Posted by Sharon Schendel on Sep 17, 2023
Brett Mattei, Steven McDowell, Matt Kurth and Toni Mecaro present a new rescue board to Lifeguard Aidan Goodman, who is vice-president of the Del Mar Lifeguard Association
President Matt Kurth, Community Service Chair Steven McDowell, Vocational Service Chair (and former lifeguard himself) Brett Mattei, and President-elect Toni Mecaro were down at the beach to present the Del Mar Lifeguards with another rescue board. Aidan Goodman, a Del Mar Lifeguard and current Vice President of the Del Mar Lifeguard Association accepted the board. These rescue boards have immediate life-saving impact. Aidan said that they use these boards in around 80% of their rescues. We’re proud to help make the Del Mar beaches some of the safest in San Diego County.