Posted on Jun 03, 2023

White sea bass is a popular dish at many restaurants, but, like most seafood, sustainability is an issue. Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) is working to provide sustainable seafood and better understand ocean ecology in the face of climate change. In lieu of our regular meeting, on Thursday May 25, 2023 we had a field trip to HSWRI in Carlsbad. This field trip is a follow up to the presentation made by HSWRI President and CEO (and Rotarian) Don Kent to our club in January (click HERE to read the story).  At the Institute we saw tanks of teenage sea bass that breed millions of new fish, like the 100 day-old fish that were in a separate tank. We also visited the labs that carry out water quality testing and analyze tagged fish heads that are donated back to the Institute to study migration and genetic patterns. After, we headed south to the Windmill Food Hall for lunch.