Posted by Sharon Schendel on Aug 06, 2023
When Jarvis Leverson was in his early 30s, he was coasting through life, until he found himself without a job and without his longtime girlfriend. This was an awakening for Jarvis, who saw the need to do something different. He read multiple books about the habits of successful people and took away two main things that they did:  (1) They got up early in the morning; and (2) They didn’t waste time.
From that revelation, Jarvis crafted his “Morning Hero” approach to a productive life that has three key components:  (1) The Power Hour, (2) The Zero Calendar, and (3) 30 Day Commitment.  The Power Hour involves getting up one hour earlier and devoting that hour to yourself. The Zero Calendar maximizes the hours in a day by scheduling, everything, not just work, but meals, naps, and hobbies, so your calendar has no blank spaces. For the 30-day Commitment, Jarvis gave the familiar example of a doubling a penny every day for one month. Starting with one penny and doubling every day for 30 days, yields ~$5.38 million, but doubling every other day yields only $327. Many people don’t commit and give up on their goals too soon. 
Jarvis now leads a community of Morning Heroes that he inspires every day on his Instagram feed, the.morninghero. Click HERE to visit Jarvis’ website and click HERE to download his Morning Hero journal, or click HERE to purchase a bound version.