Posted by Sharon Schendel on Mar 03, 2024
Members enjoy sandwiches before attending a performance of "Clyde's" at Moxie Theatre; Valentina Lunati (Development Director) and Desireé Clarke Miller (Executive Artistic Director; upper right) gave an introduction to the mission of Moxie Theatre
Our members met at the Moxie Theatre on March 3, 2024 to see “Clyde’s”, a play about creative expression and the importance of taking simple ingredients you have on hand to create something new and personal (click  HERE to read the story about Moxie’s visit to our club in January, 2024). The Moxie lobby was set up to look like Clyde’s sandwich shop in rural Pennsylvania, while the stage had the back kitchen of Clyde’s, staffed by Montrellous, Rafael, Letitia and Jason, who’ve all spent time incarcerated. All four strive to make “perfect” sandwiches while keeping to task of their boss Clyde, who struggles with her own challenges to keep the business afloat. 
In advance of the play, we all enjoyed some perfect sandwiches from Chēba Hut that were generously provided by Dugan and Philippe Lamoise, who are also title sponsors of the production.  There is still time to catch a performance of Clyde’s, which runs through March 10, 2024.