Posted by Sharon Schendel on Mar 17, 2024
We were saddened to hear of the death of our long-time member Al Tarkington on March 13, 2024.  Al joined the club in 1973 and membership was just one aspect of his devotion to the Del Mar community. He was the Del Mar mayor from 1979-1980 and was instrumental in the acquisition of Powerhouse Park.  Al was an incredible athlete. In 2019, when he was 80 years-old, Al was the final finisher at the World Championship in Kona, just one of his many years at Kona (click HERE to see a story about Al’s 2017 presentation to the club).  Al was married to Stephanie (Steve) for 61 years and in 2022 we were happy to see them both chauffeur Karl and Suzy Wagner to their demotion party in a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II, one of several classic cars they owned.  Click HERE to read a memorial to Al.