Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jan 07, 2024
Wyatt Hinshaw (left) receives congratulations from his sponsor, Patti Kurtz, Membership chair Dee House, and President Matt Kurth
We’re delighted to induct our newest member, Wyatt Hinshaw. Wyatt gave his “Who Am I” at the January 4, 2024 meeting. Wyatt is a Hoosier by birth, but came to San Diego when he was 8 years-old after his mother accepted the CIO position for Scripps. After graduating from Bishop’s High School, Wyatt studied mechanical engineering at Berkeley hoping for a career in the automotive industry.  He joined Fiskar Automotive, an experience that demonstrated that the auto industry was not for him. In 2014 Wyatt joined biotech company working in corporate development.  Then, in 2017, Wyatt’s friend Charles Cole asked him to help with the finance side of a beer brewing venture, which would eventually become Viewpoint Brewing Company.  Wyatt is now working on a new project: he founded FundaMental Health, which seeks to help individuals struggling to access mental health obtain the help and resources they need.  Family is important to Wyatt. He’s one of seven children and is uncle to 9 nieces and nephews. He enjoys cars, surfing and snowboarding, and spending time with his black lab, Maggie Maude.