Posted by Sharon Schendel on Feb 25, 2024
The Annual District Training Assembly is March 9 at Liberty Station. This once-a-year event will equip you with all you need to know about Rotary at the club, District, and International level. Learn from experienced Rotarians the ins and outs of club management, the Rotary Foundation, fundraising and more.  The afternoon session is particularly important for our club. To be eligible for District and Global grants, two members MUST attend and be certified.  Red Badgers- this is a great learning opportunity and it qualifies as a District event to satisfy one of the steps on the journey to a regular badge!  Also, are you looking to get Youth Certified, but still need a LiveScan?  You're in luck- you can get your LiveScan done at the conference for $20 (the club will reimburse you for the cost).  Click HERE to visit the registration page.