Posted by Sharon Schendel
Ducks waiting to be picked up while Dano's Island Sounds (lower left) played. Troop 713 members (center) helped with all aspects of the event while 
Patty Kurtz, Miles Fleming and Philippe Lamoise (lower right) staffed the duck/food/drink sales table
Viewpoint Brewing Company brought some beer and cooked Don Fipps' award-winning IPA chili that topped the chili dogs; Happy Twist Balloons by Keiko was back with a full menu of balloons; Beth Westburg (lower left) took a break from the "What's Rotary?" booth to visit with District 5340 District Governor Dan Gensler (center) as he waits for Garrie Rhodes (center right) to finish dressing her dog served up by Casey Robison (center right). Bob Fuchs (lower right, center) with Mary Savoy (lower right, left; Bob was Mary's sponsor) and her husband, Gene Helsell.   
The Del Mar Lifeguards rescued Clay Sheffrey (bottom, center) and representatives of the Friends of Powerhouse Park sold tiles to raise funds to refurbish the the playground.  Suzy Wagner (lower right) was ready to note the winners of the duck race and we had lots of help (lower left) corralling the ducks when they returned to shore.
Some future lifeguards check out the Zodiac rescue boat; balloon sword duels while Scouts collect ducks. Del Mar Lifeguards displayed rescue equipment, the purchase of which was supported in part by Rotary Club of Del Mar
Karin and Jim Davies spend some time with friends Pete and Jan Grossnickle outside the beer tent; the ducks get tossed in the surf (center left); Marty Peters and Karl Wagner were expert grill masters- Philippe Lamoise stopped by for a chili dog; Lots of beer and wine on offer.
Bob Muller and Dee House stop to say hi to Mary Alice Peters and Nelly (upper left); the moment of release (upper right)
The final Jenga match with Caroline Morin was riveting.  
May Gray was in full force for our Chili & Quackers “friendraiser” on May 21, 2022, but the weather made for a good tide that brought the ducks back to shore within minutes of release. The ducks had been virtual for the past two years, so we were delighted to bring them back in person to Powerhouse Park in Del Mar. Returning to the beach were Dano’s Island Sounds with calypso music, the Del Mar Lifeguards who launched the ducks and demonstrated a rescue of a swimmer in distress who was expertly played this year by Clay Sheffrey. Marty Peters and Karl Wagner kept the supply of hots dogs ready to be topped with Don Fipps’ award-winning IPA chili, which was made by Viewpoint Brewing Company (they also supplied the beer).  District Governor Dan Gensler and his wife, Chris, took time out of their busy schedule to stop by. Special thanks go to Troop 713 members and their parents, who all worked so hard before and after the event. Thanks as well to co-presidents Karl and Suzy Wagner for overseeing the planning, Brett Mattei for getting up early and securing the site, Beth Westburg for leading the “What’s Rotary” information tent, Philippe Lamoise for developing the online site that ensured smooth and secure duck adoption and food pre-purchase; Karin and Jim Davies for organizing the children's activities; Marty Peters, Karl Wagner, Dee House, Casey Robison, and Gregory House for running the food tent; Keith Ward and Jeff Matthews for tending bar; Miles Fleming and Patty Kurtz for handling on-site purchases; Val Myers for day-of oversight and organization; Linda Groom for sheltering the ducks post-race; Linda Saville for spearheading the event layout (and flagging gopher holes); Bill Rawlings for tent transport; Janice Kurth for getting tables and chairs (no small feat given the busy party season); Dugan Lamoise for organizing the Troop 713 volunteers; and Steven McDowell for event breakdown. Last, we thank all the sponsors, donors, and duck adopters!