Posted on Apr 23, 2023
Spring Workshops for Warriors graduating class (top). President Sharon Schendel, District Governor Elect Don Fipps (left) and Past District Governor (Right) attended the ceremony. The dog tag (lower left) honors support from our club
The latest class for Workshops for Warriors (WFW) graduated on April 20, 2023. These graduates are new veterans and join more than 1,100 others who have undergone intensive, 16-week training courses in machining or welding during the 15 years since WFW was founded in 2008 by Hernán and Rachel Luis y Prado. By graduation, nearly all WFW students have jobs secured or will undertake additional training to gain more certifications. Overall, WFW graduates have earned nearly 12,800 recognized credentials. WFW is gearing up to extend its successful model to other sites around the United States to help provide more highly skilled workers to fill the over 800,000 open positions that require workers with advanced manufacturing skills.