Posted on Jan 07, 2024
Wyatt Hinshaw, Donna Fipps, Val Myers, Dugan Lamoise, Janice Kurth, and Sean Barrett (l to r) all gave brief "Who Am I" presentations to kick off 2024
For our first meeting of 2024 we featured “Who Am I”s from several veteran members of the club and two of our newest members, including Sean Barrett.  Sean was born in Kentsville, Missouri and graduated college as the Viet Nam war was ramping up. Since his father had been in the military, Sean knew that entering the service would be his only option. Trying to secure a job as a supply officer, he listed Viet Nam for his top three duty stations, which explain why he was ultimately assigned to Guam.  After serving in Guam, he went to New London, Connecticut Naval Submarine Base, where he officially became a “bubblehead”: someone who served on a submarine.  After leaving the service, Sean earned an MBA from Indiana University and entered a career in banking. Sean wore a flat cap for his presentation to accompany a story about his being mistaken for a certain celebrity while traveling with his wife, Denise, by train between Paris and London. Apparently this celebrity, also named Sean, frequented the train, and there is indeed a certain resemblance.