Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jan 21, 2024
Dugan Lamoise (far left) with (l to r) Valentina Lunati, Delicia Turner Sonnenberg, Tanya Alexander and DeAndre Simmons
Look up “moxie” in a dictionary and the definitions might include terms like “courageous spirit and determination”. MOXIE Theatre is aptly named. In 2004, Delicia Turner Sonnenberg, one of the speakers for our January 18, 2024 meeting, co-founded MOXIE Theatre to address the lack of representation and voice for women in the dramatic arts. Twenty years ago the need was great: only 15% of plays produced in the United States were written by women.  Companies like MOXIE Theatre helped raise awareness of the viewpoints of women+ playwrights, and 100% of plays the company produces are by women+. Development Director Valentina Lunati, the first Managing Director for MOXIE Theatre, also spoke and said that not only does MOXIE Theatre produce plays by women+, but partners with SDSU to encourage women+ to be involved behind the scenes by offering internships in production and marketing as well as technical and administrative support. Beginning February 2, 2024, MOXIE Theatre will present “Clyde’s” a comedy by two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage that Turner Sonnenberg will direct. To give members a preview, cast members Tanya Alexander and DeAndre Simmons acted a scene from “Clyde’s”. All members are invited to attend a performance of “Clyde’s” on Sunday March 3 at MOXIE Theatre near SDSU.  Thank you to Dugan Lamoise for arranging this program.