Posted on Mar 05, 2023
Scene from our last West End Social in February 2020 (just before things got weird with the pandemic) From left to right: Janice Kurth, Kirsti and Ryan Riell (with Adeline), Karl and Suzy Wagner, Val Myers
Next up on our social list:  West End Bar & Kitchen. On Tuesday March 7 starting around 4:30 pm, come enjoy food and drinks while overlooking the Los Penasquitos lagoon.  Owner Sal Ercolano is a stalwart supporter of our Sunset Soirée, so we’d love to have a good crowd. As always, family and friends are welcome. In particular, bring friends who might like to learn more about our club and Rotary in a casual setting.
Logistics: Orders will be billed on one or a few checks, so please bring cash (and preferably small bills- tech savvy folks can share via Venmo) to cover the cost of your items.