happy Trails Walking Club Starts November 2  2022-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

Blood Drive at Del Mar Civic Center November 3

Posted on Oct 23, 2022
We’re hosting another blood drive on Thursday November 3.  The San Diego Blood Bank Bloodmobile will again be behind the Del Mar Civic Center from 9 AM-2:30 PM.  There are still spots available.  Click HERE to book an appointment for the drive and help us top the 21 pints we collected in July. If you can’t make this drive, you can always donate at one of SDBB’s convenient local collection centers. Remember: Every pint we collect can help three San Diegans. If you have questions or want to donate but can’t book online, email Karl Wagner.
Blood Drive at Del Mar Civic Center November 3  2022-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

Battle at the Border Robotics Competition

Our club is a major sponsor of the Torrey Pines High School Millennium Falcons Robotics club and member Klaus Gubernator is one of the club mentors. On Saturday October 15 the Falcons were one of over 30 local teams that competed in the off-season Battle of the Border competition at Cathedral Catholic High School. The competition provides an opportunities for teams to have more time with their robots and give newer members a taste of what a competition is like.  
Battle at the Border Robotics Competition 2022-10-15 07:00:00Z 0

Thank You from MAEGA Scholarship Recipient Daniella Hernandez


Every year the Youth Services Committee uses part of their annual budget to fund a scholarship for the Mexican American Educational Guidance Association (MAEGA). The club has a long history with MAEGA.  Charter Members Don Lapham and Dr. Dick Wheelock were both committed to MAEGA; Don was a co-founder and Dick served on the Board of Directors for two decades.  Daniella Hernandez is a MAEGA scholarship recipient this year and will use the funds to pursue a degree at SDSU. 

Thank You from MAEGA Scholarship Recipient Daniella Hernandez 2022-09-25 07:00:00Z 0

Labor Day Lunch and CPR Training Manikins for the Del Mar Lifeguards

Labor Day lunches and CPR training manikins. From left to right: City of Del Mar Deputy Chief of Lifeguards Mark Rathsam, Sharon Schendel, Don and Donna Fipps, City of Del Mar Chief of Lifeguards Jon Edelbrock, Ranch 45 Chef Aron Schwartz and Ranch 45 General Manager Pam Schwartz
The Del Mar Lifeguards wound down the summer season on a very warm and busy Labor Day. To help keep them going, we donated 50 lunches from Ranch 45.  Chef Aron Schwartz and Manager Pam Schwartz delivered them. We also had the opportunity to see the set of CPR training manikins that the club donated with funds from the Community Service Committee. These manikins have lights that give immediate visual feedback to let the user know whether they’re using appropriate hand placement and pressure, as well as the right cadence. The training kit can also help users learn the placement and function of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Deputy Chief of Lifeguards Mark Rathsam said that the visual cues help users acquire skills much faster and also gives them confidence to use these skills in an actual emergency. The lifeguards use the training manikin set both to maintain the skills of their lifeguards and also to train members of the community in life-saving skills.  Thank you to Brett Mattei for coordinating the lunch delivery.
Labor Day Lunch and CPR Training Manikins for the Del Mar Lifeguards  2022-09-25 07:00:00Z 0

Nutrition Support for Children in Southern Myanmar


Myanmar has been a site of extreme political unrest since a military coup in February 2021.  Through Marty Peters, the club was able to donate $500, which was used by the Good Shepherd Sisters to purchase two months’ worth of food for orphans in Yangon, a city in southern Myanmar.

Nutrition Support for Children in Southern Myanmar 2022-09-25 07:00:00Z 0

Keeping Cool at New Entra Casa

We always encourage members to find new projects that have needs the club can help fulfill. Community Services Committee member Linda Groom learned of a need of New Entra Casa, which has been serving women and their families in the San Diego area for around 50 years. 
New Entra Casa is a 6-bed facility for women who are involved with Child Welfare Services (CWS) or who have limited visitation with their children. As residents, these women receive education and support to reach their goal of reunifying with their children. Moreover, New Entra Casa is committed to helping individuals recover from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders through counseling, small groups, and 12-Step and holistic therapy models that address the underlying causes of addiction and trauma.
The club provided funds for New Entra Casa to purchase a new refrigerator that can be used by the counseling staff.  Linda said that the staff members are happy to have dedicated space to store their lunches and other items. 
Keeping Cool at New Entra Casa 2022-09-25 07:00:00Z 0

Hands of Peace: Youth as Agents of Change

Melanie Stanek, San Diego Site Director for Hands of Peace
Hands of Peace (HOP) seeks to empower young people to find and raise their voice as agents of change. San Diego Site Director Melanie Stanek, our speaker at the September 22, 2022 meeting, explained how HOP brings together Palestinian, Israeli and American teenagers between 15 and 17 years-old for intensive summer programs held in San Diego and Chicago. During the summer program, the participants engage in daily dialogue sessions about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that are moderated by professional facilitators, take part in team building and leadership exercises, as well as educational and cultural activities. They also have free time with members of the group and the HOP community. HOP youth who do not live in the San Diego area are hosted by volunteer host families. The program also involves around 200 volunteers during the program and throughout the year. 
HOP has a strong connection to Rotary. Multiple clubs in District 5340 have worked with HOP, which has received District Grant funding in recent years. There are multiple ways to get involved in HOP, including being a host family, encouraging local youth to apply to participate, volunteering time, and donating funds. On September 28, 5:30-7PM, HOP will hold a Community Circle featuring alumni of the HOP program at the Encinitas Community Center. Visit to register.
Hands of Peace: Youth as Agents of Change  2022-09-25 07:00:00Z 0

18th Annual Sunset Soirée

We had perfect weather for our 18th annual Sunset Soiree on Tuesday September 13, 2022.  After a streak of hot weather, we were fortunate to have a pleasantly warm night with little breeze.  Many of the restaurants returned this year and we were pleased to have Cevasco’s and Beeside Balcony as our two newest restaurants.  On the beverage side, Koi Zen and Solterra were first-timers.  Ruth Grayson was our auctioneer, assisted by her partner Michael Lewis. They kept the enthusiasm up during the live auction, but they also kept a close watch over the silent auction. The robust 70% average return on fair market value of all the auction items reflected their efforts. Meanwhile, the gift card tree was so big that we could split off two “saplings” that both offered a great selection of cards. 
Click HERE to access a Google Photo album with full-size pictures available for download and click “Read More” for important thank yous!
18th Annual Sunset Soirée 2022-09-18 07:00:00Z 0

Sunset Soirée this Tuesday!

It’s almost here! We still have plenty of tickets remaining, so please encourage friends and family to attend. The forecast is for clear, calm, and comfortably warm weather. We’ll have some new things this year: an auctioneer team, something different with the gift card tree, and a special gift for anyone who wins an auction item. Buy tickets now at
Sunset Soirée this Tuesday! 2022-09-11 07:00:00Z 0

District Governor Chuck Pretto: Focusing on Youth and Raising Rotary’s Visibility

We had a fantastic crowd to hear District Governor Chuck Pretto speak on September 8, 2022.  During his term, Chuck is focusing on two main, youth-oriented projects: i) expanding mental health resources for young people in San Diego; and ii) installing peace poles on the campuses of local schools.
Rotary’s youth activities have long been of special importance to Chuck. At a time he was thinking of leaving Rotary, a fellow Rotarian in Club 33 asked Chuck if he might consider hosting a Youth Exchange student. Chuck thought:  Great. I’ll ask my wife, Kim, if we can do this, she’ll say no (particularly since his three children weren’t yet teenagers), and he can leave Rotary.  But Kim surprised him by saying “yes”. Eventually, he and Kim went on to host seven exchange students. The final student arrived when their children were out of the house. Kim allowed the hosting provided that Chuck was responsible for getting her to and from school, and any activities. Chuck said that because of this condition, he was perhaps closer to this student than he was to the others.
Chuck also talked about the importance of wearing a Rotary pin, and how the master brand is more easily seen than the classic small wheel.  He talked of one instance in the grocery store. The young man bagging groceries saw Chuck’s pin and said:  “Rotary changed my sister’s life.” A Rotary club had made it possible for this young woman to have orthodontic work that increased her confidence and enhanced her life outlook.  Wearing a pin fosters these conversations, or provides a starting point to say what Rotary is and why you’re a member of Rotary.  Chuck brought a magnetic master brand pin for every member in attendance.  Please wear your new pin- especially at the Sunset Soirée, since the program encourages guests to talk with club members about membership.
District Governor Chuck Pretto: Focusing on Youth and Raising Rotary’s Visibility  2022-09-11 07:00:00Z 0
Sunset Soirée Auction Item Tour 2022-09-07 07:00:00Z 0

Sunset Soirée Video to Share

Do you have friends wondering what will be available to eat and drink at the Soirée?  Please share this link with them (and also post on social media): Or, you can send them to the club website,, where the video is embedded.  
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Delicious Desserts!

President Sharon has a large sweet tooth. With the blessing of Jimmy O’s, we’ve launched a dessert of the week sign up. First up was Sharyn Daly, who brought pink boxes full of delicious coconut cakes and lemon tarts. If you’re hungry for more, these confections were prepared by member Casey Robison, owner of Darshan Bakery & Café, which has outposts in Del Mar and Encinitas. 
Beth Westburg kindly volunteered to bring dessert for our September 8 meeting.  No one has signed up for September 29, December 1, and December 29.  Contact Sharon if you’d like to be dessert master one of those weeks.   
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District Governor Chuck Pretto Visits September 8 2022-09-04 07:00:00Z 0

Using Genetic Genealogy To Make the Unknown Known

Amy Cheshire (upper left) spoke about how genetic genealogy helped identify the remains of her grandfather James Cheshire (lower left, with his young family). In July 2022 he was buried at Arlington Cemetery (lower right). 
In 2011 Amy Cheshire, our speaker at the September 1, 2022 meeting, was contacted by a Navy Genealogist about James Cheshire, her grandfather.
In 1941, James was serving as a Chief Pharmacist’s Mate aboard the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor.  Amy brought the actual telegram her grandmother, Marion, received from Navy announcing in late December 1941, announcing that James had been declared dead. James was among men who were buried in the Punchbowl Cemetery on Oahu, and the family was left with only corroded mementoes found in James’ ship locker.  
The Navy Genealogist who contacted Amy was working for the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) and was seeking DNA samples. Amy contacted second cousins who would share DNA with her grandfather, and they provided samples that were eventually used to help identify her grandfather’s DNA as part of the USS Oklahoma Project that sought to identify remains of sailors who served on the ship.
Amy explained the difference between autosomal DNA, which is carried in the nucleus of nearly all human cell and is a blend of genetic material from the mother and the father, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which is inherited only through the mother. mtDNA is particularly useful for several reasons: i) there’s a lot of it in cells; ii) mtDNA is more likely to survive for long periods relative to autosomal DNA; and iii) its maternal lineage provides information for forensic identification when there is a gap between ancestor and descendent.
In 2018, Amy’s family was contacted by the US Navy, which had identified her grandfather’s remains.  After COVID-19-related delays, her grandfather was laid to rest with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery in July 2022. Amy now focuses on genetic genealogy, which is the use of genealogical DNA together with genealogical methods to identify possible genetic relationships between individuals.  She uses these approaches to help adoptees seek birth parents or as part investigative genetic genealogy used to identify crime victims.
Using Genetic Genealogy To Make the Unknown Known  2022-09-04 07:00:00Z 0
Sunset Soirée Vendor Tour 2022-09-04 07:00:00Z 0

Reducing Maternal Mortality in Rural Panama: Phalarope's Approach

Posted on Aug 28, 2022
Dr. Miriam Rittmeyer (center), founder of Phalarope (logo at top), and the community leaders of Phalarope's Programa Manchichi that seeks to partner with and educate comadronas to reduce maternal mortality in rural Panama
Imagine being pregnant in a community high in the mountains of Panama that is accessible largely by foot. Would there be anyone trained to help you in case something went wrong? Dr. Miriam Rittmeyer, our speaker at the August 28, 2022 meeting, founded Phalarope to help women in situations like this. Phalarope seeks to empower women through education and community outreach to enable families and communities in Latin America to reach their full potential. Phalarope has six priority areas, and in her talk Dr. Rittmeyer focused on projects to improve maternal and community health.  
Phalarope took the unique approach of partnering with comadronas, women who are highly respected and trusted community leaders. Comadronas carry out traditional birth practices in indigenous communities in Latin American countries like Guatemala and Panama. In rural Guatemala, Phalarope implemented a vocational training program, Programa Ixchel, to equip comadronas with medical skills and tools to monitor fetal development as well as detect hypertension and high blood pressure. Using these skills, the comadronas could identify signs and symptoms of high-risk pregnancy that can endanger the life of both mothers and their fetuses. This training is critical to reduce the rate of maternal morbidity and mortality, which can have long-lasting effects for families and communities.  
Building on the success of Programa Ixchel, Phalarope secured a Global Grant (G-2658) to start Programa Manchichi that will help six communities in the mountainous region of Panama. The Global Grant allowed expansion of preliminary findings from a Phase I project in which teams in these communities teams compiled detailed regional maps that identified where families are living, and the health status of family members. These data were used to generate a dashboard with health indicators that could provide alerts from the field when patients were in need of higher-level care.
The Global Grant funds a training program with a curriculum that focuses on cultural competency that respects traditional practices while allowing for active monitoring and response to high-risk situations as they emerge. The training is conducted within the remote communities where comadronas receive instruction in identifying high-risk pregnancies in addition to preventative screening for other communities members, many of whom are affected by chronic conditions like diabetes. The curriculum also includes training in prenatal care, particularly coaching to optimize maternal nutrition, determining fetal presentation, as well as post-partum care that is critical to reduce maternal mortality.
Dr. Rittmeyer is a native of Guatemala. She earned her MD in Guatemala and received a Ph.D. in Nutritional Epidemiology at the University of North Carolina as well as a Master’s in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University.
In 2021, the Rotary Club of Del Mar International Services Committee partnered with Phalarope on this innovative Global Grant through the donation of $2,500 from the club and $2,500 District Designated Funds (DDF).
Reducing Maternal Mortality in Rural Panama: Phalarope's Approach 2022-08-28 07:00:00Z 0

MAEGA Annual Don Lapham Memorial Dinner

The annual MAEGA Don Lapham Dinners will be held at Tony's Jacal, Solana Beach on August 30 and September 6 (both Tuesdays) from 5-8 PM.
Tickets can be purchased at the door. Admission is $25 and include an enchilada-taco combination plate with beans, rice and salad. 
Don Lapham was a Rotary Club of Del Mar charter member who co-founded MAEGA to provide scholarships to academically talented high school students of Mexican descent were not attending college due to financial challenges. MAEGA was also championed by charter member Dr. Dick Wheelock, who served on the MAEGA Board of Directors for two decades.
The Don Lapham Memorial fundraising dinner honors MAEGA’s founding member and raises funds for MAEGA scholarships. Come enjoy some wonderful Mexican food while supporting the academic aspirations of local students.
MAEGA Annual Don Lapham Memorial Dinner 2022-08-28 07:00:00Z 0

Back to the Track

Clockwise from top left: Sharon Schendel with District 5340 Governor Chuck Pretto; Brett Mattei, Bill Dougherty, Bill Rawlings; Sharon Schendel and Dugan Lamoise with Winner's Circle Connie Broge; Sharon Schendel and Dugan Lamoise with Bob Baffert and his winning horse, Peso; Garrie Rhodes with Chris Stewart
Clockwise from top left: Philippe Lamoise, Sharyn Daly and Linda Groom; Don and Donna Fipps; Suzy Wagner, Linda Strangman, Karl Wagner; Eric Nelte and Pat Dougherty; Walt Strangman and Pat Caughey
Spiraling in from top left: The losing ticket pile; Linda Saville with Assistant District Governor Luis Carranza and Dugan Lamoise, Garrie Rhodes celebrates a winning ticket; Jim and Karin Davies; Linda Groom and Linda Saville; the Rotary Race card (Peso was horse 9); Jan and Pete Grossnickle (Pete obviously dreaming about the days' winning- this picture was taken early in the day); Sharon Schendel with Bob Baffert, who walked off with the Maker's Mark, but not the peach roses
Every August club members are treated to a Day at the Races hosted by Del Mar Thoroughbred Club President and CEO (and honorary club member) Joe Harper. We had a fantastic afternoon at Il Palio restaurant high above the track.  This year the Del Mar Rotary Race was first on the card and the winner was Peso, a horse trained by Bob Baffert and ridden by Juan Hernandez. President Sharon Schendel and Past President Dugan Lamoise were in the winner’s circle to present the Maker’s Mark whiskey and flowers (the flowers came back up with us). Winner’s Circle coordinator and Del Mar track fixture Connie Broge has the best job at the track. She gave Dugan and Sharon the inside scoop on some of the claiming races of the day and other things to watch for.  Our collective Pick 5 went down in race 2, but our members still picked some winners for other races.  As always, we thank Bill Dougherty for coordinating the day. Click HERE to see the video of the Rotary Race and watch through the end to see the winner’s circle presentation. 
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Sunset Soirée Planning Committee Meeting TOMORROW!

It’s not only horses that are coming down to the wire, so is the Sunset Soirée!  We’re planning our volunteer roster and need plenty of Rotarian hands to help on the day of the event!  Here’s one way you can help right now:  BUY YOUR TICKETS, and encourage family and friends to join us.  
The next planning committee meeting is at Sharon's house Tuesday August 23, 2022 starting at 5:30 through 6:45ish.  Need Sharon's address?  Check ClubRunner or the reminder email sent August 22.
Can’t make it in person? Zoom is available:
Meeting ID: 845 7134 7525
Passcode: JOINRCDM     
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Back to School Kits

After putting the finishing touches on sleeping cottages, Janice and Matt Kurth were at the San Diego Convention Center August 6, 2022 to help members of Rotary Club of Kearny Mesa to assemble school supply kits. They were part of a 400-volunteer force who made 10,000 back-to-school kits containing a total of $600,000 worth of school supplies. These kits will go to students around San Diego County. The event was organized by, which is based in Oakland, and coordinates the distribution of vital essential goods to under-resourced families throughout California by drawing on a network of over 500 local organizations.
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Buy your Sunset Soirée tickets!

Purchase your tickets for the Sunset Soirée now! All members need to buy two tickets through the website at (couples need to buy a total of two tickets).  Follow the instructions pictured above. Once you buy two tickets, any additional tickets are discounted 25% ($75 each). 
Please invite family and friends to attend this fun event. They can purchase tickets themselves and use your email as the reference code to get the discounted price. Or, you can purchase tickets on your guests’ behalf. If you’re not yet sure who will attend, you can still purchase tickets using “Guest” as the first name and your own name for the last name (for example, Guest Schendel or, for multiple guests, Guest 2 Schendel, Guest 3 Schendel, etc.).  Philippe can input credit cards on your guests’ behalf. 
Any questions or problems?  Email Philippe
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Annual Day at the Races August 18

We’ll gather at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club on Thursday August 18 for our annual Day at the Races event. The $20 fee for lunch and drinks will be billed to your account, but bring a few extra dollars- not only for betting- but to generously tip our hard-working servers.
Look for Bill Dougherty stationed outside the gates beginning around 11:45: He'll give a pass to enter the grounds. The gates open around noon. If you arrive after Bill has packed up his table, go to the Will Call booth and let them know that you're with Rotary Club of Del Mar.
Once you pick up your pass, head to the elevators inside the grandstand and go to Il Palio restaurant, high above the track. Gentlemen- remember to wear a jacket (no denim or shorts) and ladies, well, you’ll know what to wear.  We’re grateful to our generous host and honorary member, Joe Harper, for sponsoring this outing.
Remember:  This is a member's-only event. 
Have questions? Email Bill.
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Board of Directors Meeting on ZOOM Tuesday August 16 Sharon Schendel 2022-08-14 07:00:00Z 0
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New Rescue Boards for Del Mar Lifeguards

Left to right: Vice President and Community Service Co-Chair Toni Mecaro, Club President Sharon Schendel, Brodie Martin (President of the Del Mar Lifeguard Association; (DMLA)), Mark Rathsam (Deputy Chief Lifeguard), and Rick Schwering (Lifeguard and Treasurer of DMLA).   
We recently provided funds for the Del Mar Lifeguards to purchase three new rescue surfboards that will help them keep swimmers and surfers at Del Mar beaches safe. These rescue boards are lightweight and balanced, so they’re easier for the guards to paddle through the surf quickly. The lifeguards use the boards to transport up to six people safely back to shore, or to give distressed swimmers a good surface to hang onto until a rescue boat arrives. The boards’ yellow color makes them easily visible to beachgoers. Deputy Chief Lifeguard Mark Rathsam said that the guards used rescue boards in many of the 700 rescues they’ve made so far this year. We're proud to help add to the repertoire of life-saving equipment for the Del Mar Lifeguards.  Thank you to Brett Mattei for finding the large stickers of the club logo to decorate the boards. 
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A Room of One's Own Part 2

Klaus Gubernator and Steven McDowell returned to continue building a sleeping cottage that was started last week. More members of St. James Mission Circle also returned.  
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Playing the Waves

Musicians with surfing coaches (upper left- Brett Mattei has the hat); Brett's student (upper right) learned quickly after Brett showed in the basics (lower right); This guy might look familiar: he's Val Myer's brother-in-law
Young musicians visiting San Diego for the District 5340 MusiCamp put down their instruments for an afternoon to join members of the Surfers United Fellowship of Rotary to try surfing the waves in Del Mar. Brett Morey of La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary organized the event and our own Brett Mattei was there to coach some of the musicians on surfing basics.  By the end of the afternoon, many had gotten the hang of it and ridden a few waves.  If someone in the crowd looked a bit familiar, that’s Val Myer’s brother-in-law and Brett said that he’s one of the most enthusiastic surfing coaches ever. 
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The Rapid Development of the Antiviral Paxlovid

Dr. Martin Edwards uses a baseball and a mitt to demonstrate binding of a Paxlovid component into the active site of the SARS-CoV-2 protease
Model of the SARS-CoV-2 protease molecule with the Paxlovid molecule (stick diagram, upper right) blocking the active site (photo courtesy Dr. Martin Edwards)
Dr. Martin Edwards joined our July 28, 2022 meeting to tell the story of how Paxlovid, the treatment for COVID-19 was developed so rapidly.  After hearing initial reports from China in January 2020 that a newly-discovered virus could transmit person-to-person, Dr. Edwards thought to himself: “Nearly every person in the world could be infected.”  More than half a billion documented infections later, that thought seems to be coming true.
Dr. Edwards said that Paxlovid was propelled by earlier work done on SARS, a virus that is related to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, but that failed to cause a global pandemic. Both SARS and SARS-CoV-2 make a protein called a protease that can snip apart different virus proteins so they can assemble to make new viruses that can go on to continue infection, or infect others.  Scientists at Pfizer already knew the three-dimensional structure of the SARS protease, and they knew from the SARS-CoV-2 DNA sequence that the SARS-CoV-2 protease would probably have a very similar structure. 
Pfizer scientists determined the structure of SARS-CoV-2 using x-ray crystallography, and then analyzed whether molecules in a library containing millions of different chemicals could nestle into a pocket in the protease called the “active site” and block the protease from snipping apart virus proteins.  Without the protease snipping, there are no new particles, and infection stops.  Dr. Edwards brought a baseball and a glove as an analogy to show how the molecules in Paxlovid fit into the active site pocket.  By December 2021, the FDA granted Paxlovid emergency use authorization, and millions of doses have since been administered.

Interested in learning more about the development of Paxlovid and why you might have heard of people “rebounding” (i.e., testing positive after receiving the drug and testing negative)?  Check out this NPR story, and articles in JAMA Network and Science.
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Event Registration Through Club Website

Many events on the club website will now have a registration button. Please use this feature to sign up! By signing up, event organizers can know who plans to attend. For our service projects in particular, having sign ups can help us better track volunteer hours, which we need to report to Rotary. We can also use this information to highlight to potential members and donors how much time our members devote to the community. 
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Get the ClubRunner App!

Wondering how to get to a member’s home?  What their phone number is?  What events are upcoming?  It’s all in the ClubRunner App. After a quick download from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), you’ll be up and running with all the club information at your fingertips. Note that if an event is held at a member’s home, their address will NOT be posted on our website, so with the ClubRunner app, you can quickly find the address and get directions through your phone.  All information through the App is secure and available ONLY to members. Contact Sharon Schendel if you need help updating your profile.
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Social at Cevasco's

Cevasco’s is one of the newest restaurants in the village of Del Mar and we’re delighted that they’ve signed on to serve at the Sunset Soiree. Happy Hour at Cevasco’s is a true bargain: $3 beers and $5 wine and good selection of tasty items for half price. Great to see so many members there. We had Don and Donna Fipps (and Omeeka, of course!), Steven and Jennifer McDowell, Brett Mattei, Jim Kohn and Sharon Schendel, Matt and Janice Kurth, Linda and Walt Strangman, Karl and Suzy Wagner (who also arranged the social).  Our socials are fun and important ways that we can support the restaurants that support our club.
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Sunset Soirée:  Items Needed!!

The countdown is on!  The Sunset Soiree is Tuesday September 13 starting at 5:30 at the Ocean View Deck of the Del Mar Plaza. We have some auction items, but we need more!  We also need gift cards for the tree and wine for the final $100 offer that was so successful last year.  Bring items to the meeting, or let Event Chair Sharon Schendel know you have something and we can arrange for a hand off.  The Soirée is our main source of revenue. Funds that we earn at the Soiree are critical for us to support our projects and maximize the good that we can do.  
The website will soon be live. Please also think of guests you might like to invite.  
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Book Club Monday July 25: Mountains Beyond Mountains


The Book Club will meet at 6 PM Monday July 25 (that's tomorrow!) at the Kurth's home on Rue de Roark.

We'll discuss Tracy Kidder's "Mountains Beyond Mountains" (find it on Amazon at:

From the Amazon description:  In medical school, Paul Farmer found his life’s calling: to cure infectious diseases and to bring the lifesaving tools of modern medicine to those who need them most. Tracy Kidder’s magnificent account shows how one person can make a difference in solving global health problems through a clear-eyed understanding of the interaction of politics, wealth, social systems, and disease. Profound and powerful, Mountains Beyond Mountains takes us from Harvard to Haiti, Peru, Cuba, and Russia as Farmer changes people’s minds through his dedication to the philosophy that “the only real nation is humanity.”

Sharon Schendel will moderate the discussion. She chose the book believing that Farmer's story echos the Service Above Self mindset of Rotary.

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Social at Cevasco's

Our next social is Tuesday July 26 for Happy Hour at Cevasco's. Join us starting at 4 PM at one of Del Mar's newest restaurants. We're delighted that owners Christophe and Guenevere Cevasco are supporting our Sunset Soirée. 

Enjoy modern Italian cuisine with a focus on seafood and a bit California fusion mixed in. There are lots vegan and vegetarian options.

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Designing Diagnostics for Tropical Diseases

After advancing several drugs to treat cancer, Dr. Marco Biamonte, our speaker for the July 24, 2022 meeting, founded Drugs & Diagnostics for Tropical Diseases (DDTD), a non-profit organization that develops news treatments and diagnostics for diseases that largely affect underserved populations. The goal of DDTD is to eliminate diseases that should belong to the past.
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A Room of One's Own

Marty Peters, Sharon Schendel, Klaus Gubernator, Pat Caughey and Pete Grossnickle take a quick break from work (upper left, l to r);  Pete GrossnickleDee House, and Bob Muller roll paint on one of several cottage wall panels (center); Jan Grossnickle painted a lot of trim pieces (bottom center). The cottages will eventually have a small porch and will offer residents a private space to sleep, work and relax.  
Assembly line of cottage components (top) made for rapid progress on a second cottage. Poodle "Don Quixote" (aka Don) made sure everyone kept on track (and that no Dorito went uneaten). 
We joined with St. James Mission Circle, a social action program of the St. James-St. Leo Catholic Community in Solana Beach that is working with Casas de Luz to build transitional sleeping cottages.
As part of the Peace Village refugee resettlement program, which offers shelter to refugees and asylum seekers, these cottages are a first step for folks on their way to more permanent living situations. Residents typically stay fewer than 120 days. The cottages provide a bed, refrigerator, toaster oven, and heater, and a lockable door. They have no plumbing, but residents have access to communal shower and toilet facilities, as well as on-site laundry. Thank you for Marty Peters for coordinating this opportunity (and for working onsite). 
We had a great turnout. Members Pat Caughey, Jan and Pete Grossnickle, Klaus Gubernator, Dee House and Sharon Schendel, contributed, as did friends and family members Bob Muller and Tim Grossnickle. This project was particularly good because there were plenty of jobs for everyone, regardless of skill level and volunteers were rewarded with drinks and snacks. In addition, it was fun to work beside and meet all the volunteers from the Mission Circle. The project continues July 23 from 8:45AM-4 PM. Come join us to help build a few more cottages to help complete what will eventually be a village of 20.    
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News From the Track

Perennial favorite speaker and Honorary Member Joe Harper, President and CEO of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, stopped by Jimmy O’s for our July 14, 2022 meeting. Opening Day on July 22 is already sold out. In fact, tickets were gone 15 minutes after the sale began on June 13, and the crowd will be held to 22,000 this year. The Thoroughbred Club is coming off hosting its second successful Breeder’s Cup. Despite lower attendance due in part to the pandemic, the handle was high, and exceeded the 2017 value by nearly 10%. When the track does well, so does California: as a non-profit, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club returns its revenues to the state. Off-track betting now dominates with around 90% of the handle coming from bets placed offsite.
Joe said that the meet starts later as track requires preparation after the fair season, but it also ends later, which allows Del Mar to have one week during which it is the sole active track. All Joe Harper talks have a healthy old Hollywood component (his maternal grandfather was Cecil B. DeMille) and told favorite stories about his appearances as an extra in movies like the “The Greatest Show on Earth” and “Ten Commandments” that unfortunately ended up on the cutting room floor.  We thank Joe for his continued support of the club and look forward to our Annual Day at the Races on August 18. 
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Ukrainian Refugee Outreach Event

Amna Sanctuary, led by Executive Director Dr. Rasha Roshdy, organized a one-stop-shop for Ukrainian refugees to access services in the San Diego community. The Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley donated a ballroom where representatives from local agencies including Health and Human Services (HHSA), DMV and San Diego Unified School District helped refugees register for a State ID, enroll in school, and get work permits. Member John Baranowski and his wife Candace Bahr volunteered to help shuttle Olga and her son Lev, who are now living in Oceanside, to the event. Olga told him that the event helped her accomplish in hours what might have taken her months to do on her own. Watch the NBC7 news video to hear an interview with Dr. Roshdy and see scenes from the event. 
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Blood Drive Exceeds Goal

Our blood drive with San Diego Blood Bank on July 7, 2021 was a huge success.  We exceeded the 20-pint goal with 21 pints collected. Del Mar Rotarians and their friends and family comprised the majority of the donors and 5 donors were first-timers with the Blood Bank. We had 11 members donate, and organizer Walt Strangman pulled in his son Mike Strangman, and sister-in-law Carol Poole. The 21 pints we collected can help over 60 individuals in San Diego County. Many thanks to Walt for organizing and being at the Bloodmobile throughout the drive. The next drive will be November 3. Couldn’t make the July 7 drive? You can always schedule an appointment to donate at a location that’s convenient to your home or work.
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Demotion Party for the Wagners

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Scenes from Viewpoint Brewing Company (clockwise from upper left): Overlook of the fair; Karl and Suzy with a delicious cake; the "Spirit of Ecstasy" hood ornament on the Tarkington's 1960 Rolls Royce; enjoying a view drinks before the program begins
Suzy receives her tiara, joining other female past presidents Val Myers, Janice Kurth and Dee House (left) and Karl wears the traditional chapeau of past presidents
Jim Davies (left), District Governor Dan Gensler (center), and Bob Brewer (center) said a few words in praise of the Wagners
Linda Groom received Rookie of the Year honors, and Don Fipps, along with Marty Peters (who couldn't attend) was recognized as Rotarian of the Year
We celebrated the highly successful term of our first co-presidents, Suzy and Karl Wagner, with a Demotion Party at one of their favorite places, Viewpoint Brewing Company.  With a nod to the Wagners’ yacht, “Night Wind”, the party had a nautical theme.  Al and Stevie Tarkington chauffeured Karl and Suzy to the party in their champagne 1960 Rolls Royce. The Wagners’ term was marked by substantial growth in membership, multiple Fridays devoted to beautifying the Del Mar village, and continuation of successful club projects at home and abroad.
Thank you to past-president Dugan Moore Lamoise for organizing the party, Philippe Lamoise for making sure all the speeches were easily heard, Val Myers for the fun table centerpieces (and personalized rum bottles), and Dee House for creating the nametags.  We enjoyed speeches from Jim Davies, former member Bob Brewer, and District Governor Dan Gensler.    
We recognized co-Rotarians of the year–one Past District Governor and one future District Governor–Marty Peters and Don Fipps.  Linda Groom was named our Rookie of the Year.  Congratulations to Suzy and Karl for steering the club to success and now that you’ve finished your term we know that you’ll likely be spending a bit more time sailing on Night Wind!
To download high-resolution versions of these and other pictures, click here. Also check out the story by Dee House and pictures in the Del Mar Times.
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Leadership Changeover at the Governor’s Dinner

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Enjoying the Governor's Dinner (clockwise from upper left):  Bill Rawlings, Linda Groom, Dugan and Philippe Lamoise; plenty of wine to go with dinner; Karl Wagner, Don Fipps, and Suzy Wagner show off our newest banner; Sharon Schendel after swearing in of club presidents
The theme chosen by RI President Jennifer Jones is "Imagine Rotary". Don Fipps received his District Governor Elect pin from Chuck Pretto and thanks from outgoing District Governor Dan Gensler for his service as his Chief of Staff; Lower left: Pat Caughey, Klaus Gubernator and Celia Ramirez (Rotary Club of San Diego Southeast)
The ballroom at the Del Mar Hilton was full of just over 400 District 5340 Rotarians for the 2022 Governor’s Dinner.  Our club fielded two tables to see our own Don Fipps be elevated to District Governor Elect and Sharon Schendel be sworn in as President by the new District Governor Chuck Pretto of Club 33. Co-Presidents Suzy and Karl Wagner topped off a stellar year by accepting the award for best medium-sized club of the district. Philippe Lamoise made sure that everyone could see and hear all the presentations with his A/V expertise. Click here to view/download these and other pictures. 
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Welcome New Members: Jan and Pete Grossnickle

Posted by Sharon Schendel
We are delighted to induct our newest members, Jan and Pete Grossnickle. You might remember Jan from when she visited our club as a speaker who presented on her work with those who are experiencing housing insecurity in San Diego. Click here to link to the story about her presentation. Thank you to the sponsors of the Grossnickles, Karin and Jim Davies
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San Diego Airport Flying to New Heights

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Hampton Brown, Vice President, revenue generation, marketing and innovation for San Diego Airport (SAN), joined our meeting on June 30, 2022 to outline ongoing progress at SAN, particularly work to modernize Terminal 1. These improvements are urgently needed, since Southwest, which uses Terminal 1 gates, services 32% of SAN passengers. In addition, many of Southwest’s flights are within California, and the frequency of these flights is now back to pre-pandemic levels.
International service at SAN is also up by around 27% with options for non-stop travel between SAN and London Heathrow, Munich, Toronto, Montreal, and Tokyo. Hampton said that SAN is actively seeking more non-stop domestic flights, especially a return of flights to Reagan National airport.
Work on Terminal 1 began on November 1, 2021 and the new T1 parking structure is expected to open late 2024. Phase I of construction that will offer new Terminal 1 Gates 1-10 should open in 2025 followed by more new gates in Phase II, scheduled for completion 2027.  The wait will be worth it. The renovations will provide more than 1 million square feet of modern terminal space with an outdoor patio area and better access roads.  Click HERE to take a virtual tour of the new Terminal 1.
As work on Terminal 1 progresses, there will be traffic challenges. Hampton encourages SAN travelers to explore a variety of transit options. In particular, SAN passengers can take the Coaster or Trolley to the Old Town Transit Center, where they can transfer to the free, all-electric shuttle bus, the San Diego Flyer. The Flyer runs every 20 minutes and stops at both terminals.  Click HERE for information about the Flyer, with schedules and an informational video.
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Sunset Soiree Planning Meeting July 5 at 5 PM

Posted by Sharon Schendel
The Sunset Soirée is Tuesday September 15, which is only 90 days away! Join the next planning meeting is July 5 at 5 PM on Zoom (Meeting link:  
The Soirée brings in the bulk of our funds that support our projects. We need EVERY member to contribute in some way. If you would like to be on the planning committee mailing list, please email event chair Sharon Schendel to be added.  
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New Dogtag at Workshop for Warriors

Posted by Sharon Schendel
There's a new dog tag hanging at the Workshop for Warriors (WFW) in recognition of our $5,000 donation. Students at WFW have recently been discharged from the military and work to earn certification in machining and welding. Our gift helps increase the number of students WFW can serve. Click here for the story about our visit to WFW on April 14, 2022. 
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Big Surf and Fast Ducks: Chili & Quackers

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Ducks waiting to be picked up while Dano's Island Sounds (lower left) played. Troop 713 members (center) helped with all aspects of the event while 
Patty Kurtz, Miles Fleming and Philippe Lamoise (lower right) staffed the duck/food/drink sales table
Viewpoint Brewing Company brought some beer and cooked Don Fipps' award-winning IPA chili that topped the chili dogs; Happy Twist Balloons by Keiko was back with a full menu of balloons; Beth Westburg (lower left) took a break from the "What's Rotary?" booth to visit with District 5340 District Governor Dan Gensler (center) as he waits for Garrie Rhodes (center right) to finish dressing her dog served up by Casey Robison (center right). Bob Fuchs (lower right, center) with Mary Savoy (lower right, left; Bob was Mary's sponsor) and her husband, Gene Helsell.   
The Del Mar Lifeguards rescued Clay Sheffrey (bottom, center) and representatives of the Friends of Powerhouse Park sold tiles to raise funds to refurbish the the playground.  Suzy Wagner (lower right) was ready to note the winners of the duck race and we had lots of help (lower left) corralling the ducks when they returned to shore.
Some future lifeguards check out the Zodiac rescue boat; balloon sword duels while Scouts collect ducks. Del Mar Lifeguards displayed rescue equipment, the purchase of which was supported in part by Rotary Club of Del Mar
Karin and Jim Davies spend some time with friends Pete and Jan Grossnickle outside the beer tent; the ducks get tossed in the surf (center left); Marty Peters and Karl Wagner were expert grill masters- Philippe Lamoise stopped by for a chili dog; Lots of beer and wine on offer.
Bob Muller and Dee House stop to say hi to Mary Alice Peters and Nelly (upper left); the moment of release (upper right)
The final Jenga match with Caroline Morin was riveting.  
May Gray was in full force for our Chili & Quackers “friendraiser” on May 21, 2022, but the weather made for a good tide that brought the ducks back to shore within minutes of release. The ducks had been virtual for the past two years, so we were delighted to bring them back in person to Powerhouse Park in Del Mar. Returning to the beach were Dano’s Island Sounds with calypso music, the Del Mar Lifeguards who launched the ducks and demonstrated a rescue of a swimmer in distress who was expertly played this year by Clay Sheffrey. Marty Peters and Karl Wagner kept the supply of hots dogs ready to be topped with Don Fipps’ award-winning IPA chili, which was made by Viewpoint Brewing Company (they also supplied the beer).  District Governor Dan Gensler and his wife, Chris, took time out of their busy schedule to stop by. Special thanks go to Troop 713 members and their parents, who all worked so hard before and after the event. Thanks as well to co-presidents Karl and Suzy Wagner for overseeing the planning, Brett Mattei for getting up early and securing the site, Beth Westburg for leading the “What’s Rotary” information tent, Philippe Lamoise for developing the online site that ensured smooth and secure duck adoption and food pre-purchase; Karin and Jim Davies for organizing the children's activities; Marty Peters, Karl Wagner, Dee House, Casey Robison, and Gregory House for running the food tent; Keith Ward and Jeff Matthews for tending bar; Miles Fleming and Patty Kurtz for handling on-site purchases; Val Myers for day-of oversight and organization; Linda Groom for sheltering the ducks post-race; Linda Saville for spearheading the event layout (and flagging gopher holes); Bill Rawlings for tent transport; Janice Kurth for getting tables and chairs (no small feat given the busy party season); Dugan Lamoise for organizing the Troop 713 volunteers; and Steven McDowell for event breakdown. Last, we thank all the sponsors, donors, and duck adopters! 
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Governor's Dinner - June 30th

Join all your Rotary friends from around the District for the year-end festivities celebrating the accomplishments of our outgoing District Governor Dan Genzler and ring in the new with the exchange of flags for incoming Governor Chuck Pretto.   All new incoming club presidents will be sworn in during this event as well.  Please let Suzy Wagner know if you're going to attend. 
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Rotarian at Work Day, April 30

On April 30, Rotarian at Work Day, the Rotary Club of Del Mar got together to seal new tables and build new bookcases for Nativity Prep Academy.  Nativity Prep is a private-independent, all-scholarship Catholic middle school and college-preparatory program for young men and women from low-income families who represent the first generation to graduate from college. Eleven years of support empowers our students to excel through high school, college, and beyond, becoming role models and leaders in their communities.  It is an honor to support these incredible students and amazing organization
Rotarian at Work Day, April 30 2022-05-01 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary District 5340 Model UN. 2022-05-01 07:00:00Z 0

April Rotarian of the Month - Beth Westburg

Congratulations to Beth Westburg - April Rotarian of the Month
Thank you for all your contributions to the Rotary Club of Del Mar and especially for bringing all the wonderful speakers to our meetings! 
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Annual Chili and Quackers Challenge Saturday, May 21

The Quack is Back!  The Rotary Club of Del Mar Chili & Quackers challenge returns to Del Mar Powerhouse Park
Saturday May 21, 2022 from 12 PM to 4 PM. 

Ducky Derby:  Adopt one duck or multiple ducks to be released by Del Mar Lifeguards as part of a ducky flotilla. The adopters of the ducks that float ashore the fastest will win valuable prizes. 

The event is free to attend- adopting ducks is completely optional. Also enjoy chili dogs, soft drinks, beer and wine, which will all be available for purchase.  For the little duckies, we'll have games and balloon twisting. All proceeds benefit the Rotary Club of Del Mar charitable service projects, both at home and around the world.

For more information, click here




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Workshop for Warriors

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Co-presidents Suzy and Karl Wagner present WFW CFO Rachel Luis y Prado with a donation.
Linda Groom, Marty Peters and Janice Kurth learn about WFW welding projects
Machining Instructor Randall Uerkvitz
Machining students take a break from class for our tour
Fiber laser cutter donated by Amada America
WFW welding shop
Near the General Dynamics NASSCO and BAE Systems shipbuilding and repair sites is a place of transformation: Workshops for Warriors (WFW). Around 200 students annually undertake intensive 4-month training programs in machining or welding at the WFW campus. After earning portable and stackable credentials, WFW students pursue manufacturing careers in their chosen skill. Around 95% of WFW students receive job offers and graduates work at a range of major manufacturers like Ford, General Dynamics, Boeing and SpaceX.
On April 14, 2022, Rotary Club of Del Mar members toured the WFW campus. We were led by Rachel Luis y Prado, WFW CFO and Chief Academic Officer, who is married to the WFW founder and CEO, Hernán Luis y Prado, and also by WFW Director of Operations, Keisha Javis-Jones, who is a Marine Corps veteran.  
WFW began in Hernán’s garage in 2008 and the campus opened in 2011. A Navy veteran, Hernán realized the need for resources to help veterans transition from the military back into civilian life. The need is particularly urgent in San Diego County, which has one of the largest veteran populations in the United States. Of these veterans, around 10% are unemployed or live in poverty. 
Students learn about WFW through word-of-mouth or collaborating partners like Camp Pendleton. Active-duty personnel nearing their End of Active Service Date are eligible to enroll. Accessibility is a key goal of WFW. Students who qualify receive scholarships and living assistance and the accelerated training program means that students can begin earning robust salaries rapidly.
In 2022, WFW will surpass 1,000 graduates who will help fill an emerging gap in the manufacturing sector: skilled machinists and welders are retiring and the demand for skilled workers to fill these positions is high. WFW is undertaking a capital campaign that will substantially expand the campus and allow more students to enroll.
Rotary Club of Del Mar is proud to donate $4,600 to help more WFW students earn skills and credentials they need and to ensure that veterans transition from the military to high-paying, in-demand jobs. 
Workshop for Warriors Sharon Schendel 2022-04-17 07:00:00Z 0

Recognition for Polio Contributions

Rotary is an international community that brings together leaders who step up to take on the world’s toughest challenges, locally and globally. The eradication of polio is one of our longest standing and most significant efforts. Along with our partners, we have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. We have reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent worldwide and we won't stop until we end the disease for good.
At our March 24th meeting, former District 5340 Governor Steve Weitzen awarded the Rotary Club of Del Mar a Certificate of Recognition for exceeding our fundraising goal to end polio.
Thank you to all who contributed!
Recognition for Polio Contributions 2022-03-27 07:00:00Z 0

Solterra Social March 15

On March 15, several Del Mar Rotarians met to show off their winemaking skills in a fun evening of competition and wine tasting at Solterra Winery. Outfitted with the necessary tools and a brief tutorial, we got into groups of 4 and 5 and experimented with finding a blend of wine that best suited our palate! Owner and Winemaker Chris Van Alyea did the judging and the team lead by Sharon Schendel came in first place with a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc.              
Solterra Social March 15 2022-03-27 07:00:00Z 0

La Colonia Gets a New Ramp!

Nearing completion (L to R) Karl Wagner, Pat Dougherty, Bill Rawlings, Matt Kurth, Suzy Wagner, Walt Strangman, Klaus Gubernator, Janice Kurth, Bob Fuchs, Dee House, Sharon Schendel
Kathy Reed sanding the railings smooth
Tandem painting by Matt Kurth and Karl Wagner
Our members met at the La Colonia Branch of the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito in the Eden Gardens neighborhood of Solana Beach to refurbish the access ramp to Casita de Gloria. Members installed new handrails and a fresh coat of paint to provide a pleasing pathway to the Casita, which houses mentoring programs and other club activities. Outside the casita, El Jardin de los Ninos provides hands-on experiences in organic gardening. Casita de Gloria was named to honor Gloria Castellanos, who spearheaded the La Colonia branch, and currently serves as the La Colonia clubhouse manager.
La Colonia Gets a New Ramp! 2022-03-27 07:00:00Z 0


There has been an outpouring of concern on how we can help the citizens of Ukraine who are experiencing tremendous suffering and loss with thousands of women and children fleeing the country.   My classmate, District Governor Dana Moldovan from District 5240 (California Central Coast) is originally from Romania.  In her conversations with our fellow Rotarians in Romania she said, “Refugees are arriving in Romania with almost nothing, some are just walking over the border.  Most refugees are women and children as the men are staying behind to defend their country. It is still winter and yesterday it snowed again at the border.”  Of course, we’re all seeing the disturbing images on the news and naturally wondering how we can help. 
We have coordinated with District Governor Adrian Luca & District Governor Elect Florin Marginean from Romania Rotary District 2241 to provide support for the refugees.  Contributions will be used for food, clothing and shelter for the women and children refugees. 
If you wish to help, please make your checks payable to:
Rotary District 5340
Write: “UKRAINIAN REFUGEES” in the memo line. 
Mail check to:   Rotary District 5340   5052 Clairemont Drive #178651   San Diego, CA 92117

 Use the Donate Now Button to donate using your credit card.

Thank you for your generosity!
District 5340 Governor, Dan Gensler


Don't miss this chance to hang out with your Rotarian friends from all over the District!
Padres vs. Reds
Tuesday, April 19, 2022 | Game Starts 6:40 PM
Seats located in left field at "The Point"
Game Ticket: $35.00
ROTARY NIGHT AT THE PADRES - April 19 2022-03-27 07:00:00Z 0

February Rotarian of the Month - Donna Fipps

Our February Rotarian of the Month is recognized for always being willing to help. She's been our Secretary for the past 5 years, keeping everyone up to date with all things Rotary Club of Del Mar, and she's been a constant volunteer for all of our most recent projects. Donna, we are so grateful for you! Thank you for all you do for Rotary and our club!
February Rotarian of the Month - Donna Fipps 2022-02-20 08:00:00Z 0
Donna Fipps Recognized with a Paul Harris Society Certificate 2022-02-20 08:00:00Z 0

Did You Know? Fun Facts about the Rotary Club of Del Mar

Did You Know?
The Rotary Club of Del Mar has been meeting in various location all over Del Mar since 1954:
1954-1955 Firepit, South end of Solana Beach
1955-1956 Hotel Del Mar(L’Auberge)
1956-1959 La Tienda (El Fuego)
1960-1961 Knight’s Room (Poseidon)
1961-1968 Namara Inn (Terraces Apts)
1969-1970 Firepit, Whispering Palms, Torrey Pines Inn, and Jolly Ox
1971-1993 Whispering Palms Country Club (Morgan Run Country Club),
1993-1995 Del Mar Hilton
1995-2001 Arena Room, Del Mar Fairgrounds
2001-2021 St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
2021-2022 Jimmy O’s
Bring your family and friends and come join us at our latest spot, Jimmy O's, at noon on Thursdays!
Did You Know? Fun Facts about the Rotary Club of Del Mar 2022-02-20 08:00:00Z 0

January Rotarian of the Month - Bill Rawlings

The Rotary Club of Del Mar is thrilled to announce Bill Rawlings as the January Rotarian of the Month!
Bill is a past president sitting on the Board 2022-2023. He organized the Del Mar Beautification Bench Refurbishment Project that was just recently acknowledged at a Del Mar City Council meeting! Bill built Christmas decorations for the Rotary clock and recently installed the education bird sign on the San Dieguito Riverwalk.
Thank you Bill for all you do for the Rotary Club of Del Mar and the community!
January Rotarian of the Month - Bill Rawlings 2022-02-12 08:00:00Z 0

Del Mar Riverwalk Gets a New Bird Sign

As part of the Rotary Club of Del Mar's city beautification efforts, the community service committee recently purchased a new bird sign to replace the old unreadable sign found on the Riverwalk.
Del Mar Riverwalk Gets a New Bird Sign 2022-02-12 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary International Convention

We are pleased to confirm that the 2022 Rotary International Convention will be an in-person event in Houston, Texas on June 4-8, 2022.
We are offering a special registration rate of $495 through 28 February.  Click here to take advantage of this offer.  
All Rotary International convention and preconvention participants must either be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 OR provide a negative result from a COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival at the convention.  

Check for updates as we continue to determine what safety protocols are necessary, based on the current recommendations for safe gatherings from the CDC.  We will see you in Houston! 
Rotary International Convention 2022-02-12 08:00:00Z 0

District Training Assembly - March 19

Held only once a year the District Training Assembly (DTA) offers training on a variety of subjects to Rotarians, including club officers, directors and committee chairs to help them be effective club leaders.  ALL Rotarians - especially Red Badgers - are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Come learn about Rotary programs, tips on program and project management and best practices from other Rotarians.  DTA is also a great opportunity to meet and connect with Rotarians outside your club.  Register on the District website or use the link below.  Classes fill up quickly, so don't miss out, register today!
Two members of any club planning to apply for a District Grant MUST register to attend the District Grants Seminar, immediately following DTA.  The Global Grants Seminar will be held from 12:10 to 1:30 PM.  
District Training Assembly - March 19 2022-02-12 08:00:00Z 0

Rotarians at Work Day - April 30th

Rotarians At Work Day takes place the last Saturday of every April. Started in 2006 as a joint effort between two Rotary Districts (one in the United States and one in Mexico), Rotarians at Work Day continues to grow. Each year, Rotary clubs around the world identify hands-on projects that all members can participate in to help their local community.
The Rotary Club of Del Mar is happy to announce that this Rotarians at Work Day, April 30th, we will be supporting Nativity Prep in along with the Rotaract Clubs of Torrey Pines High School, Cathedral Catholic, and Sunset High School with a work project on their campus.
The mission of this inner-city school is to provide a uniquely effective, integrated program of academic preparation, graduate support, and mutual long-term commitment that achieves nationally recognized excellence in terms of college graduation rates for their students. Nativity Prep develops their students and their families ability to live a life of opportunity, choice, and service.
Rotary members
Rotarians at Work Day - April 30th 2022-02-12 08:00:00Z 0

Del Mar Bench Refurbishment 

After completing the refurbishment of the benches in Del Mar so beautifully, the community service team was asked to also refurbish the tables, chairs, and benches at City Hall. The City of Del Mar recognized all who participated during their February 7th meeting
Del Mar Bench Refurbishment 2022-01-17 08:00:00Z 0

Community Service Grants At Work

The Rotary Club of Del Mar proudly supports the Del Mar Lifeguards. Part of this year's grant went towards the purchase of the pictured EMT kits. To date two lifeguards have been able to complete EMT training, and more are scheduled. They are also available to Del Mar Firefighters.
Huge thanks to the Del Mar Lifeguards for all they do to keep everyone safe! It is our honor to support you!
Community Service Grants At Work 2022-01-17 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Del Mar Holiday Party

We had a blustery night for our annual Christmas party, but these days a bit of breeze is healthy. So great to have so many members there–new, old, and some old friends who returned to visit (Blakely Johnson!). Thank you to Viewpoint Brewing Company for the wonderful food and great venue.
   May be an image of 2 people and indoorMay be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoorMay be an image of 7 people, people standing and indoorMay be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoorMay be an image of 2 peopleMay be an image of 5 people, people standing and indoorMay be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoorMay be an image of 2 people, people standing and indoorMay be an image of 1 person and standing
May be an image of 1 person, standing and indoorMay be an image of 2 people and indoorMay be an image of 3 people, people sitting, people standing and indoor
Rotary Club of Del Mar Holiday Party 2021-12-19 08:00:00Z 0

Holiday Message from DG Dan Gensler

Happy Holidays!  As we approach the end of the year it’s a great time to reflect on what we have and to be grateful for all the good we have done as Rotarians during this first half of our Rotary year.  We have distributed funds for 70 District Grants and have 10 Global Grants in the works.  150 Rotarians from 27 clubs built seven houses in Tecate, Mexico and as Rotarians we have supported and engaged our community like no other organization.
Your gifts to the Rotary Foundation are more than donations. They bring peace, health, literacy and opportunity to people in need. Your dedication to helping people through service and your generous support of The Rotary Foundation makes all this possible. I wish you peace for the coming holiday season and happiness in the coming year.  Thank you for all you do for our communities near and far!
Yours in Service,
Dan Gensler
If you would like to make a donation to the Rotary Foundation, the easiest way to donate is online through your My Rotary account- -- Be sure to check "Annual Fund--SHARE" for the donation.  For tax purposes, donations to the Rotary Foundation must be made before December 31--including received by mail by December 31.  
Holiday Message from DG Dan Gensler 2021-12-19 08:00:00Z 0

San Dieguito River Park Clean Up

December 4 was a busy day for the Rotary Club of Del Mar! Not only were we supporting Project Mercy building houses in Tecate, several of our members spent the day taking care of the San Dieguito River Park.
  May be an image of 8 people, people standing and outdoors
San Dieguito River Park Clean Up 2021-12-17 08:00:00Z 0

La Colonia Christmas Party

The Rotary Club of Del Mar just held its annual Christmas party for the Boys & Girls Club of San Dieguito, La Colonia with food and fun. It's still a little different because of Covid-19, but fun was had by everyone involved, especially the kids!
La Colonia Christmas Party 2021-12-17 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary and Project Mercy House Building Project in Mexico

On December 4th, the Rotary Club of Del Mar with approximately 140 others from District 5340 traveled to Tecate, Mexico to build 7 homes for families in need.  The project was in conjunction with Project Mercy a 501-C (3) non-profit agency based in San Diego, California. The goal of Project Mercy is the improvement of basic living standards and quality of life for impoverished families who live in conditions precarious to their health in the shantytowns of the colonias east of Tijuana, Mexico. It was an incredible day of service and fellowship.  For those who wanted to stay overnight, their hard work was rewarded with a fabulous dinner.  
May be an image of 6 people, people standing and outdoors  May be an image of 6 people, people standing and outdoors 
Rotary and Project Mercy House Building Project in Mexico 2021-12-07 08:00:00Z 0

Rose Naigino - Rotary Global Scholar

The Rotary Foundation provides scholarships to graduate students who have demonstrated long-term commitment to certain areas of focus such as peace-building and conflict prevention, disease prevention and treatment, water sanitation and hygiene, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, community economic development, and a focus on environmental health. 
In June 2021, Rose Naigino received the Global Grant Rotary Scholarship intended to cover SDSU mandatory campus fees, living expenses, housing, health insurance, and travel expenses during the period of Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters.
Rose is a second year, Joint Doctoral Public Health student majoring in Global Health at San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego (UCSD). She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Kyambogo University, Kampala-Uganda and her Master of Health Services Research (MHSR) from Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda. Shortly after, Rose was absorbed into the Makerere University’s Public Health Department to manage the implementation of several research projects on behalf of the faculty. She then decided to complete a short postgraduate diploma in project planning and management to support the work that she did for the University.
If you missed our Rotary Global Scholar Rose Naigino speaking at our November 18th meeting, you can read all about her work, experience here and the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship here:
Rose Naigino leaning on an office desk
Rose Naigino - Rotary Global Scholar 2021-11-28 08:00:00Z 0

Oyster Shucking Party!

On November 11, the Rotary Club of Del Mar visited the Carlsbad Aquafarm where we learned how our aquafarm protects the natural ecosystem and enjoyed a unique farm tour and fresh oyster tasting experience!


Oyster Shucking Party! 2021-11-28 08:00:00Z 0

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday happens once a year, but your gift of Rotary will make a difference for a lifetime. This Giving Tuesday, consider making a special gift to The Rotary Foundation and together we can continue Doing Good in the World. 
Giving Tuesday 2021-11-28 08:00:00Z 0

Welcome Pat Caughey

The rotary Club of Del Mar is pleased to introduce our newest member Pat Caughey!  Welcome Pat! Thank you for moving over to our club!
Welcome Pat Caughey 2021-11-28 08:00:00Z 0


Registration is now open for the 2022 Rotary International Convention in Houston, Texas. Join us next year to explore what’s possible in Rotary, in Houston, and in yourself.  
Whether you’re new to Rotary or a longtime member, it will be an unforgettable experience. Learn more at 
Register and pay by June 16, 2021 to take advantage of the promotional rate of $425. Don’t miss your chance to Discover New Horizons at the 2022 Rotary International Convention!

Don Fipps Selected to Serve as District Governor 2024-2025

The Rotary Club of Del Mar is thrilled to announce that our very own DON FIPPS has been selected to serve as District Governor during the Rotary year 2024-25!!
In accordance with the provisions of Rotary International Bylaws Article 12, Rotary District 5340 created a Nominating Committee to review and interview candidates. This year's Committee included eight past, current, and future District Governors. and was chaired by Immediate Past District Governor Steven Weitzen.
Currently, Don is the Assistant Governor for Area 3 - Carlsbad Hi Noon, Carlsbad Evening, Tri City and San Marcos. He is also serving as Governor-Elect Dan Gensler’s chief aide. You may be familiar with Don as the man behind all the District Zoom meetings. Yes, Don is the brains behind the operations that brings us the Membership seminars, Foundation seminar, District Training Assembly and the monthly guest speaker program.
Join us in congratulating Don for this well deserved, hard earned honor!
Don Fipps Selected to Serve as District Governor 2024-2025 2021-10-31 07:00:00Z 0

Congratulations Bill Rawlings - Paul Harris +8

Donors of US$1,000 or more to the Rotary Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, or the Humanitarian Grants program, or people who have that amount contributed in their name, are recognized as Paul Harris Fellows. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate and a pin.
On October 21, 2021, the Rotary Club of Del Mar recognized and congratulations BILL Rawlings, a Paul Harris + 8!!
Congratulations Bill Rawlings - Paul Harris +8 2021-10-24 07:00:00Z 0

October Rotarians of the Month - Philippe and Dugan Lamoise

This month we recognize a Dynamic Duo, Philippe and Dugan Lamoise as October Rotarians of the Month.  The contributions are numerous, but we recognize them for their leadership in putting together the most successful Sunset Soiree  yet!
October Rotarians of the Month - Philippe and Dugan Lamoise  2021-10-24 07:00:00Z 0

Welcome Tian Wang!

Welcome Tian Wang!  Our newest Club member!  We are so happy to have you!
Welcome Tian Wang! 2021-10-24 07:00:00Z 0

Congratulations to Major Donor Don and Donna Fipps!

Generous contributions to The Rotary Foundation are essential to securing and growing Rotary programs throughout the world. Donors are recognized to express Rotary's gratitude for the commitment, offering individual and club recognition as well as naming opportunities that enable a donor to honor a friend or family member with a named or endowed gift.
When cumulative donations reach $10,000, Major Donors receive a crystal recognition piece and a Major Donor lapel pin or pendant. 
At the Rotary Club of Del Mar's meeting October 21, our very own Don and Donna Fipps received this recognition and were presented this award by District Governor Dan Gensler.  
Beijing Rotary in 2020 (part 2) - Stuck in Beijing since 1980
Congratulations to Major Donor Don and Donna Fipps! 2021-10-24 07:00:00Z 0


District 5340's Foundation Committee will be hosting a TRF (The Rotary Foundation) training session on November 15, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. via Zoom 
Donating to Rotary means clean water and sanitation. Health and hope in areas that were once ravaged by diseases like polio. Economic development and new opportunities. Your financial help makes all this happen, and more. 
This training session is especially important for club presidents, AGs and Foundation chairs,.  Its an opportunity to learn about all the giving options Rotarians can  participate in and how important donations are to the success of Rotary International and our local District and Rotary clubs.    You won't to miss it.  
TRF TRAINING SESSION NOVEMBER 15 2021-10-24 07:00:00Z 0

September Rotarian of the Month

If you attended the spectacular Sunset Soiree this year, you noticed all of the wonderful basket arrangements for the live and silent auctions.  For over a month, these baskets were created and stored all over the home of our Rotarian of the Month.  This is just one of the many reasons we recognize VAL MYERS as Rotarian of the month.  Val, your contributions to our club are so very appreciated!  Thank you!
September Rotarian of the Month 2021-10-18 07:00:00Z 0

Supply Drive for Afghan Families Coming to San Diego

The Community Service Team recently held a supply drive for the Alliance for African Assistance who is supporting 500+ Afghan families coming to San Diego. We dropped off piles of critically needed supplies and $1500 in cash! Thank you to everyone who made a donation! Stay tuned for future opportunities to lend a hand!
Supply Drive for Afghan Families Coming to San Diego 2021-10-18 07:00:00Z 0

17th Annual Sunset Soiree was a HUGE Success

On October 5, the Rotary Club of Del Mar held its 17th annual Sunset Soiree. The proceeds from this incredible FUNdraiser support the Club’s charitable activities in the local communities and underserved nations around the world.
If you didn't get a chance to attend this year, be sure not to miss us in 2022!
May be an image of 2 people and outdoors May be an image of 1 person and outdoors May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors    
17th Annual Sunset Soiree was a HUGE Success 2021-10-09 07:00:00Z 0

It's The Night We've All Been Waiting For! The Sunset Soiree is Next Week!



Tuesday October 5, 2021, 5:30 to 8:30 pm



Del Mar Plaza, 1555 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014


Del Mar Rotary Annual Fundraiser Event

Food Tasting: local restaurants showcase their specialties.

Wine and Beer Tasting: local wineries and local breweries offer tastings of their wines and beers.

Silent and Live Auction: over 50 fantastic auction items of a great variety.

More: Live Entertainment, Great Fellowship!


Must be 21 or older to attend


Tickets are $75 each
Discounted tickets at $50 after you purchase the first 2 tickets at $75.
Food, Wine and Beer tastings at no additional cost inside the event.


Proceeds support the Rotary Club of Del Mar's charitable activities in the local community and schools, and underserved nations around the world.

It's The Night We've All Been Waiting For! The Sunset Soiree is Next Week! 2021-09-26 07:00:00Z 0

Del Mar Beautification Continues!

After wowing the city with the refurbishment of 2 benches at the Public Works location, the Rotary Club of Del Mar has been enlisted to continue the effort refurbishing the benches on the streets of Del Mar.  On Friday, September 24 Karl Wagner, Bill Rawlings, and Walt Strangman met to work on the bench in front of Durante's Menswear.   
Shown here is Stacey Railey, proprietor of Durante's Menswear and Durante's newly opened Women's Shop admiring the work of Walt Strangeman, second from left, Bill Rawlings and Karl Wagner.
Strolling by, on the left is local resident, Steve Lewandowski who will be the auctioneer at the upcoming Rotary Club of Del Mar Sunset Soiree. 
Del Mar Beautification Continues! 2021-09-26 07:00:00Z 0


Anti-Human Trafficking Volunteer Efforts – Sign Up!
Your District 5340 AHT Taskforce has some great volunteer opportunities for you and your club to participate. Reach out to Dave Oates at to sign up! Space is limited:
October 9 – 8:30am – Noon – Refuge for Women landscape/clean-up work. This will be our first visit to this North County location between near the I-15/CA 78 intersection. We’ll conduct similar work that we’ve done for GenerateHope for the same purpose. There are 25 openings, so be sure to sign up ASAP!
Home Construction in Tecate
On December 4, District Rotarians will meet in Mexico to build homes for deserving families.  The Rotary Club of Del Mar is currently working on funding a home and providing volunteers for the construction.  Stay tuned for more details!

World Polio Day is October 24

As World Polio Day approaches, the Rotary community is getting ready to amplify our message about eradicating polio to protect the world’s children from this devastating disease.
Together, we’ve made tremendous progress. Now it’s time to intensify our fight to make polio the second human disease ever to be eradicated. Last year, the World Health Organization’s African region was certified free of wild poliovirus, showing that eradication is possible even in very difficult circumstances. The wild poliovirus remains endemic in just two countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan. We can use World Polio Day to advocate for the support we need to end polio in countries where it still paralyzes children.
Inspire action

Take action for World Polio Day by promoting the importance of polio eradication, raising funds, and planning events. Let’s engage our communities in the fight against polio — because as long as polio exists anywhere, it remains a threat everywhere.
Use the World Polio Day Toolkit to find resources and tips for planning activities and promoting a polio-free world. Inspire others to join us by hosting virtual and community events, creating fundraisers, and sharing posts on social media.
Register your club’s participation in World Polio Day to show how Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs around the world are taking action to eradicate polio. If you register your events, fundraisers, and promotions by 14 October, you’ll get early access to a download of Rotary’s World Polio Day Global Update one week before the program will be shown on 24 October on Rotary’s Facebook page and
Use Raise for Rotary to start an online fundraiser to benefit The Rotary Foundation’s PolioPlus Fund for World Polio Day. Then, share it with your network! The top Raise for Rotary World Polio Day 2021 fundraisers will be featured on My Rotary.
World Polio Day is October 24 2021-09-26 07:00:00Z 0

Del Mar Bench Refurbishment Project

It’s happening! 
It’s been a long process, over a year in the making!  We’ve just received approval from the Del Mar Village Association and the City of Del Mar to refurbish the ageing benches on the beautiful streets of Del Mar.  Thanks to the generous donation of Jim Watkins earmarked for beautification projects like this and the elbow grease of our very own Karl Wagner, Bill Rawlings, and Walt Strangman, we’re on the way.  As you can see from the photos, the benches were in desperate need of their care.  They sanded, brushed, cleaned, and then oiled these benches back to their original beauty.  And we have quite a few more to do! 
Del Mar Bench Refurbishment Project 2021-09-08 07:00:00Z 0
August Rotarian of the Month 2021-09-04 07:00:00Z 0

Del Mar Rotary Delivers the Peanut Butter

In a normal year, the San Diego Food Bank serves about 10% of San Diego residents who are in need of food supplies. Before Covid, the Food Bank served about 300,000 people a month. Since Covid, the level of families who are food insecure and in need has increased dramatically, and the Food Bank now serves about 600,000 people monthly through its various partnerships with community groups.
When the Rotary Club of Del Mar asked what the Food Bank needed besides money, food bank officials responded with a request for peanut butter. Peanut butter is typically only sold in prepackaged jars and is considered too expensive for the Food Bank to purchase. Yet peanut butter is a good source of nutrition and very popular with area families.
Under the leadership of Rotary’s co-presidents, Suzy and Karl Wagner, and spearheaded by member Scott MacDonald, the Club mounted a campaign to raise funds and procure peanut butter for the Food Bank. As a result, one pallet of 18 oz jars of peanut butter or 1,620 jars was acquired by the Club and delivered to the Food Bank August 17.
May be an image of 5 people, people standing and indoor
Del Mar Rotary Delivers the Peanut Butter 2021-09-04 07:00:00Z 0

Reminder - Register for the Sunset Soiree

Reminder: Rotary Club members need to register for Member Tickets if you plan to attend the Del Mar Rotary Sunset Soirée on October 5, 2021. You will be billed for these tickets through your Rotary account, but YOU STILL NEED TO REGISTER FOR TICKETS. This tells us if you are going to attend the event, and also gives you an opportunity to let us know if you gave your tickets away to someone else. 

If you haven't yet registered, you received an email with instructions.  Click on your personal link in that email and you will be taken to the checkout page where you will be able to give the names of people who are going to attend the event, whether it is you or someone else. You will not be charged for this transaction.
Please register as soon as possible so that we can have a better count for the event. Once you have registered for your member tickets (no charge), you will be able to order more tickets at $50.00 each if you want to pay for someone else to attend the event.
If you want some guests to pay for their own tickets, but still get the $50.00 discounted rate, you can ask them to register on their own for tickets at and enter your email address in the "Referral Code" on the checkout page. Once they submit this information the price of the tickets will be adjusted on the payment page.
Activities Supported: Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, Community Resource Center, End Polio Now,  Interact Service Clubs at Torrey Pines, Sunset and Cathedral Catholic High Schools, Leadership, Ethics and Determination training for 8 grade students, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Model UN, Nativity Preparatory Academy, San Diego Blood Bank, Support of medical training in Ethiopia; Youth and Women Empowerment in Burundi, medical clinics and a school in India; communities in Uganda, Kenya and Chechnya, Boys Scouts and local sports teams, Torrey Pines High School Robotics Club, and College Scholarships for local high school graduates.
Reminder - Register for the Sunset Soiree 2021-08-29 07:00:00Z 0

District Conference September 10-12

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to network with other district Rotarians and see fabulous speakers like our very own Dugan and Philippe Lamois

District Conference September 10-12 2021-08-29 07:00:00Z 0

District 5340 End Polio Now Auction

Don't miss your chance to bid on fabulous items in the District 5340 END POLIO NOW AUCTION at the District Conference coming up September 10-12!
Click here for auction details 
Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 35 years. Rotary International is a founding partner of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, which also includes the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and countries throughout the world. Together, we've reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent since Rotary’s first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979.  Today, Polio is endemic in two countries:  Afghanistan and Pakistan. 
This year, the Wine Tasting and Auction kicks off the District 5340 Conference.  Here’s your chance to help cancel Polio worldwide and have fun with your Rotary colleagues by participating in our District 5340 Auction and Winetasting fundraising event!
LIVE Auction items will be auctioned “LIVE” at the End Polio Event, Friday, September 10th.  We have posted the Live Auction Items on this Site for you to VIEW.  Silent Auction Items are organized into “Categories”, or you can see all of the items by clicking “All Items”.
After the Silent Auction is closed (Monday, September 13th at 8:00 pm PST), you will need to go back into your account and a detailed statement will be available for your review.  You must authorize payment for your items against the credit card you provided.  Charges will not be processed against your credit card without your authorization.  Once payment has been received, some items will be emailed to you with the contact information and some items will be mailed (gift certificates).  For larger items, you will be provided with the contact information for the donor and can arrange pick-up of your item from them.
Taxes and processing fees will be charged to the winning bidder.
It is best to use a computer or tablet to view and bid; this website is not optimized for viewing on a smartphone.
District 5340 End Polio Now Auction 2021-08-29 07:00:00Z 0

Day at the Races

On August 19, the Rotary Club of Del Mar was treated to a fabulous day at the races! This was a member only event - don't let your friends and family miss the next one, have them join our club today!
Day at the Races 2021-08-24 07:00:00Z 0

Nominations for District Governor Now Open

Nominations for District 5340 Governor 2024 - 2025 are due no later than October 10, 2021.  Please submit nomination documents (BallotGuidelinesTimeline), to the District mailing address provided below:

Rotary District 5340
5052 Clairemont Drive #178651
San Diego, CA 92117
Interviews for District Governor 2024 - 2025 are Saturday, October 23, 2021, beginning at 9 am.
Nominations for District Governor Now Open 2021-08-01 07:00:00Z 0

The LEAD Conference Is Back 

It has been a long, frustrating year and a half for everyone who loves to serve our young people. Come join in the fun as the LEAD Conference restarts the District’s in-person youth programs!
Rotarians and Rotaractors are invited to be Advisors at District 5340's LEAD (Leadership, Ethics, Aspirations & Determination) Conference. Best of all – there is no charge to Rotarians, Rotaractors, or to their clubs for serving as LEAD Advisors!
LEAD is a two-day weekend leadership camp for 8th grade students where Delegates discuss issues of ethical responsibility, improve leadership and communication skills, develop a positive outlook on service and life, and have fun with new friends. Delegates will originate from  middle schools throughout our District. 
We need 12+ Advisors to work with these wonderful young people. We provide an orientation for working with the students and guidance for meeting the District’s Youth Certification requirements.
Please go to the LEAD website,, click on the Advisors link, and follow the instructions to complete the application. You may call Paul Pierce at 760-942-9911, or email him at if you have questions. 
The LEAD Conference Is Back 2021-08-01 07:00:00Z 0

August is Membership Month

August is membership month! Rotary clubs are known for the high-impact service projects they undertake locally and globally. To help drive membership, ahare stories about your service projects and how they improve lives on all your social media platforms using the hashtag #WeAreRotary
August is Membership Month 2021-08-01 07:00:00Z 0
Congratulations Dee House! Our Rotarian of the Month 2021-07-30 07:00:00Z 0
Welcome (back) Our Newest Members 2021-07-30 07:00:00Z 0

Day at the Races - August 19

On August 19th, the Rotary Club of Del Mar is being treated to a day at the races!
This will be an amazing event with fantastic food, drinks, and friends! You'll find us right at the finish line.
This is a member only event. Don't worry about the FOMO, join our club! Not only are there numerous opportunities to serve, we have a lot of fun too!
Day at the Races - August 19 2021-07-18 07:00:00Z 0
New Presidents Suzy and Karl Wagner Sworn In 2021-07-18 07:00:00Z 0

Governor's Dinner

The Governor's Dinner, an annual event to celebrate accomplishments, present awards, and induct new leadership, was held June 28 at the Hilton San Diego Del Mar.  This year, District Governor Steven Weitzen also passed the baton to incoming District Governor Dan Gensler. 
Pictured below is Dugan Lamoise being recognized as the Rotary Club of Del Mar President, and Suzy and Karl Wagner being sworn in as our next Co-Presidents.  
Governor's Dinner 2021-06-29 07:00:00Z 0

Rotarian of the Month - Matt Kurth

Congratulations to Matt Kurth, recognized for his significant contributions to the Rotary Club of Del Mar and the community!  Thank you for all you do Matt!
Rotarian of the Month - Matt Kurth 2021-06-29 07:00:00Z 0

Chili and Quackers Success!

The Rotary Club of Del Mar’s June 7 ‘Ducky Derby’ component of the annual Chili & Quacker fundraiser at Viewpoint Brewing Company in Del Mar generated over $10,000 for area beneficiaries including the Del Mar Lifeguard Association (DMLA), Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, and the Del Mar Rotary Foundation Trust. 
On June 22, Chili & Quacker Chair Matt Kurth and Rotary Club President Dugan Lamoise presented proceeds from the Ducky Derby’s Lifeguard race to rescue diver and DMLA representative Amara Dumas.   Proceeds from the Derby’s Boys and Girls Clubs race will partially underwrite the Rotary Club of Del Mar’s yearly contribution for craft-making activities, presents and dinner for hundreds of children and their families during Santa Claus and His Elves’ December visit to the La Colonia Branch of the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito.  The event also generated over $7,000 for Rotary-funded grant and scholarship programs in Del Mar and the region.
Chili and Quackers Success! 2021-06-27 07:00:00Z 0

End of Year Recognition

President Dugan, during her demotion celebration, thanked everyone for a great year and followed with club recognition for these individuals who have made great contributions to their club and community:
Philippe Lamoise – AV Skills and Tech Wizardry
Don Fipps – Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Toni Mecaro – Rookie of the Year
End of Year Recognition 2021-06-27 07:00:00Z 0

San Dieguito River Park Service Project

On Saturday, June 26, members of the Rotary Club of Del Mar met for a service project at San Dieguito River Park. They spent the morning removing non-native plants so that native species can thrive
San Dieguito River Park Service Project 2021-06-27 07:00:00Z 0

Dugan Lamoise Demotion Party

As this Rotary Club Year comes to an end, we say good-bye to our G.O.A.T, President Dugan Lamoise. 
May be an image of 3 people and people standing 
Thank you, Dugan, for all you've contributed to the Rotary Club of Del Mar in the most challenging of times. You really are the Greatest Of All Time!
Dugan's demotion party was held June 19 at the Kurth's,  If you missed the festivities, you can watch them here:
Dugan Lamoise Demotion Party 2021-06-25 07:00:00Z 0
2020-2021 Rotarian of the Year - Brett Mattei 2021-06-25 07:00:00Z 0
Welcome Linda Groom 2021-06-25 07:00:00Z 0

Del Mar Vaccine Super Site Volunteering

Rotary clubs around the world have been mobilizing in their communities to support the introduction and delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations. Rotary has decades of experience in supporting the distribution of polio vaccines as well as highlighting their power and efficacy, which is a critical reason why polio is on the brink of eradication today!
The Rotary Club of Del Mar organized volunteers for the Del Mar vaccination super site and with other area clubs contributed 750 hours of support to immunize San Diegans!
Del Mar Vaccine Super Site Volunteering 2021-06-25 07:00:00Z 0

9th Annual Chili and Quackers

ICYMI - The 9th Annual Chili and Quackers and the 2nd held at Viewpoint Brewery was Monday June 8th! It was an incredible time and a huge success raising money for 3 very worthy organizations - the Rotary Club of Del Mar, The Del Mar Lifeguard's Association, and the Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito.
Our organizers and volunteers deserve a huge congratulations and thank you!
9th Annual Chili and Quackers 2021-06-08 07:00:00Z 0

Congratulations to Beth Westburg - A New Paul Harris Fellow!

Congratulations and Thanks to Beth Westburg, a new Paul Harris Fellow!
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.  Thank you for your generosity Sharon!
Congratulations to Beth Westburg - A New Paul Harris Fellow! 2021-06-06 07:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Fellow +2 - Sharon Schendel

Congratulations and Thanks to Sharon Schendel, a Paul Harris Fellow +2
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.  Thank you for your generosity Sharon!
Paul Harris Fellow +2 - Sharon Schendel 2021-06-06 07:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Fellow +4 - Suzy Wagner!

Congratulations and Thanks to Suzy Wagner, a Paul Harris Fellow +4
Each Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.  Thank you for your generosity Patti!
Paul Harris Fellow +4 - Suzy Wagner! 2021-06-06 07:00:00Z 0
Rotarian of the Month - Jim Davies! 2021-06-06 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Night at the Padres - 2 Games Remain

Rotary District 5340 has teamed up with the San Diego Padres to offer four top-tier games with special seats at Petco Park reserved exclusively for Rotary members. Rotary has a long history of involvement with the Major League Baseball franchise. There are 2 games left!
Take me out to the ballgame.  Get back to the ballpark with your fellow Rotarians and reserve your ticket(s) today: 
1. Padres vs. Marlins - Tuesday, Aug.10, 2021 
2. Padres vs. Astros - Friday, Sept. 3, 2021 
Tickets are first-come, first-serve. Limit per person five (5) game tickets. Electronic tickets will be emailed to you by Erika, District Admin. Please allow two (2) business days for email. 
Rotary Night at the Padres - 2 Games Remain 2021-05-23 07:00:00Z 0

Governor's Dinner - June 28 - Limited Seats Remaining

We have great news - we are getting together as Rotarians for this year's Governor's Dinner slated for Monday, June 28, 2021 at the beautiful Hilton San Diego Del Mar Hotel.  
Cocktails: 5:30PM to 6:15PM
Program and Dinner: 6:30PM
Cost: $50
The Governor's Dinner is the annual District awards and induction ceremony.  Join us as we celebrate club accomplishments and present awards.  District Governor Steven Weitzen also passes the baton to incoming District Governor Dan Gensler.  This year, you can either join the celebration in person at the hotel with dinner and parking included in the $50 price or you can attend from the comfort of your home via Zoom.
To register, click here.
Governor's Dinner - June 28 - Limited Seats Remaining 2021-05-23 07:00:00Z 0

ICYMI - We've been social!

On May 14, The Del Mar Rotary had a "get out of jail" party of sorts at Casa Kurth.  Celebrating friendship and the success of vaccines we gathered for a taco feast and views to die for.  Just a few short days later, a second social get together was had at the Monarch in Del Mar.  As things continue to improve, prepare for a lot more opportunities to get together!
ICYMI - We've been social! 2021-05-23 07:00:00Z 0

Annual Chili & Quackers Challlenge

The hottest event of the summer is upon us!  Have you purchased your ducks??
Do not miss the 2021 Chili & Quackers "Friendraiser" at Viewpoint Brewery on June 7 at 5:00pm

We'll regale you with racing ducks quacking across your screens to the finish line!

Three races or "Cups" will highlight local associations that contribute to Del Mar's lifestyle including ours, Rotary Club of Del Mar. The scheduled Cups are:

  1. Rotary Club of Del Mar Cup presented by Viewpoint Brewing Co. - highlighting some of the contributions our club makes to Del Mar and surrounding communities
  2. Del Mar Lifeguard Association Cup presented by Ranch 45 - highlighting the historic relationship between our club and the Del Mar Lifeguards. This cup raises vital resources for their work
  3. Santa and his Elves Cup presented by the Rotary Club of Del Mar on behalf of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito in support of the annual Christmas party bringing Santa Claus joy to the children of La Colonia

Live entertainment between races will feature close-up magician Skyler King in person at Viewpoint and on Zoom

Act fast! Only 100 ducks available for sale in each race! Click here for detailed rules and prizes.

The live event with all 3 cups, magician and additional entertainment will take place in person at Viewpoint Brewery, Del Mar and online on Zoom Monday, June 7th. Doors open at Viewpoint at 5pm, first race live and online at 5:45pm. The races will run until about 6:15pm.

Please support Rotary Club of Del Mar's Chili and Quackers Live and Zoom Edition by participating in our races or making a donation here

Annual Chili & Quackers Challlenge 2021-05-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Muthaiga

cream of the crop
Read about the power of Rotary at work and check out what our friends at the Rotary Club of Muthaiga
are up to in the latest issue of the Rotary Magazine!
Rotary Club of Muthaiga 2021-05-15 07:00:00Z 0

Don't Miss Out - 2021 District Conference

We are two months away from our Rotary District Conference.  Join fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, & guests for a weekend of celebration and connection on September 10-12, 2021 at the Hotel del Coronado.
The conference team is working hard to make this a fun celebration to reunite us in person. Join your Rotary family for this unique opportunity to exchange ideas, strengthen leadership and friendships as we celebrate our clubs’ successes! If you have any conference questions, please contact us at 
Register today for the 2021 District Conference – click here. 
Don't Miss Out - 2021 District Conference 2021-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Guatemala Literacy Project

It's not too late to sign up to join District 5340 in Guatemala in February 2022.  This will be a special opportunity to participate in a successful continuing Rotary project. The Guatemala Literacy Project is a network of individual Rotarians, clubs, districts and the nonprofit organization Cooperative for Education working to end the cycle of poverty through education in one of the poorest, least educated countries in the western hemisphere.
Join the effort to make a difference!
There are numerous ways you can get involved.  
You may choose:
a. Make a club contribution
b. Make an individual financial contribution
c. Visit the project in Guatemala with fellow Rotarians
d. All of the above!
To get more information on this project and ways you can help, email Dugan Lamoise – at
Guatemala Literacy Project 2021-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force Workshop May 20

Victims of sex trafficking – San Diego Downtown News
Your District Anti-Human Trafficking task force has another excellent workshop on tap.
Join us for this insightful overview of how businesses in San Diego County and elsewhere are banding together to educate the San Diego employees to identify and effectively report indicators of sex trafficking. You’ll receive ideas that you can implement in your workforce the next day!
If you want to be part of stopping the $810 million illicit industry in our region, don’t miss this!
Online Webinar: How businesses can help stop human sex trafficking in San Diego
May 20, 2021
5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Register now
Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force Workshop May 20 2021-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary at Work Day at Nativity Prep Academy

Front row (l to r) Don Fipps, Matt Kurth, Marty Peters, Donna Fipps; On the stairs (l to r) Tranh Trinh, Dugan Lamoise, Philippe Lamoise, Brigid O'Reilly, Madisongrace Guerra, Dominique Guerra, Klaus Gubernator, Xavier Gonzales, Brian Hickey, Linda Groom, Tony Villasenor, Janice Kurth
Finishing painting the courtyard (Philippe's overhead drone work)
Linda Groom, Klaus Gubernator, and Philippe Lamoise take a break from painting
Tony Villasenor with NPA President Gil Brady (and some very thick gray paint)
Donna Fipps, Janice Kurth and Dugan Lamoise sport the latest in Rotary-themed work wear
We had a big crowd at the new Nativity Prep Academy campus for our annual Rotarians at Work Day. In 2020 the Academy took over its new home on College Avenue that is just over a mile walk to the San Diego State University campus.  In addition to gaining ~50% more square footage, internet service is far improved compared to their old campus.  Click here to see Philippe’s drone footage of the campus.
Rotary at Work Day at Nativity Prep Academy Sharon Schendel 2021-04-25 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Del Mar Grant Pays Off!

Lifeguards | Del Mar, CA - Official Website  
The Rotary Club of Del Mar Community Service Committee funded cliff rescue training for the Del Mar Lifeguard Department and their training came just in time for the real thing!

Del Mar lifeguards attended a 40-hour rope rescue training made possible in part by grants from the Del Mar Foundation and Del Mar Rotary. Days after their training was completed, it was put to use for the real thing.  During a rescue last week, Del Mar Lifeguards brought a man to safety after he became stuck below the Anderson Canyon rim.
Thank you Lifeguards for keeping us all safe!
Rotary Club of Del Mar Grant Pays Off! 2021-04-25 07:00:00Z 0

District Anti-Human Trafficking Webinar May 20

Don't miss our District's Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force Webinar coming up May 20!
ICE honors efforts to combat human trafficking during awareness month -  Homeland Preparedness News
Join us for this insightful overview of how businesses in San Diego County and elsewhere are banding together to educate the San Diego employees to identify and effectively report indicators of sex trafficking. You’ll receive ideas that you can implement in your workforce the next day!
If you want to be part of stopping the $810 million illicit industry in our region, don’t miss this!
Online Webinar: How businesses can help stop human sex trafficking in San Diego May 20, 2021 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Register here
District Anti-Human Trafficking Webinar May 20 2021-04-25 07:00:00Z 0
ICYMI - Suzy and Val's Cooking Class 2021-04-22 07:00:00Z 0
Welcome Clayton Sheffrey 2021-04-22 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Del Mar's First Hybrid Meeting

Today was the first opportunity we've had to get together in person since March of 2020 and it was a huge success for both those in person and those who joined by Zoom!  If you're fully vaccinated, join us Thursdays at noon at The Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito at 533 Lomas Santa Fe in Solana Beach.  We meet at the Yellow Cottage behind the main building.  Lunches must be pre-ordered.

Rotary Club of Del Mar's First Hybrid Meeting 2021-04-22 07:00:00Z 0

Rotarian of the Month! 

Congratulations to Chandra Collure - Our Rotarian of the Month! Thank you for all your contributions!
Rotarian of the Month! 2021-04-11 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Volunteer Update:  Del Mar Vaccination Super Station

Image result for del mar vaccination superstation
Our deployment of volunteers to the Vaccination Super Station at the Del Mar Fairgrounds has really taken off.  
Five Rotary clubs have adopted five different days of each week, 
So far: 
Mondays – Del Mar
Tuesdays – San Diego
Wednesdays – TBD
Thursdays – D.M.-Solana Beach
Fridays – Rancho Santa Fe
Saturdays – Closed
Sundays – Pacific Beach Rotaract
Our volunteer initiative made the San Diego Union Tribune! 
Rotary Volunteer Update: Del Mar Vaccination Super Station 2021-04-11 07:00:00Z 0

ICYMI - District 5340 Training was April 10

District Training Assembly is an annual symposium where clubs from across Southern California gather to prepare for the Rotary Year that begins July 1st.
District Training Assembly (DTA) typically happens in the spring, and is designed to provide training for President-Elects, club committee chairs, secretaries, treasurers, and board members. There is also a wealth of information for existing Rotarians and newer Rotarians.
DTA offers something for everyone, with roughly 40 different classes spread out across three different sessions. If you want to learn more about Rotary and all of the programs of District 5340, DTA is where you'll find the information you seek, and help you take your club to new levels.
You can catch some of what you missed here:
Philippe's Hybrid Meeting Session
Global Grants Video
ICYMI - District 5340 Training was April 10 2021-04-11 07:00:00Z 0

District Anti Human Trafficking Taskforce Update

Your District Task Force is well underway with initiatives to confront this scourge, thanks to many Rotarians and clubs' help. 
Here are just a couple:
Global Grant approved and funded – After a year-long effort, Rotary International approved a $70,000 global grant that will be used right here in District 5340 for anti-human trafficking initiatives. We'll be funding an estimated 700 area public school teachers to receive training on how to spot if one of their students is a victim of or getting recruited for human trafficking. If you have connections with San Diego County area public school administrators, feel free to send them this link. We're looking to receive online proposals through this form by April 30
Rehabilitation project – We’re helping GenerateHope tackle some extensive deferred maintenance work at its home for human sex trafficking survivors. The projects include driveway repair, structural first-floor work, foundational repairs to the first floor, and other projects. Be on the lookout soon for some opportunities to conduct outdoor landscaping work soon.
District Anti Human Trafficking Taskforce Update 2021-04-11 07:00:00Z 0

Save the Date - 2021 Virtual Convention June 12-16 

Mark your calendars for an exciting opportunity to connect with Rotary members worldwide at the 2021 Virtual Convention: Rotary Opens Opportunities, June 12-16. Registration will open in mid-April at a special rate of $49. After 21 days, you will pay $65 to register.
You can also join us early at a preconvention for intercountry committees, Rotaract, and Rotary Youth Exchange officers, 10-11 June. Each preconvention costs an additional $20.
The 2021 Virtual Rotary Convention and preconvention events are open to all Rotary members and participants. Both the convention and preconvention fees include access to the virtual House of Friendship.
Don’t forget to visit the convention event page on Facebook to connect with others and stay up-to-date on event news and program highlights!
Save the Date - 2021 Virtual Convention June 12-16 2021-04-11 07:00:00Z 0

Rotarians at Work Day - April 24

In the Rotary world, the last Saturday in April is designated Rotarians at Work Day.  Each year, clubs around the world identify a hands-on project that all members can participate in to help the local community.  
In 1911, Rotarians adopted the motto "Service Above Self" because it aptly expresses the ideals that the new formed organization was creating.  Past RI President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, selected this theme for the 2005-2006 Rotary year.  For over 110 years, this motto has served as our mantra carrying out humanitarian service as we work for international understanding and peace. 
This April 24th each of the 60 clubs within our District can participate in a project.  
Rotary Club of Del Mar will be doing a hands on exterior painting project at Nativity Prep Academy. Students at Nativity Prep will be the first in their families to go to college. 
Rotarians at Work Day - April 24 2021-04-11 07:00:00Z 0

World Vaccination Week is April 24 - 30

During World Immunization Week, April 24-30, join with Rotary to combat vaccine hesitancy and misinformation by spreading the facts about why #VaccinesWork. 
You can help raise awareness for polio eradication and the importance of vaccines during World Immunization Week, April 24-30 by sharing some of these sample posts on your social media. You can also paint your pinkie purple and post a picture online using the hashtags #EndPolio and #VaccinesWork.
  • Fighting #COVID19 requires global solidarity. That’s why @Rotary #EndPolio is committed to lending its tools, workforce & surveillance network to help countries respond. #VaccinesWork
  • Because #VaccinesWork, @Rotary & partners have reduced polio cases by 99.9% worldwide since 1988. @EndPolioNow won't stop until we end the disease for good. Donate to support #EndPolio:
  • In countries where polio is a threat, kids’ pinkies are marked with purple ink after they’re immunized, helping #EndPolio health workers know which kids are protected. #VaccinesWork @Rotary 
  • Through the science of immunization, @Rotary & partners have saved nearly 19 million children from becoming paralyzed by polio. #VaccinesWork #EndPolio
  • This #WorldImmunizationWeek, I’m joining with @Rotary #EndPolio to advocate for equitable distribution of vaccines, like those for polio & #COVID19. #VaccinesWork
  • #VaccinesWork & the progress made in the fight to #EndPolio is proof. Only 2 countries continue to report wild polio cases. Learn why @Rotary believes we can shrink that number to 0:
  • Amidst a challenging year for global health, the @WHOAFRO region was still certified wild polio-free because #VaccinesWork! Learn how @Rotary #EndPolio helped achieve this milestone:
World Vaccination Week is April 24 - 30 2021-04-11 07:00:00Z 0

Fast Way to Earn a Paul Harris Pin

Rotary District 5340 announces an April “Blue Light Special” for adding Paul Harris Fellows to your club.

Through the generous donation of one of our District Rotarians, we are able to match donations to the Annual Fund up to $500/member with up to 500 Recognition Points which will allow that member or his/her designee to become a Paul Harris Fellow with a pin and certificate to be awarded at the appropriate occasion.
To take advantage of this offer, contact our Paul Harris Society Chair James Morrison at and he will provide the information needed to match these Recognition Points to a Rotarian who has not yet achieved Paul Harris Fellow level of giving.  This is for first-time Paul Harris Fellows and may be awarded to a loved one, community member, or another deserving person.
This offer expires April 30.
Fast Way to Earn a Paul Harris Pin 2021-04-11 07:00:00Z 0
Teens in Quarantine Film Competition 2021-03-27 07:00:00Z 0
Philippe Lamoise Joins the Polio Plus Society 2021-03-27 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Del Mar in Action

The Rotary Club of Del Mar has stepped up big time, promising to deploy ten volunteers to the Del Mar Fairgrounds Vaccination Super Station every Saturday for the next three months.    We've also partnered with  DM-Solana Beach and Rancho Santa Fe clubs, which adopted Thursdays and Fridays respectively, and the San Diego club, which has picked up Tuesdays. 
Our goal is to have at least one club adopt each of the seven days of the week, so feel free to tell Rotarians in other clubs about this opportunity.  
Rotary Club of Del Mar in Action 2021-03-27 07:00:00Z 0

ICYMI - Don Fipps Featured in Steven Weizten's Sunday Morning Musings

This week in the District 5340 Newsletter, our very own Don Fipps is featured and recognized for all his contributions to the District.  
"We can’t thank Don enough for all he has done to help the clubs and District this year.  He has been selfless in contributing to the changes in the leadership plan, bylaws update and, of course, bringing Zoom technology to our members that eased the way for three membership seminars, monthly speakers of international repute, the Foundation Seminar and District Training Assembly."
To read the whole story, and the fascinating tale of how Don and Donna met, click here 
ICYMI - Don Fipps Featured in Steven Weizten's Sunday Morning Musings 2021-03-16 07:00:00Z 0
Introducing Our Newest Polio Plus Society Member: 2021-03-13 08:00:00Z 0

Reminder - District Training Assembly

The District Training Assembly offers training for ALL Rotarians including club officers, directors, committee & program chairs to help them be effective club leaders.  
All Club members, especially Red Badgers, are welcome and encouraged to attend. Come learn more about Rotary, club management tips and best practices from knowledgeable, experienced Rotarians.  This is a great opportunity to learn about Rotary and network with other Rotarians, all in the comfort of your home. We expect full attendance for each class so don't miss out.   Visit the District website to register and select your classes.   
Reminder - District Training Assembly 2021-03-12 08:00:00Z 0

Congratulations to Mark Matthess - Paul Harris +2!

Each Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.  Thank you for your generosity Patti!
Congratulations to Mark Matthess - Paul Harris +2! 2021-03-05 08:00:00Z 0
Congratulations to Our Newest Paul Harris Fellow - Patti Kurtz! 2021-03-05 08:00:00Z 0

March Rotarian of the Month

Congratulations to Beth Westburg - Our March Rotarian of the Month!
Thank you for your numerous contributions to the Rotary Club of Del Mar!
March Rotarian of the Month 2021-03-05 08:00:00Z 0

2021 Virtual District Training Assembly

The District Training Assembly offers training for ALL Rotarians including club officers, directors, committee & program chairs to help them be effective club leaders.  

All Club members, especially Red Badgers,- are welcome and encouraged to attend. Come learn more about Rotary, club management tips and best practices from knowledgeable, experienced Rotarians..  This is a great opportunity to learn about Rotary and network with other Rotarians. We expect full attendance for each class so don't miss out,  register today! Visit the District website to register and select your classes.


8:30 AM – 9:00 AM Coffee & Fellowship
9:00 AM- 9:10 AM  District Governor Steve Wietzen & District Governor Elect Dan Gensler

SESSION 1  9:10 AM – 10:00 AM               
2020-21 Club Presidents                                                               
2021-22 Presidents-Elect & Asst. Governors       
2022-23 Club Presidents-Nominee                       
Club Secretaries                                                                        
Club Treasurers                                                                                      
SESSION 2  10:10 AM – 11:00 AM                       
Public Image, Branding & Social Media                                      
Fundraising – Finding $$$                                                               
Youth Service - RYLA & LEAD                                                                   
International Service                                                          
Vocational Service                                               
Community service                                               
SESSION 3  11:10 AM – 12:00 PM
District Grants                   
Rotary Foundation Fundamentals                        
Club Service – Rotary on the Job                         
Rotaract – Building Rotary                                                        
Running Successful Hybrid Meetings                   
My Rotary - Rotary Club CentralSetting Goals     
SESSION 4  12:10 PM – 1:30 PM
Global Grants    
2021 Virtual District Training Assembly 2021-02-25 08:00:00Z 0

Congratulations to our Paul Harris Fellows!

Congratulations to Jim Davies and Marlene Gotz! And thank you for your generosity!
Each Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.
Congratulations to our Paul Harris Fellows! 2021-02-25 08:00:00Z 0

Another Polio Plus Society Member!

The Rotary Club of Del Mar is excited to announce our newest member of the Polio Plus Society Matt Kurth!
The Polio Plus Society is for Rotarians (and non-Rotarians, too!) who are dedicated to seeing that polio is successfully eradicated from our planet. Members commit to donating $100 or more per year and pledge to do so until polio is completely eradicated.
Thank you Matt for your generous contributions to this important cause!
Another Polio Plus Society Member! 2021-02-25 08:00:00Z 0
Congratulations to Our Newest Blue Badger! 2021-02-25 08:00:00Z 0

New PolioPlus Society Members!

The PolioPlus Society is for Rotarians (and non-Rotarians, too!) who are dedicated to seeing that polio is successfully eradicated from our planet. Members commit to donating $100 or more per year and pledge to do so until polio is completely eradicated.
The Rotary Club of Del Mar proudly recognizes our newest members of the PolioPlus Society.  Karl and Dugan, your commitment and donations have provided tangible assistance to the global eradication of polio and advances world understanding, goodwill and peace.  We are so grateful!
New PolioPlus Society Members! 2021-02-18 08:00:00Z 0

Don Fipps - Paul Harris +6

Congratulations to Don Fipps! And thank you for your generosity!
Each Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.
Don Fipps - Paul Harris +6 2021-02-11 08:00:00Z 0
Beth Westburg Our Newest Paul Harris Fellow 2021-02-04 08:00:00Z 0
February Rotarian of the Month 2021-02-04 08:00:00Z 0

Del Mar Rotary Club Donation to Doors of Change

What does it take to change the world? It starts with commitment to service above self.
Touched by guest speaker Jeff Sitcov from Doors of Change, the Del Mar Rotarians took quick action and raised almost $1,700 to support the programs of these neighbors and friends.
Since 2001, Doors of Change™ has been transforming the lives of homeless youth, one young person at a time. Recognizing that trust is often a significant barrier for youth in need of services, Doors of Change™ selected music and art as a non-threatening way to engage young people living on the streets. By offering music and art instruction in a small group setting, youth are given the opportunity to explore their feelings and challenges through the arts, achieve a sense of mastery for the first time, develop social skills that are positive and constructive, and create a vision for the future that is filled with possibility
Pictured: Karl Wagner of Del Mar Rotary and Jeff Sitcov of Doors of Change
Del Mar Rotary Club Donation to Doors of Change 2021-02-03 08:00:00Z 0

Del Mar Rotary and Fuel the Frontline

The Del Mar Rotary Club is once again demonstrating our commitment to our friends and neighbors by problem-solving and taking action!
In partnership with the Del Mar Village Association and Fuel the Frontline San Diego, the Del Mar Rotary Club purchased lunches from our friends at Americana and delivered them to the very hard-working frontline workers at the VA hospital in La Jolla!
Pictured Below: Randy Gruber from Americana and Klaus Gubernator and Susan Wagner from Del Mar Rotary.   
Pictured Below: Karl Wagner and Klaus Gubernator from Del Mar Rotary with Jennifer McClellan and Tonya Masino from Del Mar Village Association dropping off lunch at the VA Hospital. 
About Fuel the Frontline:
Del Mar Village Association is spearheading and coordinating Fuel the Frontline San Diego, a program to support both local restaurants and San Diego frontline medical providers. Donations to Fuel the Frontline San Diego have now exceeded $13,000. One-hundred percent of the proceeds fund the meals purchased from the local restaurants. To date the initiative has delivered 2,500 meals to five hospitals from 11 local restaurants.
Del Mar Rotary and Fuel the Frontline Toni Mecaro 2021-01-29 08:00:00Z 0
And Another One! Donna Fipps Paul Harris +3 2021-01-14 08:00:00Z 0
Thank you Bob Fuchs! A Paul Harris Fellow +4! 2021-01-11 08:00:00Z 0
Rotary International Proudly Recognizes Donna Fipps as a Member of the Polio Plus Society! 2021-01-11 08:00:00Z 0
Nina Wright Recognized as DMCC Volunteer of the Month 2021-01-11 08:00:00Z 0

Christmas Miracle!

The Nativity Prep Academy President Dr. Gil Brady and Philanthropy Manger Brian Hickey, along with many staff members this morning were overjoyed with today’s surprise $3,000 Covid relief check along with filling their food pantry from generous Del Mar Rotarian donations! Pictured below is the packed Cayenne, former church now classroom, outside patio areas soon to be turned into Covid friendly classrooms, with newly purchased student desks.
Thank you to all that helped make this happen so quickly! 
Christmas Miracle! 2020-12-23 08:00:00Z 0
Happy Holidays and New Year Don Fipps 2020-12-21 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Del Mar Supports Local Food Banks

In a normal year, almost 10% of San Diego residents do not have reliable access to sufficient food. With the pandemic, this has increased dramatically. Thousands of residents go hungry each day.
In response, the Rotary Club of Del Mar has raised money for the San Diego Food Bank and Kitchens for Good. Scott MacDonald of Del Mar and Kathy Reed of San Diego presented a check for $3,000 to Jim Floros, CEO of the San Diego Food Bank on December 20. The Food Bank normally serves 350,000 people each month, but the demand has significantly increased as a result of the Covid pandemic. According to Floros, the Food Bank now serves about 600,000 people per month, and the Food Bank is very appreciative of financial support during these challenging times from the Rotary Club and others. Information about Food Bank and donations can be made at
MacDonald and Reed, representing The Rotary Club of Del Mar, also delivered a check for $2,550 to Kitchens for Good, a San Diego non-profit organization providing food and culinary training and job development for individuals suffering from food insecurity and unemployment. They have trained over 300 individuals for jobs in the culinary industry. Sonia Diaz, Donor Relations Manager with Kitchens for Good, “We are so appreciative of the Rotary Club of Del Mar for supporting our efforts during these troubled times when so many are struggling.” Information about Kitchens for Good and donations can be made through their website,
The Rotary Club of Del Mar has been in operation since 1954, supporting community residents and initiating programs throughout the county and elsewhere including active programs overseas. According to Rotary Club President, Dugan Lamoise, “the Club raises funds and conducts programs annually to improve the lives of people.” With the pandemic, food insecurity has become a significant issue, and members of the Club contributed funds this year to the San Diego Food Bank and Kitchens for Good to provide food to needy area families. More information about the Del Mar Club is available at 
Rotary Club of Del Mar Supports Local Food Banks Scott MacDonald 2020-12-20 08:00:00Z 0

Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center

December 17, 2020 - Jen Nation was the guest speaker representing Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center’s historic 7.85-acre property in National City, California serves as an interactive, indoor-outdoor classroom for children and adults from around San Diego County. Our purpose is to build healthy families and a healthy environment. We do this through science-based environmental education and nutrition lessons, hands-on gardening and cooking classes, and job skills and leadership development programs for youth, adults, and families.
Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center Don Fipps 2020-12-17 08:00:00Z 0

Club Elections

December 17, 2020 - Congratulations to the 2021-22 officers and directors for the Rotary Club of Del Mar.
  • Co-Presidents - Karl and Susan Wagner
  • President-Elect - Sharon Schendel
  • Vice President - Matt Kurth
  • Secretary - Donna Fipps
  • Treasurer - Kathy Reed
  • Sergeant at Arms - Jim Davies
  • Director - Toni Mecaro - Community Service
  • Director - Patti Kurtz - International Service
  • Director - Tony Villasenor - Membership Chair
  • Director - Beth Westburg - Program Chair
  • Director - Chris Stewart - Youth Service
The election was held using the polling function within Zoom Meeting.  See below:
Club Elections Don Fipps 2020-12-17 08:00:00Z 0

Food Insecurity Giving

December 17, 2020 - During the December 10 weekly meeting, President Dugan asked club members to donate funds to support those with food insecurity. Here are the results of the donations:
  • San Diego Food Bank - Full Match $1,500 for a total of $3,050
  • Kitchen for Good Matched - Funds: $1,250 for a total of $2,600
  • SUV full of nonperishable food December 15th going to Nativity Prep
Food Insecurity Giving Don Fipps 2020-12-17 08:00:00Z 0

2020 Holiday Party

The Rotary Club of Del Mar held it's annual Holiday Party amid the COVID-19 pandemic a bit differently December 15, 2020. It began with picking up dinner at St. Peter's while dropping off food for Nativity Prep. Then at 5 pm, the club held a white elephant gift exchange using an app developed by Philippe Lamoise. The dinner and cocktails were provide by Sbicca Del Mar. Dessert was provided by a member cookie exchange which was also passed out with the dinner.
2020 Holiday Party Don Fipps 2020-12-15 08:00:00Z 0

Support for Gompers Preparatory Academy

On Saturday December 12, 2020, Point Loma Rotary and the Rotary Club of Del Mar teamed up to provide grocery cards to families and student at Gompers Preparatory Academy.
The mission of Gompers Preparatory Academy, in partnership with UCSD and our community, is to accelerate academic achievement for all students through a college preparatory culture and curriculum.
Support for Gompers Preparatory Academy Don Fipps 2020-12-13 08:00:00Z 0

La Colonia Holiday Craft Party

Thursday, December 10, 2020, The Rotary Club of Del Mar sponsored a Holiday Craft Party for children of La Colonia and the Boys & Girls Club of San Dieguito  
Leading off was Donna Fipps making bracelets and necklaces using beads and chenille sticks. Next up was Dee House making Christmas ornaments using wood ornaments cutouts and self sticking jewels. After Dee was Kathy Reed making 3 Christmas decorations using chenille sticks, tulle ribbon and self sticking decorations. Klaus Gubernator demonstrated decorative items and sticky foam nuggets of different colors. The foam pieces stick together when made damp.
A special guest appearance of Santa Claus was welcomed as he wished everyone a "Merry Christmas."
La Colonia Holiday Craft Party Don Fipps 2020-12-10 08:00:00Z 0

Viewpoint Brewery Club Social

Here are some photos of our club social Monday, September 14 at the Viewpoint Brewery. Participants tasted 3 beers with cheese pairings and then had a tour of the brewery. One member joined via Zoom after beers were delivered by Susan and Karl Wagner on Sunday.
Viewpoint Brewing Co.
Viewpoint Brewery Club Social Don Fipps 2020-09-18 07:00:00Z 0

Fuel the Frontline

The Rotary Club of Del Mar delivered meals September 18, 2020, through Fuel the Frontline San Diego and the Del Mar Village Association. The meals were obtained from Chef Christophe of the Beeside Balcony and dropped them off at Scripps Hospital, Encinitas. Seen below are Chef Christophe, Matt Kurth, Janice Kurth, Nina Wright, Marty Peter’s, Susan and Karl Wagner, and President Dugan Lamoise with representatives from Scripps.
Fuel the Frontline Don Fipps 2020-09-18 07:00:00Z 0

Robert Brewer US Attorney 

United States Attorney and past member of the Rotary Club of Del Mar, Bob Brewer addressed the club on the challenges of the office in the Southern District of California. To learn more about the Southern District, click on the link: 
Robert Brewer US Attorney Don Fipps 2020-09-18 07:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker - SD County DA Summer Stephan Don Fipps 2020-09-10 07:00:00Z 0

Fuel the Frontline San Diego

The Rotary Club of Del Mar supported the Fuel the Frontline San Diego effort on Friday, August 28th. The Club purchased a total of 55 meals from Del Mar restaurants Pacifica and Board & Brew and delivered them to healthcare providers at Scripps Emergency Room, Encinitas. Club members pictured are Brett Mattei, President Dugan Lamoise, Nina Wright, Don Fipps, Donna Fipps and Marty Peters. Photos courtesy of Philippe Lamoise.
Board & Brew
Pacifica Del Mar
Fuel the Frontline San Diego Don Fipps 2020-08-29 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Clock in Del Mar Renovated

The Rotary Club of Del Mar celebrated the completion of the Rotary Clock at the corner of 15th Street and Camino Del Mar in Mar Mar August 9, 2020.  In attendance were, Brett Mattei, Caroline Morin, Rotarian from Arizona, Karl Wagner, Sharon Schendel, Rotarian from Arizona, Susie Wagner, Jim and Bernadette Watkins, Marty Peters, Sharyn Daly, Dugan and Philippe Lamoise.
Rotary Clock in Del Mar Renovated Don Fipps 2020-08-10 07:00:00Z 0
New 2020-21 President - Dugan Lamoise Don Fipps 2020-07-01 07:00:00Z 0
2020-21 Rotary International Theme Don Fipps 2020-07-01 07:00:00Z 0

Member Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The following club members volunteered to substantially increase their already generous direct support of  the Rotary Club of Del Mar charitable activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dugan Lamoise
Philippe Lamoise
Kathy Reed
Karin Davies
Jim Davies
Klaus Gubernator
Scott MacDonald
Dee House
Bob Sonnhalter
Suz Wagner
Karl Wagner
Mary Savoy
Brett Mattei
Tony Villasenor
Sharyn Daly
Janice Kurth
Matt Kurth
Marlene Gotz
Beth Westburg
Patti Kurtz
Garrie Rhodes
Don and Donna Fipps
Marty Peters
Sharon Schendel
Eric Nelte
Tom Ryan 

Member Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic Don Fipps 2020-06-04 07:00:00Z 0

Help With Club Newsletter

Posted by Sharon Schendel
I apologize for the hiatus in our newsletter. My workload expanded substantially after the launch of the Coronavirus Immunotherapeutics Consortium (CoVIC). Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the CoVIC is led by Prof. Erica Saphire and headquartered the La Jolla Institute for Immunology. The CoVIC seeks to find and optimized antibody-based treatments for COVID-19 that can be deployed in low- and middle- income countries to ensure that no one is priced out of life-saving COVID-19 therapies.       
Help With Club Newsletter Sharon Schendel 2020-05-17 07:00:00Z 0

Red Badger Virtual Chat

Posted by Sharon Schendel
District Governor Marta Knight and District 5340 are hosting a district-wide virtual red badger chat on Tuesday may 26, 2020 from Noon to 1 PM.  The chat is an opportunity to hear from Marta about events in the district and to meet other new Rotarians and Rotoractors. This event also satisfies the Red Badge requirement of attendance at a district-wide event. Visit the District 5340 website to register. 
Red Badger Virtual Chat Sharon Schendel 2020-05-17 07:00:00Z 0
Planting Seeds for a Cure for Diabetes Sharon Schendel 2020-05-17 07:00:00Z 0

Sunset Soiree Goes Virtual

Posted by Sharon Schendel on May 17, 2020
The 16th annual Sunset Soiree is going virtual. Many of the needs of our local and global community have grown in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.  The online auction goes live on June 1 and bidding will be open until June 7.  Please share the Sunset Soiree website link ( with friends, family and your network and encourage them to donate to support our club’s many projects, both at home and around the world. 
Sunset Soiree Goes Virtual Sharon Schendel 2020-05-17 07:00:00Z 0
Support Our Sponsors 2020-03-27 07:00:00Z 0

Message from President Brett

Thursday, March 12 2020, club leaders briefed Del Mar Rotarians on SAR-CoV-2 (aka Novel Coronavirus), the virus that causes COVID-19.
Due to the elevated health risk to fellow Rotarians, as well as their loved ones and neighbors, our March 19 and March 26 club meetings are cancelled.  The March 17 RCDM Board of Directors meeting is also cancelled, as is the Club Social planned for March 18.   
On March 30 club leaders will decide whether to cancel subsequent meetings through April. We will communicate our decision to you.
If we cancel some or all of our regular club meetings for April, we will provide an online meeting solution to ensure continuity of club operations and social engagement of all club members, starting with an April 2 virtual meeting. If we take this route, we will assist members in using this technology.
Also, by March 19, club members having expertise in clinical and research expertise will begin conveying vetted information about the SAR-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 and the effects they could have in our communities.  
A committee comprising Sharon Schendel, Don Fipps and Matt Kurth will vet, compile and distribute this information. Other club members who wish to help with this effort should forward their contributions to one of these committee members by phone or email.
Message from President Brett Brett Mattei 2020-03-13 07:00:00Z 0

Fun Presidential Facts for Winning Bar Bets

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Richard Lederer in patriotic attire
Verbivore Richard Lederer was again our speaker at the February 27, 2020 meeting.  This year his focus was on U.S. President trivia that can be used to win bets with your friends on drinking outings.  Read on for some fun facts. 
Fun Presidential Facts for Winning Bar Bets Sharon Schendel 2020-03-01 08:00:00Z 0

Congratulations to Chris Stewart

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Chris Stewart (center) at RYLA 2019
Chris Stewart was Super Happy during our February 27 Happy Dollars for becoming a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.  At the age of 47, Chris decided to go back to school to earn the certificate and Rotary Club of Del Mar provided financial support to help cover the cost of tuition. As one his projects during his certification, Chris has been helping to develop a virtual reality therapy program to help prison inmates overcome addiction.
Congratulations to Chris Stewart Sharon Schendel 2020-03-01 08:00:00Z 0

Honor Flight San Diego

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Sharyn Daly invites members to consider attending a celebration for Honor Flight San Diego to be held Saturday March 7 at the Del Mar Hilton.  Proceeds from the banquet will go to support the escort of San Diego veterans to Washington D.C. to visit memorials dedicated to their service. 
Honor Flight San Diego Sharon Schendel 2020-03-01 08:00:00Z 0

Rotarian of the Month: Dugan Lamoise

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Congratulations to Dugan Lamoise for being named Rotarian of the Month for February.  Dugan, together with Joel Candib is chairing the 2020 Sunset Soiree.  Her committee has gotten off to an early and strong start so that the 16th annual Soiree can be our best one yet.  Mark your calendar for the next committee meeting on March 3 at Tom Ryan’s condo.  Watch your email for details and directions.
Rotarian of the Month: Dugan Lamoise Sharon Schendel 2020-03-01 08:00:00Z 0

Help Our Rotary Clock Get Ticking Again

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Diagnosing the Rotary clock
Our Rotary clock has stood in the heart of Del Mar since 2006 when it was presented as a gift to the city in honor of Rotary’s centennial.  The clock underwent exterior restoration in 2014, but now the clockworks are in need of repair so that the clock is right more than twice a day.  Donations of $3500 are needed to repair and update the clock mechanism.  Contact Marty Peters if you would like to contribute to this special fund.   
Help Our Rotary Clock Get Ticking Again Sharon Schendel 2020-03-01 08:00:00Z 0

District 5340 Music Competition

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Garrie Rhodes (center) with Zixnon Chen (left) and Isabella Yang (right)
Ed Siegel finds Isabella Yang's violin to be a bit of a challenge
We had three talented musicians perform at the February 20, 2020 meeting. Isabella McCormick, of Cathedral Catholic High School returned with her harp to play Légende by Henriette Renié. Zixnon Chen, also of Cathedral Catholic High School played Sonata No. 1 by Alberto Ginastera. Isabella Yang of Scripps Ranch High School performed Csárdás by Vittorio Monti by playing the piece on the Chinese violin, which has only two strings. 
District 5340 Music Competition Sharon Schendel 2020-03-01 08:00:00Z 0

WAPI Project with UCSD Rotaract

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Completed WAPIs ready for packaging and shipping
We joined Rotaract at UCSD Presents for its 6th annual WAPI Project. Over 100 volunteers from Rotaract, Rotary and other UCSD student organizations like the health pre-professional honor society Alpha Epsilon Delta helped assemble more than 1,000 water pasteurization indicators (WAPIs). 
WAPI Project with UCSD Rotaract Sharon Schendel 2020-02-23 08:00:00Z 0

President Elect Training Seminar (PETS)

Posted by Sharon Schendel
LaShonda Delivuk with President-Elect Sharon Schendel at PETS
Each year, all President-Elects (PEs) of Rotary Clubs attend a President Elect Training Seminar (PETS).  The Southwest Rotary PETS brings together Rotary PEs from as far as Arizona to learn strategies to ensure the success of clubs they will lead in the upcoming Rotary Year.
President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) Sharon Schendel 2020-02-23 08:00:00Z 0

February Social at West End Bar & Kitchen

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Families are welcome at Rotary socials (l to r) Janice Kurth, Kirsti and Ryan Riell (with Adeline), Karly and Suzy Wagner, Val Myers
The February social at West End Bar and Kitchen mixed business and pleasure- the Sunset Soiree committee met first before other members arrived to enjoy food and drinks at the long central table.  
February Social at West End Bar & Kitchen Sharon Schendel 2020-02-23 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Road Trip Part 2: Cathedral Catholic High School

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Sharon Schendel (second from left) and faculty advisor Mara Milligan (back row) with Interact Club seniors (l to r): Evelyn Lopez, President Denise Picazo, Vanessa Delarvia, Angeline Arcos, Joey Kellogg, Nicole Milla, Salvador de la Rosa, Jonathon Jaramillo (kneeling)
Cathedral Catholic High School (CCHS) was the site for our February 6 meeting.  Seniors from CCHS Interact Club, which our club sponsors, with their faculty advisory Mara Milligan hosted.
Rotary Road Trip Part 2: Cathedral Catholic High School Sharon Schendel 2020-02-23 08:00:00Z 0
Rotary Road Trip Part 1: La Jolla Institute for Immunology Sharon Schendel 2020-02-23 08:00:00Z 0

Hosting District Governor Elects

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Top panel: Karin Davies with Patrick and Terry Obath; Bottom Panel (l to r) Susan Stacy, Astrid Durand Viel, Emidio and Auxiliadora Cunha, Dolly Sachdeva and Davinder Singh
During the annual International Assembly in San Diego District Governor Elects (DGEs) undergo training before beginning their term in July. Each year local Rotarians host DGEs in their homes- this year Dugan and Philippe Lamoise hosted a gathering for DGEs and other Assembly attendees. 
Hosting District Governor Elects Sharon Schendel 2020-01-26 08:00:00Z 0
Build a School, Leave a Legacy Sharon Schendel 2020-01-26 08:00:00Z 0
Offsite Meeting at La Jolla Institute for Immunology Sharon Schendel 2020-01-26 08:00:00Z 0

Entrants Wanted for District Instrumental Music Competition

Posted by Sharon Schendel
Garrie Rhodes, chair for our club in the District 5340 Music Competition, is welcoming all young instrumentalists who would like to play in the first round, which will be our program on February 20, 2020
Entrants Wanted for District Instrumental Music Competition Sharon Schendel 2020-01-26 08:00:00Z 0

Tom Woolsey Passes Away

Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jan 26, 2020
Tom Woolsey (far right) at a 2017 meeting
We were saddened to hear that our long-time member, Tom Woolsey, passed away on January 22, 2020 at the age of 93. Tom joined Rotary Club of Del Mar in 1990 and was neighbor to Monty Woolley, who informed club members of his loss. 
Tom Woolsey Passes Away Sharon Schendel 2020-01-26 08:00:00Z 0

Welcoming District Governor Elects to the International Assembly

Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jan 19, 2020
Raquel D'Garay-Juncal (Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley), Peter James-Robertson (DGE District 1285, Horwich, UK), John Mullin (Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo), Deborah Loveday (Rotary Club of Port Macquarie, District 9650), Celia Ramirez (Rotary Club of San Diego Southeast)
This year marks the last year of San Diego as host of Rotary International’s International Assembly- in 2021 the event will move to Orlando.  Volunteers from District 5340 were on hand to welcome District Governor Elects who will undertake crucial training during the Assembly so that they will have the tools they need to steer their districts toward success in Rotary Year 2020-2021. 
Welcoming District Governor Elects to the International Assembly Sharon Schendel 2020-01-19 08:00:00Z 0

Higher Expectations Produce Better Outcomes at Nativity Prep Academy

Gil Brady, President of Nativity Prep Academy (NPA), was our featured speaker at the January 9, 2020 meeting.  Although the Academy formally schools students for Grades 6-8, these are just three years out of an 11 year commitment.  The commitment NPA students and their families make is also significant. While students, they spend over 10 hours a day at NPA. This extended time is needed to ensure that the students, all of whom are from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, can catch up to grade level.
Higher Expectations Produce Better Outcomes at Nativity Prep Academy Sharon Schendel 2020-01-19 08:00:00Z 0

Annual 6-Way Meeting

Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jan 19, 2020
Rotary International President Elect Holger Knaack
Rotary International President Elect Holger Knaack was our very special guest at the annual 6-way meeting attended by members of our club as well as those of Rotary Clubs of Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar-Solana Beach, Solana Beach Eco, Encinitas and Encinitas Coastal. 
Annual 6-Way Meeting Sharon Schendel 2020-01-19 08:00:00Z 0

Torrey Pines High School Robotics Club

Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jan 19, 2020
Torrey Pines High School Millennium Falcons (l to r) Advisor Klint Kirckconnell, Guy Nir, Douglas Liu, Minh Ho, Farrah Kaiyom, Fiona Ghatuari, Alisha Chakraborty
At our last meeting of the decade, members of the Torrey Pines High School Robotics Club, The Millennium Falcons, were our featured guests.  
Torrey Pines High School Robotics Club Sharon Schendel 2020-01-19 08:00:00Z 0

Bench Painting in Del Mar

Jim Watkins at the new selfie site with Sally the Sea Lion
Our members took time on two consecutive Fridays to spruce up the benches on the southwest corner of L’Auberge.  The park has a new resident provided by Jim Watkins and securely installed by Bill Rawlings:  Sally the Sea Lion.  Next time you’re in the park take a picture of Sally- we’ll need think of an Instagram hashtag for her. 
Bench Painting in Del Mar Sharon Schendel 2020-01-19 08:00:00Z 0

More Banners for Our Collection

Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jan 19, 2020
Dugan and Philippe Lamoise recently returned from a honeymoon trip that included a lot of safari and just a bit of Rotary. They brought back for new banners from clubs they visited.