Posted on Mar 18, 2023
Jen Segura (center) and her family (clockwise from lower left: Marley, Cedella, Penny Lane, Gracie (black) and Hazy (blonde)
Red Badger Jen Segura gave her “Who Am I” presentation at the March 2, 2023 meeting. Jen had been a member of the Rotary Club San Diego Downtown Breakfast and is returning to Rotary after a hiatus. We’re delighted that she chose Rotary Club of Del Mar! Jen is the owner of West Coast Family Mediation Center and practices out of the Del Mar office. Through mediation, Jen and her team have helped families navigate divorce and also avoid divorce. She noted that communication is crucial: many couples simply don’t talk about basic topics like attitudes toward finances. Her practice focuses on minimizing conflict and maximizing harmony.
Jen is married to Juan “Johnny” Segura and together they have two daughters: Marley Jean and Cedella Schade. They share their home with a black dog named Gracie, a blonde dog named Hazy, and a cat named Penny Lane.