Posted on Mar 26, 2023
Walter Ritter, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Write Out Loud, uses a storybox to tell "The Empty Pot"
“Read me a story” is a request familiar to most parents.  Walter Ritter, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Write Out Loud, visited our March 24, 2023 meeting to give examples of storytelling for diverse audiences. Walter first read “A Life Without Left Turns”, a story about how three wrongs can make a right by Michael Gartner. This story is well-suited for audiences at assisted living facilities. He then brought out a small wooden case, a Kamishibai, a Japanese word (Kami= paper; shibai= theater) that roughly translates to “storybox”.  Kamishibai offers a unique combination of oral, visual and print communication that engages audiences, particularly children, without the distraction of page turning or the reader having to turn to show everyone the pictures.  Walter used the kamishibai to tell “The Empty Pot”, a Chinese folktale about honesty in which a childless emperor chooses his successor based on what grows with seeds he gives several children.
Write Out Loud was founded in 2007 and its artists travel around San Diego county giving engaging readings to a range of different audiences.  Walter asked for help in identifying senior living centers in particular that might enjoy their performances. Write Out Loud also gives story concerts at Old Town Theater. There are three performances remaining this season. Click HERE to purchase tickets.