Marty Peters, Sharon Schendel, Klaus Gubernator, Pat Caughey and Pete Grossnickle take a quick break from work (upper left, l to r);  Pete GrossnickleDee House, and Bob Muller roll paint on one of several cottage wall panels (center); Jan Grossnickle painted a lot of trim pieces (bottom center). The cottages will eventually have a small porch and will offer residents a private space to sleep, work and relax.  
Assembly line of cottage components (top) made for rapid progress on a second cottage. Poodle "Don Quixote" (aka Don) made sure everyone kept on track (and that no Dorito went uneaten). 
We joined with St. James Mission Circle, a social action program of the St. James-St. Leo Catholic Community in Solana Beach that is working with Casas de Luz to build transitional sleeping cottages.
As part of the Peace Village refugee resettlement program, which offers shelter to refugees and asylum seekers, these cottages are a first step for folks on their way to more permanent living situations. Residents typically stay fewer than 120 days. The cottages provide a bed, refrigerator, toaster oven, and heater, and a lockable door. They have no plumbing, but residents have access to communal shower and toilet facilities, as well as on-site laundry. Thank you for Marty Peters for coordinating this opportunity (and for working onsite). 
We had a great turnout. Members Pat Caughey, Jan and Pete Grossnickle, Klaus Gubernator, Dee House and Sharon Schendel, contributed, as did friends and family members Bob Muller and Tim Grossnickle. This project was particularly good because there were plenty of jobs for everyone, regardless of skill level and volunteers were rewarded with drinks and snacks. In addition, it was fun to work beside and meet all the volunteers from the Mission Circle. The project continues July 23 from 8:45AM-4 PM. Come join us to help build a few more cottages to help complete what will eventually be a village of 20.