We always encourage members to find new projects that have needs the club can help fulfill. Community Services Committee member Linda Groom learned of a need of New Entra Casa, which has been serving women and their families in the San Diego area for around 50 years. 
New Entra Casa is a 6-bed facility for women who are involved with Child Welfare Services (CWS) or who have limited visitation with their children. As residents, these women receive education and support to reach their goal of reunifying with their children. Moreover, New Entra Casa is committed to helping individuals recover from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders through counseling, small groups, and 12-Step and holistic therapy models that address the underlying causes of addiction and trauma.
The club provided funds for New Entra Casa to purchase a new refrigerator that can be used by the counseling staff.  Linda said that the staff members are happy to have dedicated space to store their lunches and other items.