Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jul 29, 2023
George Lewis, Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Venice-Nokomis, paints pet portraits and floral studies. For each portrait, he makes a donation to support his club's Global Grant that provides cleft palate surgeries for children in Latin America
Beth Davidson brought co-workers Vinay Agarwal and Allison Naui and friend Susan Maronde to the July 27, 2023 meeting. Susan’s father, George Lewis, is a Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Venice-Nokomis in Florida. George paints pet portraits (14” x 11” oil on canvas) that can be purchased for $150 (he’s done nearly 600 portraits and does florals, too!). For each portrait, George donates $100 to support their club’s Global Grant that partners with AdventHealth and Sharing Smiles, which offers corrective surgery for children in Latin America born with cleft palates. Click HERE to watch a short video or email George ( to commission a portrait.