Posted on Nov 06, 2022
Humble Design Advisory Board member Sue Liesegang (lower center) and some rooms that Humble Design has recently decorated for clients
Imagine finding an affordable place for your family to live, but then end up sleeping on the floor because you had little money left over for furnishings. In 2009, Humble Design was founded by Treger and Rob Strasberg to outfit the houses of families who had recently experienced homelessness.  Humble Design goes far beyond simply providing basic furnishings. They work with clients to discover their style and preferences to transform houses and apartments into homes. Sue Liesegang, Humble Design Advisory Board member, spoke at our November 2, 2022 meeting about the mission of Humble Design and ways for organizations to get involved. She began by showing a video (click HERE to watch) that told the story of Humble Design’s founding and of some of their clients.
Since its founding, Humble Design, which works with families in San Diego as well as Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Seattle, has helped over 2,000 families make a personalized space. This personalization helps contribute to stability in the new home. On average, around 50% of families who had experienced homeless and found housing had lost their homes within one year. In contrast, between 90% and 99% of Humble Design’s clients remain in their homes after one year. Humble Design San Diego was founded in 2018 and has served 240 households. Last year they scaled up their work to help two clients every week using household goods and furniture donated by the community. Ms. Liesegang outlined ways that organizations can help. For a $5,000 investment, organizations can participate in a Day of Service and help furnish the home of a client.  They also welcome volunteers at their warehouses on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Community Drives can help secure most-needed items such as twin mattresses, microwaves, coffee makers, televisions with stands and remotes, and curtain rods with hardware. Donated goods should be items that are excellent condition and that would make valuable additions to new homes.
Follow Humble Design San Diego on Instagram and Facebook to see the transformation of clients' homes.  Thank you to Steven McDowell for arranging to have Humble Design visit our club.