Posted by Sharon Schendel on Mar 31, 2024
Philippe and Dugan with a picture of a leopard Philippe took on safari. The flags of Uganda and Burundi are on the left and right, respectively. 
Philippe and Dugan Lamoise spoke at our March 28, 2024 meeting about connections they’ve made with Rotarians in Africa. Dugan outlined our most recent Global Grant (G-2939) to help refurbish the maternity ward at Prince Regent Hospital in Bujumbura, the largest city and economic capital of Burundi. This grant devoted nearly $74,000 to upgrade showers and toilets as well as purchase beds for recovery wards. The grant also covered purchase of blood pressure monitors and installation of TVs in the wards that can be used to broadcast educational and training videos. Leading the grant were four Rotary clubs in the Bujumbura area. Six Rotaract clubs were integral to project planning and execution. These Rotaract clubs are now themselves qualified to lead their own Global Grants- an important demonstration of the role that Rotaractors can play at an international level.  Philippe summarized his long-term involvement with projects in Uganda, including an ~$83,000 Global Grant (G-2893) in partnership with Rotary Club Kampala North to upgrade the Namalemba Health Centre to a Level IV facility that offers a surgical theater, laboratory services and maternity care.  These projects arose out of connections made in part at Rotary International annual conventions. Click HERE to watch a video of their talk.