Musicians with surfing coaches (upper left- Brett Mattei has the hat); Brett's student (upper right) learned quickly after Brett showed in the basics (lower right); This guy might look familiar: he's Val Myer's brother-in-law
Young musicians visiting San Diego for the District 5340 MusiCamp put down their instruments for an afternoon to join members of the Surfers United Fellowship of Rotary to try surfing the waves in Del Mar. Brett Morey of La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary organized the event and our own Brett Mattei was there to coach some of the musicians on surfing basics.  By the end of the afternoon, many had gotten the hang of it and ridden a few waves.  If someone in the crowd looked a bit familiar, that’s Val Myer’s brother-in-law and Brett said that he’s one of the most enthusiastic surfing coaches ever.